Magnetizer vs. Activated Carbon Treatment.

Magnetizer vs. Activated Carbon Treatment

Activated Carbon Treatment vs. MAGNETIZER® When coal is heated without oxygen, exposed to chemicals such as argon and nitrogen, and heated again in the presence of steam and oxygen, it gets “activated,” transforming into a pore structure with a significantly increased surface area. Half a teaspoon of activated carbon contains about 5,400 square feet of […]

Can Magnetizer® Reduce SAR (Sodium Adsorption Ratio)?

Separating mixtures by using magnet illustration

Reduce SAR (Sodium Adsorption Ratio) MAGNETIZER® can effectively mitigate sodium in water by almost 90%, e.g., from 637.64 to 64.1 mg/L, as an independent lab from the United Arab Emirates confirmed in their SAR ( Sodium Adsorption Ratio) report to their government, which purchased our technology. RatioMAGNETIZER® does not change the chemical form of water […]