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The Eco-Sustainable Approach To Chemical-Free Water Treatment And Fuel Savings In A One-time Investment For A Lifetime of Benefits

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Chemical-free Water Softening & Cost Effective Fuel Savings

Industrial Power Available Now To Eco-Conscious Consumers

Thousands of Clients around the world rely on the patented and award-winning Magnetizer® technology to restructure water and restore its vital properties, as well as save fuel while enjoying the energy efficiency and money savings it offers.

This eco-sustainable approach to chemical-free water softening and cost-effective fuel saving, utilizing the patented monopolar breakthrough in magnetic fluid treatment for home and industrial water & fuel conditioning, has zero carbon footprint and no external power to operate, being a free-energy device. It offers a broad range of money-saving applications.

It is used to improve energy efficiency in homes, air conditioning systems, pools, spas, ponds, gardens, turfs, cars, trucks, boats, ships, commercial business & industrial fuel and water applications, as well as in agriculture, often times with stunning results, as you will learn here or here.

Meet The Eco- And Pocket-friendly Magnetizer® Money Savers

Vitalizer® insures health benefits

Press Release. Due to demand for this item from other markets, we have now stocked Mundistore with this new, and the most affordable of all Magnetizers. A double category item, as it not only belongs to our bona fide home water energizer products, like the legendary “RWE-S” next to it, but also to the legacy stock of BioMagnets offered without medical claims, but with the health of our returning customers in mind. They ask for it and it shall be given… Ideally, the vitalizered, i.e. North Pole ionized water for the health conscious should be prepped by the Positive—South Pole—charge of the “Residential Water Energizer System”, the main home conditioner.  Buy Online Now!

Salt-free Home Water Is Healthier

“RWE-S” is the best-selling eco-friendly home water conditioner on the market. Period. Get healthier, better tasting, salt-free, naturally softened water treated with only one—South—magnetic pole in a unique and patented monopolar fashion. Save money on surfactants (soaps, shampoos, dishwasher liquids, detergents), use fewer skin creams as magnetizered, i.e. South Pole ionized water is known to hydrate very well dry skin. Get water fully oxygenated, with the pH normalized, sulfur smell, if it has it, suppressed and much more. It also extends life (regeneration cycle) and lowers usage cost of drinking water purification systems. Know more by clicking the circle above. Buy Online Now.

The Unsung Hero

One of the favorites of our Water Sales Department is the Tank Unit Bactericide System (TUBS). Apart from bacteria inhibiting its basic function is to naturally, i.e. non-chemically condition/soften water and protect the expensive tank system against limescale, corrosion, and metal pitting. This unassuming, compact and the lightest of the Magnetizers is sold to thousands of households that purchase $2-3K drinking water purification tanks (filtration steel tank systems, RO tanks, decontamination tanks, etc.). It is an indispensable companion to be easily slipped onto the tank’s internal cold water inlet pipe.  Buy Online Now

Beat The Heating Fuel Costs

Be the champ and beat the cost of heating fuel this winter. We offer several systems to tackle your home heating bills – reducing them by 20-25%.  The result of Magnetizer® charged fuel is a more even, uniform, powerful and complete burn resulting in superior combustion efficiency that saves fuel and energy costs, as this “green-minded” consumer confirms in a video testimonial. Learn more by clicking the circle. Choose the right eco-friendly fuel saving system for your home and Buy Online Now!

Pool & Spa Chlorine Buster

The Pool & Spa companion that will improve your swimming experience & comfort (water with stabilized pH, no more algaecide needed, less chlorine, more oxygenated). No one can give you a healthier swimming experience. Less chlorine so kids have red eyes only on flash snap shots. Get a handle on the algae and get rid of the algaecide (don’t pour it through a drain though, but take it to a dump station instead where it belongs now). Money saved on pool/spa maintenance, de-scaling and chemical additives. Learn more clicking the circle above. Buy Online Now!

Magnetizer Booster System For Dishwashers and Washing Machines

Power To The People

Power Booster® is a secondary booster system for your dishwasher or washing machine. Save money on detergents. Have a cleaner, brighter linen. Eliminate white spots on your cleaned glasses. Learn more clicking the circle above. Buy Online Now!

