Magnetizer® Client List


U.S. Census Bureau, Jeffersonville, Indiana

All applicable water applications. Several systems were installed on a trial basis. The results were excellent and additional units were installed on every applicable part of the water systems for the entire building.

Department of Treasury, U.S. Mint, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

All applicable water and fuel applications, to include the portable water system for quenching tanks. All the large furnaces using natural gas have been treated with Magnetizer™ fuel systems, which have provided great fuel efficiency and fuel dollar savings.

N.O.A.A. (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Norfolk, Virginia

Fuel systems for diesel engines and water cooling systems as well as portable water systems installed and delivering recognizable results.

D.S.C.S. (Defense Command Supply Center), Columbus, Ohio.

Automotive fuel systems, stocking order for call out.


U.S.C.G. Cutters “ Gallatin” and “Dallas”, Governors Island, New York

Boilers – Magnetizer™ fuel and water systems installed with excellent results. So good that when Coast Guard personnel were transferred to other cutters, they requested Magnetizer™ systems be installed.

U.S.C.G. Cutter “ Red Oak”, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Magnetizer™ water system in use for over a year on their boiler. 

U.S.C.G. Cutter “Mellon”, Seattle, Washington

Water system installation on their boiler water system.


Brooke Army Medical Hospital, Fort Sam, Texas

Medical Sterilizers used for sterilizing medical instruments. There was so much built up scale that after Magnetizer™ system was installed they had to shovel out the mush like scale.


U.S. Navy, New London, Submarine Base, New London, Connecticut

Diesel engine coolant storage tanks (anti-freeze), spent anti-freeze once too acidic to use, once treated magnetically, now reusable. 

U.S. Navy/Tenneco (Test), Newport News Shipyard, Virginia

Cooling tower, long term, 2 year test. 

U.S. Navy – Naval Warfare Center, Warminster, Pennsylvania.

Cooling Tower and humidifiers with serious scale problems.


U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

U.S. Air Force, Elmendorf AFB, Alaska

Sauna boilers with scale problems.

U.S. Air Force, MEEP Program (fuel test), Elgin AFB, Florida

Automotive fuel three-month test on base cars and trucks. The net results were substantial reductions in emissions. 

Department of Defense (water test in progress), Langley AFB, Virginia

Cooling tower and chiller, a six month test in two phases. The results of the test will be disseminated the government. Adoption will be recommended if the results are as we expect. 

U.S. Air Force, Kelly AFB, San Antonio, Texas

Automotive fuel systems for base vehicles.

U.S. Air Force, Randolf AFB, University City, Texas

Cooling towers.


Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Treatment for water systems for their scaled boilers.

Danbury Federal Penitentiary, Danbury, Connecticut (for tests results and installation description please click here).


Graterford Prison, Graterford, Pennsylvania

All applicable water and fuel applications. First systems installed were on a scale-clogged dishwasher, which in a couple of weeks was running scale free. One cell block was not getting enough hot water for showers due to extensive scale build up in the water pipes, the units were installed and within two weeks were getting all the hot water they needed. 

Callpatria State Prison, Callpatria, California

Several water systems applications such as commercial dishwashers were installed with good results.


Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary, Leavenworth, Kansas

All applicable water and fuel applications, probably beginning with a test on a boiler.

Dallas State Penitentiary, Dallas, Pennsylvania

All applicable water and fuel applications. Presently waiting for State assignment and approval of specific boiler for water test. Once proven at this model facility to control scale, all 23 state prisons will be on line to be outfitted with Magnetizer™ water and fuel systems.

Petersburg Federal Penitentiary, Petersburg, Virginia

Waiting on approval from the Department of Justice. 

U.S. Navy- Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sundry water applications – Canceled with the announcement of closing of the shipyard. 

U.S. Navy – Carderock Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Water closet systems, waiting on final approval from Annapolis.

Philadelphia Housing Authority, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Waiting for specific boiler to be assigned for treatment testing.

U.S.C.G. Cutter “White Hearth”, Boston, Massachusetts

An officer who had been on the U.S.C.G. Cutter “Gallatin”, having sent the results, once being assigned to the “White Hearth” has ordered water systems for the boiler, and then will order fuel systems later as budget permits.


City of Seattle, Washington

Cooling tower for the city with a letter of endorsement from the city administrator’s office.

City of San Antonio, Texas

Numerous water system applications, throughout the city’s myriad water system. Including fire trucks. 

City of San Diego, Metropolitan Correction Center, San Diego, California

Sundry water applications on city water systems.

