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Magnetizer® Is Your Best Assurance To Get Fewer Emissions From Your Engine And Improve Your MPG. Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!


MAGNETIZER® is a revolutionary car gas saver technology that reduces unburnt fuel emissions by improving internal engine combustion and contributes to effective and confirmed worldwide fuel savings and a reduced carbon footprint of cars, motorbikes, motorhomes, motorboats, buses, trucks, heavy machinery or generators.

As such, at the onset of car electrification, it is still a sought-after combustion enhancer, emissions reducer, fuel saver, and power booster with proven results and satisfied users. You can read about it here (tests done by Sheffield Hallam University in England) and here (a compendium of fuel tests from around the world) or in product testimonials here.

They all repeatedly confirm the fuel savings in trucks, buses, pick-ups, vans, passenger car engines, motorbikes, or scooters.


Before mass car electrification, MAGNETIZER® Car Gas Saver is still helping to keep the planet clean.

It has gained acceptance and high accolades for the positive outcomes affecting the environment and the driver’s bottom line as they can gain a real-life advantage of fuel savings.

Its design uses advanced ceramic alloy magnetic monopolar technology to get effective results for the engine’s lifetime.

MAGNETIZER® is a serious emission control tool that significantly reduces pollution. It helps keep our planet cleaner due to its scientific design based on Nobel Prize-winning Science. The best part is that it can work with older models, enabling higher efficiencies. Within ten minutes of installation, you can achieve zero carbon monoxide emissions on an old vehicle.

The proof is the tests and reports or testimonials collected worldwide. The video below demonstrates the significance of this technological breakthrough, as zero emissions have been proven on camera in real-life conditions with organoleptic and flue analysis devices.

Enjoy the lifetime benefits of MAGNETIZER® and take pride in your real contribution to reducing pollution. Be a sensible and practical part of the “green revolution.” Lower your expenses by saving money on diesel or gasoline, enjoy extra power when needed, and make the vehicle environment-friendly.

Happy Magnetizing!

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The Economy of a Volkswagen or Performance of a Porsche

How The Magnetizer® Car Gas Saver Works?

It enhances combustion by treating the fuel with the exclusive south pole (+) charge in ICE-powered vehicles, converting hydrogen from its para-hydrogen isomeric form into the more combustive ortho-form. In addition, we treat oxygen (air) with the opposite north (-) pole charge for better bonding with fuel, resulting in enhanced combustion performance.

It separates fuel molecules just before combustion using the patented “Flux Driver Plate™,” allowing substantially improved oxygen and fuel molecules bonding and improving combustion efficiency.

This reaction leads to a cleaner burn of carbon-based fuel, higher overall energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and lower fuel consumption in your vehicle.

 More details on how it works on fuel combustion and savings you will find here.

Molecule flow with Magnetizer®

As of today, our technology is one of the most effective methods of saving gasoline/diesel, improving engine operation, drastically reducing exhaust gases (e.g., NOx by 75%), increasing engine power, cleaning internal engine parts from carbon deposits, extending their service life, etc.


Let’s Finish The ICE Age On A Clean Note

MAGNETIZER® Engine Performance Maximizer (“EPM”) car gas saver system is an innovative technology. Thousands of motorists worldwide use it to reduce exhaust emissions, enhance the efficiency of their engines or RV generators, and save money on fuels like Diesel, gasoline, or LPG.
Engine Performance Maximizer® fuel saver systems are used in cars, SUVs, trucks, buses, boats, motorhomes, and RV generators. They are ecologically suitable as they lower emissions when fuel becomes more combustive and volatile when passed through the Magnetizer’s monopolar magnetic field. With fewer NOx, HC, and CO emissions, there are more fuel savings.
With “EPM,” you get several enrichments in vehicles, like a more powerful engine or generator, a combustion chamber free of carbon varnish, increased durability of the engine, super-clean injectors, less noise, enhanced elasticity of the engine, and more.
In addition, a vehicle can use lower-octane fuel instead of premium fuel, and its resale value will increase. This has the additional benefit of transferring durable MAGNETIZER® from an old vehicle to a new one.
Furthermore, the product is easy to install. It instantly snaps onto engine lines and fits snugly without requiring modification or cutting. Since no modification is necessary in installation, the manufacturer’s warranty stays intact.
It has a Flux Driver® screening plate, which centers on the unipolar magnetic field and is completely safe for the engine, people, or electronic systems.
Please note behind theMAGNETIZER® operational principles lies the Nobel Prize-winning science.

More information on the budget version engine kit you will find here.