Amaze Friends With FlavOring

Wouldn’t you like to enhance the taste of your wine or other drinks with Flav-O-ring aka Flavorizer®, popular with customers in California? Learn more clicking the circle above. Buy Online Now!

Be Cool With A/C Split System

Savings in your Air Conditioner operation due to the improved fluidity of the refrigerant. Users report lower electrical bills, a better working A/C unit and less noise. Energy efficiency at its best as COP (Coefficient of Performance) is improved by 35%.  Learn more clicking the circle above. Buy Online Now!

The Most Tested Car Fuel Saver

Meet the world’s most tested and trusted car fuel saver. The world’s first monopolar, most reliable and best engine maximizer system. Period. The Magnetizer® Engine Performance Maximizer (“EPM”) guarantees less pollution which translates into more MPG driven with less fuel used. Save 20-25% on your next gas filling (cf. Catalog below, Endorsement – p.2 and findings by a user-turned-distributor.). Learn more by clicking the circle above. Buy Online Now!

Bikes & Scooters Are Not Left Behind

Practical and economical gasoline saver for all motorbikes, mo-peds and scooters. Easy to install. Users report 20-25% less gasoline used. More power. But use it wisely… Buy Online Now!

Crop Booster®… boosts the crops

The draught is being fought these days in California vineyards with Magnetizer® Crop Booster® Systems, where Magnetizer® helps to save 25-26% of utilized water. Buy Online Now!

Water Treatment The Industry Is Fond Of

The bread and butter of the Magnetizer® presence in industrial plants and commercial buildings: curing and preventing lime-scale, stopping corrosion/metal pitting, inhibiting bacteria/algae, eliminating/reducing chemical additives and more. Industrial applications require special considerations that are evaluated for each application and followed up with appropriate engineering teams. Read More

The Heavy Duty Industrial Fuel Saving Starts Here

This is the most difficult part of the magnetic fluid treatment & requires the strongest systems plus the installation know-how. Magnetizer® benefits the largest fuel users on the Planet. Read More

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In A Name We Trust

Experts Consider It Best-In-Class

The patented and award-winning Magnetizer® has been one of the most effective ecological solutions to the ever-growing problems associated with chemically treated water or toxic combustion emissions.

It provides a natural, healthy, non-chemical, safe, permanent and a low-cost method of neutralizing acid water (stabilizing pH) and eliminating problems associated with hard, waste or saline water, while simultaneously protecting the environment.

It is also scientifically designed to guarantee the change of fuel to air ratio and reduce emissions, thus allowing for measurable fuel savings or the increase of internal combustion engine’s horsepower.

It generates a measurable and positive environmental impact being deployed by some of the world’s largest industrial heavy users of water and hydrocarbon fuels, as well as thousands of consumers around the globe.

Considered by experts to be the world’s most efficient and the best in its class*, it is an affordable, 100% reliable (no moving parts, nor electricity required) & U.S. made magnetic fluid conditioner that easily snaps onto any water pipe to naturally, i.e. without chemicals, condition and energize water—without cutting and modifying plumbing—with many lifetime benefits for home-owners and industrial water users.

It can be also easily clipped onto any engine, furnace, heater or boiler fuel line, as it’s guaranteed to change fuel-to-air combustion ratio and save fuel, reduce emissions or boost power.

Magnetizer® is a useful tool in the battle to improve water condition, solve hard water problems, combat emissions and lower fuel consumption, while bringing surprising ecological benefits (cf. reduction of Sodium by 90% in desalinated water – the world record – Eco-Sustainability, Example 1).

Magnetizer® is a global leader in the chemical-free, natural water conditioning technology, and pollution reduction-cum-fuel savings solution for the existing internal combustion market.

It is currently improving water quality and cleaning air in over 40 countries.

*Click here for list of Clients in Japan, one of the most rigorous engineering environments in the world.