City of Cheyenne, Wyoming

Sundry water applications on city water systems with excellent results. As time and budget permit, the city continues to add Magnetizer™ systems to their water system on an on going basis.

City of Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Numerous fuel systems for police cars and other municipal gas powered vehicles. A few vehicles were picked for a test. After the test, they dropped from 89 to 87-octane fuel with no loss in performance and evidenced lowered emissions. As funds permit, all the city owned vehicles will be treated with Magnetizer™ fuel systems.

Bucks County Housing Authority, Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Water and fuel boilers in county owned housing, test systems installed and showing favorably.


1. Coca-Cola Bottling (Queens, NY) Boilers Waterside and Natural Gas, Cooling Tower Systems, Water Softening System, Condensate Tower.

2. City of Seattle Cooling towers, water process equipment.

3. City of San Antonio Public Works, All major Processing equipment.

4. Berkeley California Municipal Police and Sanitation Departments Engine Performance Maximizers on all vehicles to save fuel and cut pollution.

5. US Mint All water Process equipment.

6. Federal Penitentiaries Pennsylvania, Water Process Equipment.

7. Schreiber Foods (Queens, NY) Boilers Waterside and Natural Gas, Cooling Towers Systems.

8. Marino’s Ices (Queens, NY) Cooling Tower System.

9. Losquadro Ice (Brooklyn, NY) Cooling Tower System.

10. Tony’s Brush & Processing (Brooklyn, NY) Boilers Waterside and Natural Gas, Well Water System.

11.  Carlton Ice Cream (Brooklyn, NY) Cooling Tower System, Boilers Waterside and #2 Oil.

12.  Mars Fudge & Fruit (Brooklyn, NY) #2 Oil.

13.  Jung-Sun Laundry (Long Island City, NY) Boilers Waterside and Natural Gas.

14.  Peerless Tube Co. (Bloomfield, NJ) Boilers Waterside and Natural Gas, Cooling Towers, Waterside Scrubber System.

15.  Knights Inn Motels Boilers, Ice Machines, Laundries, and Pools.

16.  Charles Tozzer Dental Clinics Dental Hand Pieces.

17.  Homewood Suites Hotels Cooling Towers Chillers, and Boilers.

18.  Cementos de Chihuahua Cement Boiler Burners (Natural Gas).

19.  RCA Juarez Boilers (Gas & Water).

20.  Phelps Dodge Copper Smelters Turbines (Natural Gas).

21.  China Springs ISD Boilers, Ice Machines.

22.  Bexar County Chillers, Boilers

23.  Arkansas Regional Hospital Boilers, Cooling Tower.

24.  Prowers Medical Center Reduce Salt, Boilers, Cooling Towers.

25.  Sand Haven Nursing Home Reduce Salt, Boilers, Ice Machines.

26.  Boise City Hospital Reduce Salt, Boilers, Cooling Tower, Chillers.

27.  Weyland Baptist College Chillers, Cooling Tower, and Boilers.

28.  Roberson Saw Mills Natural Gas Generators.

29.  Waugh Dry Cleaners Boilers.

30.  Tyler Dry Cleaners Boilers.

31.  Randolph Air Force Base, Texas Cooling Towers.

32.  Luke Air Force Base, Arizona Cooling Towers and Boilers.

33.  Brooks Army Medical Center, Texas Equipped sterilizers.

34.  City of Live Oak, Texas Fire engines and police cars

35.  Hilton Towers Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY Cooling towers, fuel side of boilers.


Walt Disney World

University Of California: San Diego Medical Center

La Quint-A Motor Inns

Ronan Enterprises

Western Reserve Historical Society

Bobkat Small Engines

City Of Monroe

Siblico Water Treatment

Bernard’s Coffees Of The World

Hall Of Fame Fitness Center

Wheaton’s Plastics

Holmes By-Products

H.E.B. Grocery Co. Headquarters

Bayse Janitorial Supply

Pittman Distributing Company

Pyramid Plastics

Gary Job Core

Presidents Health Clubs

Universal Fitness Center

Grady’s Texas Educational Foundation

Mercy Center For Health Care



Fuerzas Militares de Colombia, Ejercito Nacional Fleet Engine Energizer Systems

Bavaria, S.A. Descaling, water bottling

Postobón, S.A., Descaling, water bottling

Caribana Beach Golf Condominium Estates in Cartagena Golf Course Grass Yield and Quality Amelioration, Swimming Pool dechlorination


1. Hindusthan National Glass & Industries Ltd. Boilers, Cooling Towers, and Compressors.

2. Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd. Screw Compressors, Boilers.