Magnetizer EPM System
Magnetizer EPM System

car gas saver

Magnetizer Engine Benefits


  • Increases combustion efficacy
  • You can save money and fuel by using Magnetizer® with an average of 10-15%* fuel savings
  • Enhances horsepower of the vehicle by more than 5%
  • There is more than 50% reduction of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons
  • Sanctioned internationally as emission reduction equipment that contributes toward passing control tests
  • Delivers high-octane performance with lower-octane fuel
  • Magnetizer® improves performance with quicker starts in engines and generators
  • Sustains the efficiency of the cooling system
  • There is no lime-scale build-up and corrosion in engines and radiators
  • Engines and generators are cleaner, and their oil lasts longer
  • Reduces deterioration on O₂ sensor and catalytic converter

* The fuel saving depends on the driving habits, condition of the vehicle, which type of road the vehicle is driving on any fuel it runs on, like diesel, LPG, or gasoline. Many older models of vehicles run on the road and cause pollution. In such conditions, Magnetizer is the only option left. At the time of the Stabilization Period includes the time required to allow the stabilization of the saturated magnetically metal parts. This period includes cleaning the internal parts of carbon varnish that permit the engine to save fuel. Now, it’s up to the users to install the Magnetizer. In the expert view, it is the way to enhance performance and boost mileage.

More information on the enhanced EPM version is here.


  • Fuel efficiency increases by around 10% 
  • Engine performance increases
  • Elimination of algae in fuel tanks
  • It keeps two-stroke fuel completely mixed and atomized
  • Magnetizer® promotes complete fuel viscosity which prevents fuel jelling
  • It eliminates lime-scale and stops corrosion in bilge, cooling systems, and water tank
  • Elimination or decrease in usage of chemical additives
  • It prolongs the lifespan of equipment
  • Engines run cleaner and oil lasts longer
  • It is Eco friendly

Unique Fuel, Air and Coolant Treatment
  • MAGNETIZER® Heavy Duty Fuel Maximizer adjusts fuel combustion by lessening the viscosity of the fuel and breaking it into smaller particles or HC molecule chains. With this action, the net surface area of the fuel increases, and molecules start burning from the surface, which optimizes the combustion of the fuel. The monopolar action of MAGNETIZER® makes combustion—due to the conversion of hydrogen from its para-isomeric state to the ortho-hydrogen one—more volatile, as well as cleaner. The fuel then enters the combustion chamber completely energized and provides utmost combustion efficiency considerably lowering the exhaust emission pollution. More information is provided here.
  • MAGNETIZER® Air Energizer is the latest addition to the dynamics of combustion. It is used along with the MAGNETIZER® Fuel Maximizer system for creating negative charge air ions that augments the oxygenation in the fuel and reduces emissions along with high efficiency in combustion.
  • MAGNETIZER® Auto Coolant Energizer is clipped onto the hose of the radiator to induce a micro-positive charge that prevents the formation of scaling and maintains cooling in the radiator. Without it the scale build-up inside the engine reduces the heat transfer of heat from the engine to the coolant, so once that is descaled with this cooling system protector the radiator and the cooling system is going to work a lot better
Ecologically Correct | Economically Perfect

It’s Not A Slogan, It’s An Eco-Sustainable Way Of Living

Scientifically Designed For Best Results

There is no secret as to the effectiveness of the scientifically designed Magnetizer®.

It works on the principle of monopolar fluid treatment in which order is produced from chaotic molecular behavior due to a predominate single charge ion.

Please note, behind the MAGNETIZER® operational principles lies the Nobel Prize-winning science.

What actually happens to the magnetized fuel is that hydrogen nuclei start reducing in size and changing form. This occurs due to the loss of random alignment of the nuclei and instead aligning as the charge-separated molecules, producing all of the benefits described on this site for each application.

Magnetizer® monopolar fluid treatment systems are designed according to the ISO 9002 standard. The space age quality, higher density ceramic-ferrite magnets, and high-grade plastisol result in superior surface durability that shows its action even in harsh weather conditions.

A patented steel “Flux Driver Plate®” is used for the construction, helping to create a magnetic single charge field. This has a net charge of 4,000 – 11,200 Gauss-Oersted energy units when measured at the surface of the passing fluid. It comprises SS, i.e., South-to-South in water and fuel systems, along with an NN pole which means North-to-North, like in Vitalizer® or burner/engine air intake lines.

Contrasting to the usual bipolar systems having two magnetic fields (S and N) within a liquid, Magnetizer® is designed for the treatment of fluids in the most effectual unipolar manner, based on the scientific principles of MHD (Magneto-Hydro- Dynamics). There is no second pole to contradict the other pole’s action with the so-called exit pole imprint.

The patented steel flux driver plate directs more than 90% of the magnetic field to only one pole.

Magnetizer® makes use of the Sequential Magnetization Principle (SMP) technology required to optimize processing fluids. The first designed Magnetizer® link is purposely created to feed pipes of larger outside diameter (OD), and is meant to stimulate the molecules. The second Magnetizer® link is used for smaller OD pipes to accept the magnetic flux.