Benefits of Magnetized Water

They include, but are not limited to:

  • Health – it ads no salts to your water and leaves the natural healthy minerals suspended in solution, where they belong
  • Saving up to 25% of water used 
  • Prevention and elimination of lime-scale and corrosion
  • Creation of a positive charge in the water that dissolves hard water minerals
  • Neutralization and stabilization of water’s pH
  • Elimination of algae and biocide additives
  • Affordable – less than 1/3 – 1/10th of the price of water softeners, and no ongoing costs or maintenance
  • Saving of hydrocarbon fuels by 15-25% and more
  • Improving energy efficiency & enhancing the eco-friendly footprint
  • Ease of installation with a “clamp on” technology
  • No parts to replace
  • No power required for its operation
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • An established market leading product and more*

*Described under specific Products


• BOD – Biological Oxygen Demand

• COP – Coefficient of Performance

• EHS – Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity

• EMF – ElectroMagnetic Field

• EMF – Electromotive Forces

• EPM – Engine Performance Maximizer

• HC – Hydrocarbon

• HP – Horse Power

• MAE-S – Magnetizer Air Energizer System

• MHD – Magneto-Hydro-Dynamics

• MWT – Magnetic Water Treatment

• NGE-S – Natural Gas Energizer System

• OD – Outside Diameter

• RWE-S – Residential Water Energizer System

• SFWS – Salt-free Water Softening

• SMP – Sequential Magnetization Principle


Other Reasons To Consider

• Join the Earth-friendly movement for Eco-sustainable Living and claim your own “green initiative”.

• Simple to install on any type of water/fuel pipe, engine or equipment with no extra tools or power.

• Non-invasive—does not require modification of pipes, engines or equipment.

• No maintenance, downtime or disruption of work.

• Positively tested and approved in the U.S. and worldwide with no risk or harmful side-effects to people, animals, plants or industrial/electronic equipment.

• Permanent in its action and reusable – may be transferred from an old home, plant, equipment, boiler or engine to a new one.

• Comes with a 45-day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee & Unconditional Lifetime Power Warranty against the loss of its working power.

The Anatomy Of Power

Peter A. Kulish, the inventor extraordinaire explains why Magnetizer® is second to none among today’s magnetic fluid conditioners and why it represents a superior technology that can be found today on the market. A television set is used, as it can produce electron beam. From basic physics we know that once electron beam passes close enough to a magnet, the magnetic pile will adversely effect beam’s path by deflecting it. Three competitive magnetic fluid conditioners (energizers) are tested to bend electrons by placing them close to the screen in order to observe the effect. One of them has three (3) times more sheer magnetic power than Magnetizer® and yet they all cannot reproduce Magnetizer’s effect. The electron behavior is optimized now by utilizing the patented mono-polar method of electron beam deflection—and fluid treatment in general—in contrast to other systems that deploy a less efficient bi-polar fluid conditioning method.

Here: that’s the difference between the scientifically designed system, with power, and these, what we call ‘wannabe toys.’ This system [pointing to Magnetizer®works all the time, these systems [pointing to a competition] they come and they go on the market place. ~ Peter A. Kulish, author and inventor

The Design Paradigm 

Based on its track record in combating high energy (fuel) costs, and naturally improving hard or waste-water conditions,  since 1987 Magnetizer® has no equal on the world market with regard to its efficiency and quality of workmanship. This patented mono-polar breakthrough is permanent (can be transferred from an old equipment/building/engine to a new one) and is made to the highest manufacturing standards (ISO 9002).


The proprietary  “monopolar” and  “single focus” method of fluid treatment allows Magnetizer® to use its permanent power and ‘free energy’ without any external energy source, from only one of its poles for proper treatment of all kinds of fluids. This most energy efficient design makes Magnetizer™ preferable compared to other multi-polar systems, as explained in a video clip above. 


The Monopolar Advantage

Magnetizer advantage explained over competitive fluid treatment systems

Why FORTUNE 500 Clients Feel Attracted to Magnetizer®?

You will save fuel and have your hard water problems solved—Guaranteed or your Money Back! Here is a government testimonial from the US: “… We are completely convinced that the Magnetizer systems save fuel and reduce emissions and we are recommending them to our contracted service providers. … .” As you use fuel and/or water daily, Magnetizer® can bring you substantial money savings and lifetime benefits.

