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October 18, 2017

Better RV Lifestyle

By Mundi

Here at Mundi, we are glad that after months of preparations, designing, prototyping, fabricating and testing we have a group of new Magnetizer® products that we are proud to offer to the RV owners in America!

At this time we are in the midst of a focused marketing campaign aimed at reaching many RV’ers. It will end on November 9.

Also, we have designed a new virtual product for the purpose of this Limited Time Offer, called a “Discount Lock” which is a way to lock into the sale by purchasing ($25) and cashing on it a long time after the Sale is over.

It is completely refundable as when it is purchased, a buyer will receive a secure, digitally encrypted coupon with no expiration date. The process works like an insurance that helps prospective customers in receiving the discount of a product even after the promotion with its discount offer has ended. When they visit us again there will be store credit waiting for them to be cashed during their next purchase of one of those endorsed products. All transactions are encrypted and 100% secure.

You can learn about this exciting new addition to our Magnetizer® family here.

Happy Magnetizing and safe RV’ing!

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