3. Hindustan Motors Ltd. All phases of scale treatment.

4. West Bengal State Electricity Board Condensers, Air Conditioners, Water Piping.

5. Patton Tanks Ltd. Cooling Towers, Injection Mold Machines.

6. Rasoli Limited Complete plant installation for de-scaling pipes.

7. Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd., OEM Manufacturer.

8. Premier Fountains: Supplies Magnetizer™ to fountains throughout India.

9. Besco Steel, Ltd. Diverse factory applications.

10. R.V. Briggs & Co. Pvt. Ltd.: Private consultants for water quality (many clients).

11. Madhusudan Organics Ltd. Condensers, Thermic Fluid Boilers.

12. Assam Ltd. Tea nursery, extra leaves, darker hue, increased flavor.

13. Kortisa India Pvt. Ltd. Chemical Factory, Water Systems.

14. Electrometal Ltd. 10% Fuel Savings on Diesel.

15. Adams Motor Works Emission Reductions.

16. Bayer India Ltd. Cooling Towers, Boilers.

17. Sea Crests Shipping Myriad Fuel & Water Treatment.

18. Carrier Air Conditioning, OEM Supplier.


MAGNETIZER Installed CustomerPurposesFactories LocationPipe SizesInstalled No. of Places設置箇所数
トヨタ自動車(株)Toyota Motor CorporationScale/Corrosion in Water pipes本社、元町、上郷、高岡、三好、堤、明知、下山、衣浦、田原、広瀬 20-225335全工場で
(株)デンソーDENSO CORPORATIONScale/Corrosion in Water pipes本社、安城、高棚、阿久比、大安、豊橋、西尾、池田、基礎研、海外 20-225236全工場で
新日本製鉄(株)Nippon Steel Corp.Scale/Corrosion in Water pipes名古屋、室蘭、技術開発本部、広畑、大分 20-225111全工場で
愛知製鋼(株)Aichi Steel Corp.Scale/Corrosion知多、刈谷4747ケ所
グリコ乳業(株)Glico Dairy Products Co., Ltd.昭島、東北、広島、佐賀、那須、近畿4141ケ所
大同特殊鋼(株)DAIDO STEEL Co., Ltd.Scale/Corrosion知多,築地、星崎、中津川、王子,渋川2614ケ所
王子製紙(株)Oji Paper Co., Ltd.春日井、中津川、釧路2525ケ所
(株)福井村田製作所Fukui Murata Manufacturing. Co., Ltd.福井2121ケ所
日本紙パック(株)NIPPON PAPER-PAK CO.,LTD.東京,仙台2222ケ所
明治乳業(株)Meiji Dairies Corp.関東、東北、栃木、北陸、群馬2323ケ所
JFE鋼板(株)JFE Galvanizing & Coating Co., Ltd.Scale/Corrosion千葉1919ケ所
岐阜プラスチック工業(株)Gifu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.各務原1919ケ所
大豊工業(株)Taiho Kogyo Co., Ltd.本社、細谷、篠原、幸海1818ケ所
(株)豊田自動織機Toyota Industries Corp.本社、長草、碧南1414ケ所
日本製紙(株)Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.釧路1212ケ所
峡西病院Kyousai Hospital甲府1212ケ所
YKK(株)YKK Corp.Scale/Corrosion黒部1010ケ所
三菱プラントエンジニアリンク(株)Mitsubishi Electric Plant Engineering Corporation.Scale/Corrosion本社1515ケ所
フレッシュダイナー(株)FreshDiner Co.,Ltd.舟橋1313ケ所
エコロジーエンタープライズ(株)ECOLOGY ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.愛媛1212ケ所
アスモ(株)Asmo Co., Ltd.湖西、豊橋1111ケ所
富士重工業(株)Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.Scale/Corrosion太田99ケ所