Our ecological solution not only substantially lowers the operating costs but also enhances the end-users’ green footprint. The Magnetizer® technology effectively protects the environment by significantly bringing down emissions of CO, HC, NO, NOx generated while burning fuel and by lowering CO2 in absolute terms (CO2% is going up in combustion process itself). It also eliminates or reduces chemical additives used to soften water. Learn More

Based on its track record in combating high energy (fuel) costs, and naturally improving hard or residual water conditions, Magnetizer® has no equal on the world market with regard to its efficiency and quality of workmanship. Our patented mono-polar breakthrough is permanent (can be transferred from an old equipment/building /engine to a new one) and is made to the highest manufacturing standards (ISO 9002).

The Client List is here. The Japan Customer List included is especially important due to the magnitude of Magnetizer® work done in one of the world’s most rigorous engineering environments that have embraced our brand and has made it one of its industrial standards. Years of sales, installations, technical & logistical support have resulted in recognition of the Magnetizer® by thousands of users in more than 40 countries, including Fortune 500 Clients and various government agencies across the globe.

Not only do we manufacture the world’s best magnetic fluid conditioner to the highest industrial standards, but also provide our Clients with unparalleled installation service and technical support worldwide. Our strength lies in fast manufacturing turnover and delivery timeliness. We will be very pleased not only to be your energy savings provider, but above all a Reliable Partner in business.
Read More

Our patented technology (13 PCT patents, e.g. 7,340,919 / 6,056,872 / 5,829,420 / 6,662,569 – https://www.google.com/patents/US6662569) is proprietary, distinctive (compact size & weight) and matchless on the world market in its ability to effect water or fuel efficiently and reduce operational energy expenses of water & hydrocarbon fuel users. These patents have defined the paradigm of the effective magnetic fluid treatment, with Magnetizer® as the preferred tool of savvy end-users. Click here to view our Patents.

  • Industrial Fuel Savings – Min. Guaranteed 6%
  • Fuel Savings Reported By Siemens 24.7%
  • Fuel Savings Reported by Volkswagen* 16.5%
  • Truck Diesel Savings – Min. Expected 5%
  • Truck Diesel Fuel Savings – Reported 9%
  • Passenger Car Gasoline Savings – Min. Expected 10%
  • Passenger Car Diesel Savings – Max. Reported (VW Jetta) 31%
  • Restaurant NG Savings – Min. Expected 12%
  • Restaurant NG Savings – Max. Reported 26.7%
  • Home Fuel Savings – Min. Expected 10%
  • Home Fuel Savings – Max. Reported** 25%
  • Water Savings Reported by San Diego Municipality 20%
  • Water Savings Reported by California Wineries*** 26%
  • Bacteria colonies inhibited in a pharma plant 90%
  • Record breaking reduction of Sodium in desalinated irrigation water**** 90%
Magnetizer installation at Gazprom in a 60 ton steam boiler for NG (natural gas) savings

*Volkswagen plant in Puebla, Mexico, aluminum fusion furnace, 14-20% NG savings, avg. 16.5%

**For video Interview please click here.

***The savings come from a water reducer restricting water flow by 26% and saving it, whereas Magnetizer® allows maintaining the yield same as at previously unrestricted flow level due to the lowered surface tension and minerals dissolved now in magnetizered water and delivered to the plant’s root. In your own gardening set up this may mean watering for less hours and having the same plant growth results as before due to overall better quality of the magnetizered water, i.e. pH stabilized, with lowered surface tension, fully oxygenated, with surpassed sulphur level, with better sodium adsorption, rich in minerals, etc. Read More

****High visibility tests in the Middle East for a VIP status Client as per SAR report in Eco-sustainability tab here.

Ecologically Correct | Economically Perfect

It’s Not A Slogan, It’s An Eco-Sustainable Way Of Living

Source: sustainableflow.org

The Correct Design For Perfect Work

There is no secret as to the effectiveness of the scientifically designed Magnetizer® monopolar fluid treatment system. 

Magnetizer® monopolar treatment of fluids produces order from chaotic molecular behavior with a predominate single charge ion.

Fluids are imbued with magnetic properties.

What occurs with ‘magnetizered’ fluids is that hydrogen nuclei lose their random alignment and align as charge separated molecules, reducing the size and changing the form, producing all of the benefits described on this site for each application.

