Magnetizer & Bacteria

(Spoiler alert: reduction by 80-90% of bacteria colonies)

The MAGNETIZER® bactericide application is far ahead of what the other devices on the market can offer.

We provide below a deep dive into the  MAGNETIZER® effect on bacteria.


Water in Japan is naturally soft, and Japanese home and apartment owners are sensitive about its bacterial content. This appreciation is no surprise to us. Our technology is the “go-to” solution for improved water quality needs. We have already sold over ten thousand home water energizer “RWE-S” systems to Japan. Their intended use was not for water softening but as a bactericide application.

In a proprietary configuration, Michael Phelp’s Master Spa—with MAGNETIZER® being an integral part of—is sold in selected markets as a 100% bacteria-free spa with no need for any chemicals.

Magnetizer in World Spa  We also have tests that confirm the reduction of coliform after the treatment of water with MAGNETIZER®.

There are several other instances where end-users observed bactericide effects in cooling towers and water treatment plants.

A testimonial from a large pharmaceutical company’s subsidiary in Europe follows. It deals with the usage of MAGNETIZER® technology in medicine production plants to prevent bacteria growth effectively.

Medicine manufacturing Plant BIOGAL S.A.

Management Office of Raw Material Production

Energy Department

Debrecen, Pallagi ut 13, H-4042

Testimonial: about Magnetizer installation in the station of ion softeners on raw water and after anion exchangers.

Introduction: We use a considerable amount of water passing through ion exchangers for production of medicine. In water directed for usage, apart from chemical parameters, a number of bacteria contained in it is very important. Quality requirements demand to maintain the [bacteria] colony amount below 1000. Through the trial, we have come to a conclusion that the mentioned amount can be maintained only if we rinse the pipes after ion exchangers two times weekly with a sub-chloride solution, as well as if we limit the work of ion exchangers to 72 hours (successive regeneration of ion columns also annihilates bacteria). During rinsing the work of those columns is stopped for 1.5-2 hours, whereas such a downtime creates production problems.

Changes occurring after Magnetizer installation: on 11.22.2001 several rings of Magnetizer, pieces were installed in two places in the sector of production of water softened by ion exchangers according to directions of the company Mundimex Magyarorszag Kft. Upon trials, we were looking for the best place to work for Magnetizers.

Due to complicated character of the system after the third trial, we succeeded to find it. The advantage of this device is without a doubt that it can be installed without the necessity to modify the installation, only through snapping to the outside of the pipe.

Before the installation and subsequently after it, we carefully measured daily the amount of growth of bacteria colony. The results confirmed expectations – there was the reduction by 80-90% of bacteria colonies.

We also lowered by half and subsequently totally eliminated the amount of sub-chloride used to disinfect installations. Despite this, we still have been able to maintain the biological cleanliness of the water. After tallying results at the end of February 2002 we purchased these devices and since that time we are continuously using them.

Debrecen, March 14, 2002.Signed by Teszko Gabor, Department Chief

Testimonial from a pharmaceutical firm Biogal, subsidiary of Teva confirming 80-90% bacteria colonies inhibited by Magnetizer.

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