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Magnetizer® Engine Performance Maximizer 

Magnetizer in cars

The best assurance to get less emissions from your engine and therefore improve your MPG.

Let’s Finish The ICE* Age On A Clean Note…

Thousands of motorists  around the world rely on Magnetizer® Engine Performance Maximizer (“EPM”) systems to reduce exhaust emissions, save money on gasoline/diesel/LPG and improve efficiency of their engines.

Engine Performance Maximizer® fuel saver systems for passenger cars, SUV-s, trucks/buses or boats are ecologically correct, as they lower emissions when fuel becomes more volatile and combustive while passing through Magnetizer’s patented single focused and monopolar magnetic field. Less emissions (reduction of NOx, HC and CO) means more fuel savings.

Furthermore Engine Performance Maximizer® brings other improvements, such as quieter running, more elastic and more powerful engine, whistle clean injectors, the combustion chamber cleaned of carbon varnish, increased longevity of the engine, a possibility to use lower octane fuel instead of the premium, higher car resale value, as well as the possibility to transfer the durable Magnetizer® from an old vehicle to a new one.

This is an after market product which snaps instantaneously onto engine lines without the need to cut them off. It does not modify the engine, its fuel, air and coolant lines (the three points where Magnetizer® Engine Performance Maximizer is installed) and therefore does not waive a manufacturer’s warranty. We have manufacturers’ letters to that effect available upon request.  As such Magnetizer® falls under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.** 

Due to its patented Flux Driver screening plate, which focuses the unipolar magnetic field, it is totally safe for engine, electronics (e.g. it is used in police cars) or people.

*ICE = Internal Combustion Engine

**The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act was enacted in July 1975. The act was designed to “improve the adequacy of information available to consumers, prevent deception, and improve competition in the marketing of consumer products.” Under the act, a manufacturer cannot deny a warranty claim simply for using non-stock or after market replacement parts. The manufacturer can only deny a Warranty claim for repairs if he can prove that the non-stock or after market product caused the damage.

The Magnetizer® Engine Benefits


• Maximizes combustion efficiency

• Saves both gas and money with an average of 10-15%* fuel savings

• Increases horsepower by more than 5%

• More than a 50% reduction of carbon monoxide & hydrocarbons (e.g. 75% NOx reduction on Mercedes trucks) with close to zero emissions shown on the last video clip below.

• Sanctioned internationally as emission reduction equipment that contributes toward passing control tests

• Produces high octane performance with lower octane fuel

• Improves performance with quicker starts

• Maintains the cooling system efficiency

• Stops limescale build-up and corrosion in radiators and engines

• Engines runs cleaner and oil lasts longer

• Reduces wear on both the O₂ sensor and catalytic converter

*Savings depend on age and condition of vehicle, driving habits, city or highway ride and type of fuel utilized (i.e. gasoline, diesel, LPG, bio-fuel or methanol). We have also reports on hand of 28% – 31% fuel savings (older models), but we believe such high savings stem from low engine efficiency to start with when it has already many miles driven and pollutes a lot. In such case Magnetizer, during the so called Stabilization Period (factory recommended time allowed to saturate magnetically metal parts), is cleaning internal parts of carbon varnish allowing engine to show greater than normal amplitude of savings. Allow 1000 miles (1,600 km) or a 30-day Stabilization Period for best results.


• Increases fuel efficiency by 10% and more

• Increases engine performance

• Eliminates algae in fuel tanks

• Keeps two-stroke fuel fully mixed and atomized

• Promotes full fuel viscosity – which prevents fuel jelling

• Eliminates lime scale and prevents corrosion in bilge, cooling systems and water tank

• Eliminates or decreases the need for chemical additives

• Prolongs the life span of equipment

• Engines runs cleaner and oil lasts longer

• Environmentally friendly

Magnetizer Marine Outboard Kit

Magnetizer® outboard kit for small boats

It’s either a Volkswagen (the economy) or a Porsche (more power)

Click on the image to view more Magnetizer® materials, images and brochures.