Magnetizer® monopolar fluid treatment systems are ISO 9002 standard, using space-age quality, high-density ceramic-ferrite magnets, dipped in a high-grade plastisol for a superior surface durability in all weather conditions.

They are housed within a patented steel “Flux Driver Plate®,” creating a magnetic single focus, aka single magnetic charge field (SS = South-to-South in water and fuel systems) or (NN = North-to-North, as in Vitalizer® or burner/engine air intake lines). This has a net charge of 4,000 – 11,200 Gauss-Oersted energy units when measured at the surface of the passing fluid.

Unlike traditional bipolar systems which disperse two magnetic fields (S and N) within a liquid, the Magnetizer® treats fluids in the most effective unipolar manner, based on the scientific principles of MHD (Magneto-Hydro-Dynamics). There is no second pole to contradict the other pole’s action with the so-called exit pole imprint.


The patented steel flux driver plate directs more than 90% of the magnetic field to only one pole.

The Sequential Magnetization Principle (SMP) of Magnetizer® technology optimizes the processing of fluids. The first Magnetizer® link, on larger Outside Diameter (OD) feed pipes, is used to stimulate molecules. The second Magnetizer® link on smaller OD pipes gives the desired acceptance of the magnetic flux.

SMP is the most efficient method to effectively condition fluids. The specific and unique accumulation of the magnetic flux in a sequential magnetization chain guarantees the most efficient fluid conditioning treatment in the world today. The Magnetizer® application of sequential magnetization is scientifically sound, as indicated by the US patent 6 ,056,872.

(excerpt from Theory Of Operation)

Simply Amazing | Amazingly Simple

I have a young son, so the Magnetizer’s ability to eliminate chemical irritation is a tremendous health benefit. The change in the water is amazing!

Angel Martino

Seven time U.S. National Swimming Champion, Six time U.S. Olympic Medalist in Swimming and a former high celebrity-status Spokesperson for all of Magnetizer® pool products

Our fuel supplier performed some efficiency tests on our boiler to guarantee that we are not wasting fuel. As the report says, our boiler is working at high efficiency and low emissions level. The only recommendation is to keep this good work. We know that part of that high efficiency can be credited to the Magnetizer system.

Eduardo Cesar Pinheiro

Maintenance Engineering - Utilities, COLGATE-PALMOLIVE

These magnets are so efficient that they have eliminated practically all the scale and lime build-up that we experienced before the magnets were installed. The Magnetizer is truly a miracle invention. It conditions the water like nothing we have ever seen. It is far superior to the soft water which we had in our home for a number of years. Anyone who purchases a Magnetizer for a home or business will be making a wise investment. It’s full of amazing benefits.


Chris Hanson


What a deal! Those magnets really work! And the kitten under the hood “purrs” more smoothly and contentedly. Thanks so much. 


Ed Silverman

United States | The Netherlands

I believe that it has “beautified” my home, made it “greener”, as it has improved the water quality by softening it without harmful chemicals. As a result, it minimizes the negative impacts on me and the environment. I highly recommend this “Magnetizer” product.


Dr. Elven Chern

PhD, Chemical Engineering, Columbia University, Lead Information Strategist, AT&T

Magnetizer will save us thousands of dollars in fuel this year! This simple to install technology (30 minutes install time) will change the world and has virtually unlimited applications! Keep spreading the word for this GLORIOUS technology!!!!


Todd Black


Less time is spent maintaining the pool/spa and more time enjoying it.

Mike McMackin


For more testimonials covering the whole range of our products please click here.

Questions You May Want To Ask

The answers provided in this section may help in your decision making process. Our intention has been to raise your awareness about Magnetizer. If a time comes that you decide to make this one time investment, Magnetizer will start immediately working for you 24/7 for the lifetime of your property, equipment or vehicle.


Definitely. When the surface tension is reduced, anything added to the magnetized fluid will dissolve and mix more readily. In terms of a water softener, the magnetized feed water actually increases the efficiency of the softener by increasing the net ion charge and thereby creating a better chemical reaction in the normal ion-exchange. By increasing the efficiency, the system requires less salt to do the same job. Installations have reduced salt consumption by 50% and more. In most cases you do not need a softener. One of our distributors had softeners removed in a hotel’s  coffee espresso machines, putting in their stead the Magnetizer® “RWE-S” systems. Clients subsequently commented to Management that they serve … the best coffee in town. Please scroll down to see Water Test Data here for additional information.

