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Best air conditioning and heating system for your home. MAGNETIZER® improves the cooling and heating capability of air conditioning and refrigeration systems, thus improving lifestyle and saving on power. This reaffirms its status as a bona fide energy efficiency improvement technology across industries and households.

The Benefits


The MAGNETIZER® Refrigeration Patent is here and described in detail here.


Magnetizer® affects in a beneficial way both the refrigerant and the lubrication oil systems of air conditioners increasing their lifespan and function.

The refrigerant treated with Magnetizer® bonds better with synthetic oil. It also helps to reduce friction within the compressor and makes it run smoother, better lubricated, and with less power to draw.

It reduces surface tension and lowers the boiler point – the compressor does not have to work as hard (compress at as high a temperature) because the boiling point is now lowered.

In a window A/C lab test, we got 0.5 less amp with Magnetizer® on: it drew 4.5 amps vs. 5 amps prior to its installation, reducing power draw by 10%.

At the same time, it made the temperature cooler with the lower boiling point and made the temp of the air coming from the compressor colder.


The technology works through the field of applied electromotive force (EMF) that creates an energized ortho-electron spin within the atomic structure of the refrigerant. Because of that, the molecules disassociate more easily, increasing the bubbles detached from the surface into the flow.

A secondary physical mechanism is that due to the EMF, the lubrication oil of a compressor is attracted from the heat transfer surface into the mainstream flow, increasing the cooling capacity.

Moncton University and industry testing have shown an increase of 35% COP (Coefficient of Performance) and a 15-23% reduction in power (kWh) consumption.

A scientific paper published in the International Journal of Energy Research on the “Effect of Magnetic Field On The Performance Of New Refrigerants” can be viewed here. For your convenience, it has been included in the file below (page 15) and selected Magnetizer® tests. Please contact us for a PowerPoint presentation on refrigeration and A/C tests.


Our latest report by a distributor regarding Air Conditioning savings is as follows: his brother owns a building with 30 apartments (hot climate, Colombia, South America). They had problems with A/C units (noise, not working properly, tenants sweating and complaining).

He installed the Magnetizer® system on each A/C unit.

The tenants almost immediately noticed better working of their A/C units. In 15 days, the electricity bill per apartment (A/C unit) was reduced by $20.00 x 2 = $40.00 savings per month x 30 apartments = $1,200.00 savings per building x 12 months = $14,400.00 savings per building.

An energy efficiency improvement…

Depending on your need, you may be interested in a domestic device, RV-specific, or one for industrial purposes. You may run a hotel and have multiple units to protect and repair. Please contact us directly to get an exact quotation for your specific needs.

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