Improve water treatment in agriculture and increase crops.

Improve water treatment in agriculture. Water is the lifeblood of agriculture, essential for the growth and sustenance of crops. In modern agriculture, ensuring the quality of water used for irrigation is paramount. Traditional water treatment methods often involve chemical processes, but innovative solutions have emerged, revolutionizing how water is treated for agriculture. One such groundbreaking […]

Ensure Equipment Longevity With Magnetizer®.

Improved equipment longevity & health with Magnetizer®. In today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape, optimizing processes for efficiency and sustainability is paramount. One of the critical aspects of this optimization is industrial water treatment, a fundamental process that ensures the longevity of machinery, enhances productivity and promotes environmental responsibility.  Industrial Water Treatment: Ensures Softness and Longevity. […]

Revolutionize Fuel Efficiency with Magnetizer® Natural Gas Saving Devices.

Revolutionize Fuel Efficiency with Magnetizer® Natural Gas Saving Devices!!! In today’s world, where environmental concerns and rising fuel costs are at the forefront of discussions, finding innovative solutions to increase car fuel efficiency is more important than ever. The remarkable advancement in this field is the Magnetizer® car gas-saver device offered by Mundimex. With the […]

Improve the quality of water with an environmentally friendly home water softener system.

Mundimex Offers Patented, Environmentally Friendly Magnetizer® Water Softener Systems to Improve Water Quality NEWS PUBLISHED BYMundimex, Inc.November 9, 2023 Magnetizer® provides a modern & environmentally responsible approach to the challenges of hard water, including permanent active carbon-free saltless treatment. HATFIELD, PA 19440, UNITED STATES, November 9, 2023 / — Home and enterprise water softener systems […]

Unveil Home Fuel-Efficiency with Magnetizer®.

Magnetizer® Eco-Home

Introduction In today’s world, where energy conservation and cost efficiency are paramount, finding innovative ways to save fuel has become a priority for homeowners. The convergence of technology and sustainability has led to solutions like the Magnetizer®, a groundbreaking technology that optimizes fuel usage while promoting a greener environment. The Power of Magnetizer® The Magnetizer® […]

How to Increase Home Comfort and Longevity.

Increased home comfort and longevity with Magnetizser®

Introduction To create a comfortable and inviting living space, homeowners should pay attention to a crucial element that significantly impacts daily life: water quality. Unbeknownst to many, the mineral composition of water can profoundly affect various aspects of daily routines, from cleanliness and hygiene to the longevity of household appliances. That’s where home water softener […]

Starfire Water Improvement.

Starfire Water™ and Mundimex announce the availability of Vitalizer®, the Magnetizer®-class water energizer, which produces negative (North Pole) charged ions for a healthy alkalizing and oxidizing effect on your drinking water. Starfire Water Improvement Los Angeles, California, December 1, 2016 – For the past six years, Starfire Water™ has been successfully utilizing the best-in-class magnetic […]

Swimming Pool Systems are ready.

Swimming Pool Systems

Homeowners Have a Reason to Smile with the Introduction of the Affordable Pool Treatment Solution A swimming pool improvement that counts! A swimming pool is one of the most critical installations on any property. It is a favorite spot and adds value to the property. However, like with most other high-cost installations, pool maintenance can […]

Better RV Lifestyle.

Better RV Lifestyle

Here at Mundi, we are glad that after months of preparations, designing, prototyping, fabricating, and testing, we have a group of new Magnetizer® products that we are proud to offer to the RV owners in America for a better RV lifestyle! Behind Magnetizer’s operational principles lies the Nobel Prize-winning science. At this time, we are […]

The Latest Independent Study of the Magnetizer EPM Systems.

An independent investigation of the MAGNETIZER® EPM system by Sheffield Hallam University in the UK has arrived. We have seen it, and here are our comments and the study. These are good new 2017 tests demonstrating the MAGNETIZER® Engine Performance system for fuel saving always works and delivers as advertised. Sometimes with a punch, a few of […]