A Magnetizer unit was attached to a breaker containing calcium and magnesium in water solutions. The authorities at the ASTB laboratories concluded that the ion X-changer and filter alone remove around 90% of the calcium and magnesium. The Magnetizer unit seems to improve the removal efficiency to better than 99% of the contained calcium and magnesium.


A Reverse Osmosis unit is really an ultra-filtration system, so fluids that are high in mineral content will clog the filtration membrane with mineral crystals. Since the magnetized fluid will prevent crystal formation, placing a Magnetizer® system on the feed of the Reverse Osmosis unit will decrease membrane clogging and ultimately reduce downtime required to flush the clogged membrane. A further explanation: the advantages of the Magnetizer® treatment are two fold: reduction of carbonate fouling of the pore structure and reduction of the number of water cages or clusters present in an associated, non-chemical grouping of water molecules. The reduction of the number of molecules present in the cluster is responsible for the reduction in surface tension as an affect of magnetic water treatment. It is not unusual to experience a drop in the surface tension of water for 71 dynes per square centimeter to 62 dynes per square centimeter. The reduction in surface tension effectively reduces the effort required to push the water molecule through the membrane. In conclusion, the Magnetizer® treatment increases RO’s filter life through reducing calcification as well as reducing processing time/effort required to force the water molecule through the membrane, hence saving energy. There is a Magnetizer®TUBS” system available in Mundistore which is sold to thousands of households that purchase $2-3K drinking water purification tanks (filtration steel tank systems, RO tanks, decontamination tanks, etc.). It is an indispensable companion to naturally, i.e. non-chemically condition and soften water and protect the expensive tank system against limescale, corrosion, metal pitting and bacteria.


It reduces the surface tension of water and gives hard water softer properties. It results in the cleaner laundry, dishware, cars, and more. The reduced surface tension also creates a better rinsing effect that helps reduce spotting when drying. This patented hard water conditioner controls lime/scale deposits and corrosion by magnetically suspending the hard minerals in the water throughout the home on both hot and cold water lines. The conditioned water is not only safe to water houseplants, lawns, trees, shrubs, and gardens, it will also enhance plant growth, reduce fertilizer requirements, and help conserve water because less water is required for washing and rinsing.


Water is comprised of naturally, chaotically and randomly placed molecules with minerals that form scale. Molecules entering the magnetic field are in turmoil, but as they pass through the strong magnetic field, they become charged and realigned. The magnetic field applied to the water is greater than that of minerals and plumbing, thus lowering water surface tension and creating soft water behavior. Unlike other magnetic technologies, Magnetizer®  uses a unique and patented “non-linear” polarization where water is most affected. This is the key component of our success and proven results.


Magnetizer® systems use a patented mono-polar method, which guarantees best results (efficiency), whereas the strength of magnets is secondary (click here for visual confirmation). Magnetizer®  contains only the highest grade ceramic alloy magnetic piles—originally engineered by NASA—with unique design configured to focus almost all of the magnetic energy into the pipe and flowing fluid. A few key principles are critical in the successful design and application of magnetic water treatment: 1. Uniform Exit Pole Imprinting due to monopolar treatment. 2. The configuration of magnets yielding required strength of the magnetic field (flux power). 3. Properly focused energy field and the right polarity. 4. Larger Surface Contact Zone (Contact Time) of the applied magnetic field when compared with other bi-polar magnetic systems. 5. The ideal location system placement—the installation know-how—to account for turbulence, the distance of travel, pipe composition, flow rate, mineral composition, temperature, etc.