JSR(株)JSR Corp.四日市99ケ所
川崎重工業(株)Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.Scale/Corrosion神戸、岐阜88ケ所
ヤマハ発動機(株)Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.Scale/Corrosion磐田88ケ所
東洋紡績(株)Toyobo Co., Ltd.犬山、敦賀88ケ所
茨城化成(株)Ibaragi Chemicals Co.,Ltd.茨城77ケ所
大同キャスティング(株)Daido Castings Co., Ltd.Scale/Corrosion恵那77ケ所
(株)メニコンMenicon Co., Ltd.77ケ所
(株)岡島パイプ゚製作所Okajima Pipe Co.,Ltd.東海77ケ所
中部電力(株)火力Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc.Scale/Corrosion碧南77ケ所
大同鋼板(株)Daido kohan Co.,Ltd.Scale/Corrosion尼崎77ケ所
ヤマザキマザック(株)Yamazaki Mazak Corp.本社、美濃加茂66ケ所
静岡市役所Shizuoka Cityzun Office押切団地66ケ所
九州日本電気(株)Kyushu NEC熊本66ケ所
松下電池工業(株)Matsushita electric Co.,Ltd.湖西55ケ所
住友軽金属工業 (株) Sumitomo Light Metal Industries, Ltd.名古屋 尼崎55ケ所
えびせんの里Ebisen Foods 美浜55ケ所
(株)MARUWAMARUWA Co., Ltd土岐55ケ所
日鉱敦賀リサイクル(株)Nikko Tsuruga Recycle Co., Ltd. 敦賀44ケ所
ルピナス三重Rupinas Mie三重44ケ所
コニカミノルタ(株)Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc.豊川、小田原44ケ所
松下環境空調エンジニアリング(株)Matsushita Environmental & Air-conditioning Engineering Co., Ltd.春日井、吹田市44ケ所
旭電化工業(株)ADEKA Corp.三重44ケ所
ボッシュオートモーティブBosch Corporation埼玉44ケ所
明治産業(株)Meiji Sangyo Co., Ltd一宮44ケ所
梅田ビル管理Umeda Building東京44ケ所
伸興化成(株)SHINKO KASEI CO.,LTD.羽生44ケ所
豊田合成(株)Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.本社、尾西、平和、森町66ケ所
信越化学工業(株)Shin-etsu Chemicals Co.,Ltd.上越66ケ所
高木工業(株)Takagi Inc. Co., Ltd.八千代66ケ所
サッポロビール(株)Sapporo Breweries Ltd静岡66ケ所
豊科フイルム(株)Toyoshina Films Co.,Ltd.豊科55ケ所
シミズ工業(株)Shimizu Industry Co., Ltd.刈谷55ケ所
スズキ(株)Suzuki Motor Corp本社、磐田、湖西55ケ所
アルファビジョン(株)Alpha Vision札幌55ケ所
日本製紙ユニテック(株)Nippon Paper Unitec Co., Ltd.東京55ケ所
フジパイピング工業 (株) Fuji Piping Co.,Ltd.浜松44ケ所
伸興化成(株)SHINKO KASEI CO.,LTD.羽生44ケ所
(株)駒ヶ根電化KOMAGANEDENKA CO.,LTD駒ヶ根44ケ所
オーエスジー(株)OSG Corp.本社、新城44ケ所
アイシン化工(株)Aisin Chemical Co., Ltd藤岡44ケ所
トヨタ車体(株)Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd本社44ケ所
ダイヨシ開発(株)DAIYOSHI TRUST CO., Ltd.福岡44ケ所
ライオンケミカル(株)Lion Chemical Co., Ltd.坂出 鹿島44ケ所
旭化成ケミカルズ(株)Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corp.守山44ケ所
横浜乳業゙(株)Yokohama Milk Industry Co.,Ltd.綾瀬44ケ所
日本軽金属(株)Nippon Light Metal Co., Ltd清水44ケ所
(株)神岡セラミックKamioka Ceramics Co.,Ltd.飛騨44ケ所
朱田ビルAketa Building東京44ケ所
名鉄駅ビルMeitetsu Station Bld.岩倉、新岐阜44ケ所
チッソ(株)Chisso Corp.水俣44ケ所
いすゞ自動車(株)Isuzu Motors, Ltd.栃木 藤沢44ケ所
(株)近畿工業KinkiKogyo Inc.神戸33ケ所
三信工業(株)Sanshin Industries,Co.,Ltd.浜松33ケ所
千住金属工業(株)Senju Metal Industry Co., Ltd 真岡33ケ所
武田機工(株)TAKEDAKIKOH Co.,Ltd本社、豊田33ケ所
東海共同発電(株)Tokai Co-operative Power Co., Inc.東海33ケ所
大日工業(株)Dainichi Industries Corp.春日井33ケ所
