Separating mixtures by using magnet illustration

Reduce SAR (Sodium Adsorption Ratio)

MAGNETIZER® can effectively mitigate sodium in water by almost 90%, e.g., from 637.64 to 64.1 mg/L, as an independent lab from the United Arab Emirates confirmed in their SAR ( Sodium Adsorption Ratio) report to their government, which purchased our technology.

Can Magnetizer® Reduce SAR (Sodium Adsorption Ratio)?

RatioMAGNETIZER® does not change the chemical form of water ions. However, it alters their physical behavior by affecting their charge and magnetic properties.
A magnetic field, especially one of a monopolar nature that is appropriately focused, can aid in separating Sodium ions. They can be affected by a magnetic field due to their electric charge.
Furthermore, MAGNETIZER® attracts calcium and magnesium minerals flowing in water through a pipe system, and their presence affects the behavior of sodium ions.
The calcium and magnesium ions compete with sodium ions for the exchange sites on the soil particles. This competition reduces sodium ions’ adsorption and increases sodium’s mobility in the soil.
Calcium and magnesium ions alter the chemical properties of the soil and water, affecting the SAR value. A high concentration of calcium and magnesium ions reduces the SAR value by promoting the cation exchange process, which reduces the amount of sodium ions in the water.
The stabilization of the water pH by MAGNETIZER® helps decrease sodium ions by calcium and magnesium ions. It helps reduce the SAR value, benefiting plant growth and soil health. Additionally, calcium and magnesium ions are essential plant nutrients that can help improve soil structure, increase water infiltration, and reduce soil erosion.
The effect of calcium and magnesium minerals on sodium ions depends on the concentration of these minerals in the water, the texture and composition of the soil, and other environmental factors.
However, the sodium values in the desert area brine we have been asked recently are very high, and calcium/magnesium values are relatively low.

Can Magnetizer® Reduce SAR (Sodium Adsorption Ratio)?

Therefore, for best results, we recommend using MAGNETIZER® with a desalination process or Reverse Osmosis and adding soil amendments such as gypsum or organic matter post-magnetic treatment to improve soil structure and drainage.
Starting with MAGNETIZER®, however, will be the first, immediate, and least expensive step to improve the current situation.