  • Aerators on faucets will not clog
  • Keeps deposits from forming on dishwasher and toilets
  • Chlorine smell will be decreased – the chlorine stays in solution longer – people who are strongly affected by chlorine smell are no longer after affected after installing magnets
  • Balances pH to 7 (slightly)
  • Water may taste better because of change in pH
  • Algae that traditionally builds in hot water tank and back of the toilet is eliminated. Even fish tanks will stay cleaner longer (make sure your water is filtered if using for a fish tank).
  • There will be more sudsing (use of less soap and detergents) and less shampoo that needs to be used
  • The Hot water tank will last longer, plumbing will last longer, dishwasher, etc.
  • Excellent for gardens – shortens crop cycle so garden yields more in less time
  • Makes your hair shiny
  • Lower surface tension means it penetrates clothing better to release stains more effectively


No, it does not work out of the box on braided stainless steel /galvanized steel pipes. Special setup applies – call for details.  It can be used with any type of PVC or PEX pipe and copper.


It’s power and service last a lifetime. You will not need to replace it. You will enjoy its savings and benefits for many, many years.


Stabilization is the process of removing all the existing scale from inside of water pipes, fixtures, and appliances. It is required that after installing the Magnetizer® home “RWE” System, you open all your taps (hot & cold) at all sinks, showers, and bathtubs while flushing the toilets for a period of 10-15 minutes once a week for the first three weeks. This flushing technique will accelerate the Stabilization Period enabling you to enjoy the lifetime benefits of permanent, naturally conditioned, softer water quicker. During the flushing cycle, some sediment may be deposited in the bathtub.

Stabilization Period in homes may vary, from immediate (5-10 minutes after opening taps upon Magnetizer®  installation) to two weeks and even thirty days. In industrial applications, this can take up to three months.

In auto engine fuel-air-coolant treatment by the Magnetizer® EPM system the Stabilization Period is the amount of time it takes to dissolve the carbon/varnish build-up and magnetically saturate all the steel parts between the fuel units and the combustion chamber. It is factory recommended time allowed to saturate magnetically metal parts, is cleaning internal parts of carbon varnish allowing the engine to show greater than normal amplitude of savings. The economy may initially fluctuate as the carbon and varnish are naturally eliminated during the Stabilization Period. After stabilization, the engine will run smoother and start easier. The Stabilization Period lasts approximately 30 days/1,600 miles. The economy/performance will increase over the period resulting in higher efficiency. The EPM provides most engines with “HIGH-TEST” performance while using Lower Octane Gas, thereby creating even greater savings.


None. It is a ceramic permanent magnet originally engineered by NASA that will not lose its power and will not degrade with time. We give you a Life-Time Power Warranty and will replace our systems for free should they ever lose power in normal operating conditions.


No. It’s as easy as tying your shoe. No tools are needed and you can take the Magnetizer®  with you if you move.


Yes, but in its own, distinctive, non-chemical way. “Softening” usually means replacing some of the essential minerals in the water with sodium (which doctors warn can be harmful to health), or removing those minerals with special filters. Both of these methods present problems because of their pollution, health risks and/or wasted water. With the reduced surface tension of water after magnetization (same metric you will find with chemical softeners), Magnetizer® creates soft water behavior. The character inherent in hard water is its crystallizing phenomenon, which produces scale. When hard water is properly magnetized, the nucleating effect of the crystallization (scaling) is reversed. Judging by the lowered surface tension that is a regular characteristic of chemically soft water, as well as that of Magnetizer®, the latter in fact “softens” water (shows lowered dynes per sq. inch), like its chemical-based counterparts. See more on this subject here.


No. That’s what makes ‘magnetizered’ water so healthy for people, animals, and plants. Our magnetic scale control systems will keep the minerals in solution, so they will not accumulate (form hard crystals) in plumbing systems and at heat exchange locations. Limescale develops when the minerals in hard water precipitate out of solution as water is heated and form hard crystals called Calcite. By passing water through a properly designed and applied magnetic field, the physical nature of the water and calcium molecules change so as to allow the formation of less dense crystals called Aragonite. Since Aragonite is very lightweight, it will remain suspended in the water flow as it passes through the plumbing system. New scale formation is prevented and existing scale is removed over time. In closed systems (industrial boilers) the Aragonite slush descaled by Magnetizer® has to be physically removed from the equipment.


Yes. It will stabilize it, which is what you want. As a result of the magnetic influence, fluids are configured and ionized such that the total numbers of H+ and OH- ions are forced to move toward parity. This is a direct result of being placed in physically close proximity to other molecules that are able to accept these ions into their structures. By accelerating the general ionic content, an acidic fluid is forced towards becoming alkaline and alkaline fluid moves towards acidic—that is, neutralization. Additionally, this unique ionic activity buffers the pH, actually reducing the wide variations found in fluids.