It has been noted that SMP is regarded as the best method of fluid conditioning. The magnetic flux in a sequential magnetization chain assures the most efficient movement of the fluid on the market.

The Magnetizer® application of sequential magnetization is scientifically sound, as indicated by the US patent 6,056,872.

(Excerpt from Theory Of Operation)

Engine Check List for Proper MAGNETIZER® Car Gas Saver Functioning

1. Make sure MAGNETIZER® Gas saver “HDFE-A” or “HDFE-B” is put on high pressure fuel feed line and not on the fuel return line, which can be easily mistaken (we get a lot of people who often call us asking us which one is which – we refer them to the mechanic’s shop). Normally when people look at the line which passes through the fuel filter it is usually the high pressure fuel line where MAGNETIZER® “HDFE” should be put on. 

2. Also, MAGNETIZER® Natural Gas Saver should be placed AFTER the pump, as the pump’s action may disrupt the magnetic field’s effect (due to turbulence).

3. Lastly DO NOT put MAGNETIZER® on a flexible stainless steel braided fuel line – put it before or after on a plastic, rubber or solid steel section (can be flexible).

4. Please make sure the air filter is changed too, not only the oil filter and oil. Do you feel the increased power, as this is what normally drivers tell us in addition to savings? Do you drive with the same speed, under same conditions (tires, same weather, driving on highway or in the city, etc.)

5. As far as the emissions test is concerned for any scientifically objective study, it should be done right before the installation, then the Magnetizer system should be installed, a car driven for 10-15 km and the second test teen immediately after that.

6. Please check whether your your car has a fully functioning O2 sensor, because it tends to break and then does not adjust properly the fuel:air ratio which is ALWAYS changed by MAGNETIZER®.

Compendium of US & International MAGNETIZER® Engine Tests
You will find here MAGNETIZER® tests of vehicles: cars, trucks, buses, and locomotives. For example with trucks after the installation of the MAGNETIZER®, the diesel fuel savings is about 19-21%. In addition, emissions are reduced by over 90%. More on page 32. Also, the government testimonial regarding F150 extended cab pickups with 14% gasoline savings starts on page 36. Furthermore, MAGNETIZER® reduces emissions by over 90%. You may view this Fuel Tests Compendium from around the world. Please note, behind the MAGNETIZER® operational principles lies the Nobel Prize-winning science.
Example of Magnetizer® Truck Installation

A Volvo truck with Magnetizer

Magnetizer® vs. Catalytic converters

When comparing the MAGNETIZER® and catalytic converters, you can see the marked advantage. An engine tuning shop has tested the bespoke car alteration, and you can see the converter shows a high rate of emission than the same car with a Magnetizer® engine installed. Another side shows that the MAGNETIZER® also works with catalytic converters, which can improve the working efficiency or start-up processing time.


Patents: RE: 35689, 5829420, Further Worldwide patents pending
California Air Resource Board: CARB#EOD-174-3
U.S. Military Stock Number: NSN 2910-01390-0004

The Ease Of Magnetizer® Installation (Videos)

Another advantage of using MAGNETIZER® is that the installation becomes trouble-free, and its design allows it to fit into any engine, whether passenger cars or heavy trucks.

When you install the MAGNETIZER®, it starts functioning once the engine runs. It needs some time, known as the ‘Stabilization Period,’ intended for energizing the motor.

You can install MAGNETIZER® systems easily in any vehicle and instantly fit in trucks, cars, or boats.

They will start working immediately upon installation once the engine is running but need the Stabilization Period* to energize it thoroughly.

MAGNETIZER® systems are a must to save fuel and contribute to the Earth’s ecological system.

*What is meant by the Stabilization Period?

In actuality, it is the amount of time involved by Magnetizer® in dissolving the carbon/varnish build-up. Apart from this, it can also saturate all the steel parts of the engine. The fluctuation can occur because the carbon and varnish start getting eliminated during that time. The engine starts running smoother and more manageable when you reach stabilization. This period lasts for about 30 days to 1600 miles. Over time, the performance begins to increase and results in higher efficiency. EPM also offers engines to show high performance using lower octane gas, thus helping in more significant savings.

You can see in the red “ACE-S” (Automotive Coolant Energizer System) and “AFE-S” (Automotive Fuel Energizer Systems) fuel injector units that the installation of MAGNETIZER® is effortless. The “MAE-S” (MAGNETIZER® Air Energizer System) blue units are already on. Additionally, the MAGNETIZER® Heavy Duty Fuel system (“HDFE-B”) is appropriately installed beneath the chassis of the jeep on the fuel rail.

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