Magnetizer® On The National TV Campaign And On The National News Broadcast

How Does It Work?

• The Magnetizer® Heavy Duty Fuel Maximizer improves fuel combustion by lowering fuel viscosity and breaking it into smaller particles (smaller HC molecule chains). This increases the net surface area of the fuel so the molecules burn from the surface, optimizing the combustion of the fuel and substantially lowering exhaust emission pollution. It allows the fuel to enter into the combustion chamber fully energized and ready to provide maximum combustion efficiency. More information here.

• The Magnetizer® Air Energizer is the latest advance in combustion dynamics. Used with the Magnetizer® Fuel Maximizer units, it creates [-] charge air ions, increasing the oxygenation of fuel, resulting in lower emissions (advanced pollution control) and higher combustion efficiency (fuel savings).

• The Magnetizer® Cooling System Protector clamped on the radiator hose induces a micro-positive charge in the radiator, preventing the formation of scale and maintaining coolant efficiency.

Engine Performance Magnetizer for a 4 Cyl. car

Engine Performance Magnetizer for a 4 Cyl. car

Ecologically Correct | Economically Perfect

The Eco-Sustainable Way Of Driving


The Correct Design For Better Engine Work

There is no secret as to the effectiveness of the scientifically designed Magnetizer® engine maximizer system. 

Magnetizer® monopolar treatment of fuel produces order from chaotic molecular behavior with a predominate single charge ion.

Fuel gets imbued with magnetic properties.

What occurs with “magnetizered” fuel is that hydrogen nuclei lose their random alignment and align as charge separated molecules, reducing the size and changing the form, producing all of the benefits described here.

Magnetizer® monopolar fluid treatment systems are ISO 9002 standard, using space-age quality, high density ceramic-ferrite magnets, dipped in a high grade plastisol for a superior surface durability in all weather conditions.

They are housed within a patented steel Flux Driver Plate®, creating a magnetic single focus, aka single magnetic charge field (SS = South-to-South in water and fuel systems) or (NN = North-to-North, as in burner/engine air lines or the unique Vitalizer™). This has a net charge of 4,000 – 11,200 Gauss-Oersted energy units when measured at the surface of the passing fluid.

Unlike traditional bipolar systems which disperse two magnetic fields (S and N) within a liquid, the Magnetizer® treats fluids in the most effective unipolar manner, based on the scientific principles of MHD (Magneto-Hydro- Dynamics). There is no second pole to contradict the other pole’s action with its opposite counterbalancing exit pole imprint.


The patented steel Flux Driver Plate® directs more than 90% of the magnetic field to only one pole.

The Sequential Magnetization Principle (SMP) of Magnetizer® technology optimizes the processing of fluids. The first Magnetizer® link on larger Outside Diameter (OD) feed pipes is used to stimulate molecules. The second Magnetizer® link on smaller OD pipes gives  the desired acceptance of the magnetic flux.

SMP is the most efficient method to effectively condition fluids. The specific and unique accumulation of the magnetic flux in a sequential magnetization chain guarantees the most efficient fluid conditioning treatment in the world today. The Magnetizer® application of sequential magnetization is scientifically sound, as indicated by the US patent 6 ,056,872.

(excerpt from Theory Of Operation where you will find more in depth knowledge)

Compendium of US and International Magnetizer® Engine Tests (Cars, Trucks, Buses, Locomotives)

For truck results: diesel fuel savings in 19%-21% range and emissions reduction by over 90% – go to page 32. The latest government testimonial re F150 extended cab pickups with confirmed 14% gasoline savings starts on page 36. To view in full screen mode click on the bottom rightmost button (diagonal arrows), to go to any page – click the fifth button at the bottom once you are in full screen mode.