Yes, in two distinct ways: 1) The magnetic influence helps to neutralize and buffer the fluid (see question above). 2) Dissimilar metals create an electrical charge that alters equipment surfaces. By removing scale formation, Magnetizer® can eliminate scale-related electrolytic corrosion. This type of corrosion is caused by the adherence and subsequent electrochemical reaction, of scale to a surface. When water flows past the powerful water magnets, they magnetize the flowing fluid and disrupt the natural bonding of water molecules—altering the structure of the scale-forming minerals. The molecules of contaminants such as calcium carbonate remain suspended in the water flow while it passes through your plumbing system and hence reduce corrosion.


Yes. When ‘magnetizered’, process fluids mix more readily with conditioners because the lowered surface tension creates “wetter” behavior and the uniform bonding improves the mixture. The chemicals are utilized more effectively. Briefly, the magnetic influence increases the fluid’s affinity for the conditioner – reducing the conditioner’s normal precipitation from the fluid and, as a result, the same conditioner works longer and as a result is less expensive.


Yes. Usually, a strong physical disturbance can have a negative impact on magnetized water. Since the molecules have been forced into a rigid configuration by the magnets, any turbulence caused by a pump impeller, water meter or similar physical disturbance will cause the magnetized fluid to lose some of its magnetically produced orientation and qualities. This phenomenon is called vibrational depolarization. For this reason, we always install our systems after such disturbances; for example, after the water meter on a straight piece of pipe, and on the hot water tank outlet pipe after any elbows. Sometimes we recommend increasing the magnetic boost using additional units mounted side by side. Similarly, magnetized fluids that lie dormant for a long period of time will eventually lose their induced orientation. Water treated by Magnetizer® retains its magnetized state through up to 200 feet of pipe. The magnetic effect lasts for up to 48 hours in stored water treated by Magnetizer® magnets. Since most households use their water system regularly, they can be assured of a constant supply of properly conditioned water treated with Magnetizer® magnets.


Heat itself does not affect a magnetized fluid. What affects a magnetized fluid is the process of heating. Currents and physical movements such as water coming to a rolling boil can cause disorientation to the desired magnetic effect. For this reason, we always install our systems on the outlet pipe from the water heater.


Magnetizer® has been scientifically designed to use its strong, focused, unipolar field to go through ANY pipe, PVC / glass included, and not perpendicular to it, on its surface, like electromagnets work with PVC (or glass). In general, plastic does not conduct electricity. It has no free electrons. All the electrons are tightly bound to the atoms. That’s why plastic is inert. Although there are conductive plastics (special polymers), PVC is not one of them, and even if it conducts it does it not nearly as well as copper. PVC has the addition of plasticizers, of which most widely used being phthalates. In this form, it is not conductive and is used for example for insulation on wires, electrical cables, etc. Also plastic has potential to collect the static charge on its surface (a possible hazardous situation). So not only PVC does not conduct electricity, but all the electromagnetic charge travels over the surface, not through the body of the plastic pipe. That’s why at water technology show in Marseille, France (“Hydrotop”) our distributor has made side-to-side comparisons and electromagnets DID NOT work both on plastic (PVC) and glass pipes, whereas Magnetizer® was performing very well. For more information please click here.


Yes. The answer to this question lies in Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD). This rather impressive sounding word is what scientists refer to as the study of the dynamics of electrically conducting fluids and in our case the study of the effects of magnetic energy on fluids. Michael Faraday (click here) discovered that water flowing past a conductive material will generate a weak electrical charge. This discovery (made over 120 years ago) is the basis that we use today when treating water and other fluids with magnetism. Many principles are at work. Some of them we understand while others are not yet fully understood. Simply put, MHD is a physical water treatment using advanced magnetic technology for neutralizing the lime scale caused by Calcium Carbonate in hard water. For a more complex explanation of MHD please visit Wikipedia.


The actual savings will depend on your vehicle make/model/year, on the driving conditions, and your driving style. In most cases, the savings range between 15% and 25% of your total fuel spending, whether it is gas or diesel.

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