Magnetizer® systems are easy to install (you may want to view the installation video clips below), and can be fitted to any engine in just a few minutes in a passenger car engine or about an hour on a truck.  They will start working immediately upon installation, once the engine is running, but need some time, factory called Stabilization Period* to fully energize the engine. If one were to make a comparison between Magnetizer® and catalytic converters (as per chart below), it is easy to see the marked advantage. We have tests done by an engine tuning shop on a bespoke car alteration, comparing higher emissions of a converter vs. same car with a cut out converter and Magnetizer® engine energizer system only. On the upside Magnetizer® works also very well in tandem with catalytic converters improving their efficiency, or start up processing time, while prolonging their longevity. No need for drastic changes in a car built.

*The Stabilization Period is the amount of time it takes to dissolve the carbon/varnish build-up and magnetically saturate all the steel parts of the engine. Economy may initially fluctuate as the carbon and varnish are naturally eliminated during that time. After stabilization the engine will run smoother and start easier. The Stabilization Period lasts approximately 30 days or 1,600 miles. The economy/performance will increase over the period resulting in higher efficiency. The EPM provides most engines with “HIGH-TEST” performance while using Lower Octane Gas, thereby creating even greater savings.

MagnetizerCatalytic converter
Installation15 minutes or less (by a consumer)45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours (by a mechanic)
Product LifeNever wears out20 to 50,00 miles depending on
the vehicle it is fitted on
Vehicle's PowerGets Improvement Loses Power
Vehicle's EconomyGets Improvement (if driven same way as before)Loses economy
Customer AcceptanceCustomer will love the benefits and improved performance. Ecologically correct! Poor acceptance due to nerve gas released (haemoglobin level and leucocyte count rise). See Study by Dr. Hans A. Nieper:
MaintenanceNoneMay need cleaning from time to time
Types of FuelAllUnleaded only or premature failure results
Patents: RE: 35689, 5829420, Further Worldwide patents pending
California Air Resource Board: CARB#EOD-174-3
U.S. Military Stock Number: NSN 2910-01390-0004

The Ease Of Magnetizer® Installation

Click to view a video clip demonstrating the ease of Magnetizer® installation.

The ease of Magnetizer® installation is shown with the red “ACE-S” (Automotive Coolant Energizer System) and the “AFE-S” (Automotive Fuel Energizer Systems) fuel injector units. The “MAE-S” (Magnetizer® Air Energizer System) blue units are already on. The additional Magnetizer® Heavy Duty Fuel system (“HDFE-B”) is installed on the fuel rail beneath the chassis of the Jeep in the second clip.

This is how Magnetizer® Has Been Contributing To Cleaner Planet Before The Age Of Electric Car…

Keeping in mind the above mentioned Compendium of Magnetizer® tests and also based on user reports and testimonials from around the world, it should be clear that Magnetizer® has been a serious emissions control tool and significant pollution reduction solution, which in the past decades has provided meaningful (e.g. 31% highest user reported diesel saving on VW Jetta) real life, road proven,  fuel savings for owners of the Magnetizer® equipped vehicles.

Please take your time to watch the following video clip which demonstrates a typical emissions reduction process after Magnetizer® installation.

It demonstrates the significance of the Magnetizer® technological breakthrough in keeping our Planet a less polluted place, since on this ’98 Jeep a zero CO emission was achieved after a mere 10 minute drive with Magnetizer® installed. This was corroborated by organoleptic (visual, but also smell)  inspection, as well as by a flue analysis device. Such an extremely positive result does not happen all the time, as we were lucky to deal with an older model, where more efficiencies can be obtained, but underlines our point, as drivers are always happy with our technology and praise it for its effectiveness, ease of use and life time benefits.

Please join us in the Magnetizer® Green Initiative and start spending less on gasoline or diesel fuel while making your vehicle environmentally friendly.

Happy Magnetizing!

Choose The Right System For Your Engine

Magnetizer will save us thousands of dollars in fuel this year! This simple to install technology (30 minutes install time) will change the world and has virtually unlimited applications!

Keep spreading the word for this GLORIOUS technology!!!!.”  

         Todd Black, Missouri

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