相沢病院Aizawa Hospital長野33ケ所
ビジネスホテル一福Hotel ichifuku鈴鹿33ケ所
日信工業(株)Nissin Kogyo Co., Ltd.上越33ケ所
大日本インキ化学(株)DIC Corporation吹田33ケ所
ポリプラスチックス(株)Polyplastics Co., Ltd.富士33ケ所
(株)東亜合成Toagosei Co., Ltd.名古屋33ケ所
(株)トッパンNECサーキットToppan NEC circuit Co.,Ltd.富山33ケ所
川崎重工業(株)Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd岐阜、神戸33ケ所
三国ハウジング(株)Mikuni Housing Co.,Ltd.浜松33ケ所
(株)ニコンNikon Corp.相模原33ケ所
黒川ハウジング(株)Kurokawa Housing Co.,Ltd.名古屋22ケ所
東京ガス(株)Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.東京22ケ所
ウッドパーク本厚木Wood Park,HonAtsugi厚木22ケ所
ライオン(株)Lion Corp.平井、千葉22ケ所
西部ガス(株)Saibu Gas Co., Ltd.長崎22ケ所
敦賀フィルム(株)Tsuruga Film Co.,Ltd.敦賀22ケ所
中央精機(株)Central Motor Wheel Co., Ltd.豊田33ケ所
武蔵精密工業(株)Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd.本社33ケ所
(株)近畿工業KinkiKogyo Inc.神戸33ケ所
スギヤマ工業(株)Sigiyama Industries Co.,Ltd.静岡33ケ所
王子板紙(株)Oji Paperboard Co., Ltd.祖父江、大阪33ケ所
日亜化学工業(株)Nichia Corp.阿南33ケ所
静岡市役所Shizuoka Municipal Office押切団地33ケ所
日鉄鋼管(株)Nittetsu Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.東海33ケ所
旭硝子(株)Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.愛知、研究所、関西33ケ所
(株)マルヤス長野Maruyasu Nagano上伊那33ケ所
王子板紙(株)Oji Paperboard Co., Ltd.祖父江、大阪33ケ所
(株)グロリアダッシュGloriadash Co.,Ltd.宇部33ケ所
(株)黒柳設備Kuroyanagisetsubi Co.,Ltd.豊田33ケ所
カンタツ(株)KANTATSU CO.,LTD須賀川33ケ所
都立墨東病院Tokyo Mettropolitan Bokutoh Hospital東京33ケ所
相沢病院Aizawa Hospital長野33ケ所
アイシン精機(株)Aisin Seiki Co.,Ltd.本社、安城、半田33ケ所
平和設備(株)Heiwa Co.,Ltd北九州22ケ所
豊平製鋼(株)Toyohira Steel Corp.札幌22ケ所
三越 ギンモトMitsukoshi Ginmoto東京銀座22ケ所
日本軽金属(株)Nippon Light Metal Co., Ltd清水22ケ所
アイシンAW(株)AISIN AW CO.,LTD本社、福井22ケ所
いばらく乳業(株)Ibaraku Dairy Farms水戸22ケ所
(株)三五Sango Co., Ltd.豊橋22ケ所
長沢産業(株)Nagasawasangyo Co.,Ltd.埼玉22ケ所
大和川ポリマー(株)yamatogawa polymer Co.,Ltd.奈良22ケ所
本田技研工業(株)Honda Motor Co., Ltd.鈴鹿、浜松22ケ所
(株)扇長SENCHO CO.,LTD長岡22ケ所
信濃電気精錬(株)Shinano metal Co.,Ltd.柏原22ケ所
小木曽工(株)ogiso Co.,Ltd.三重22ケ所
(株)エンジニアリング三光Engineering SANKO Co.,Ltd.三好22ケ所
名鉄ビルMeitetsu Station Bld.岩倉、岐阜22ケ所
(株)岡山村田製作所Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.岡山22ケ所
マスコー製紙(株)Masukoh Paper Mills Co.,Ltd.富士宮22ケ所
旭カーボン(株)Asahi Carbon新潟22ケ所
海洋ゴム(株)Kaiyou Rubber Co.,Ltd.三重22ケ所
パレス化学(株)Palace Chemical Co., Ltd.横浜22ケ所
グランドパレス淺川Grand Palace , Asakawa北九州22ケ所
大和化成工業(株)DAIWA KASEI Co.,LTD岡崎22ケ所
協同乳業(株)Kyodo Milk Industry Co.,Ltd.犬山22ケ所
横浜ゴム(株)The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.新城、平塚22ケ所
デンヨー(株)Denyo Co., Ltd.福井22ケ所
森永乳業(株)Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.東京22ケ所
米沢浜理薬品工業(株)HAMARI CHEMICALS,LTD.米沢22ケ所
(株)トヨックスTOYOX CO.,LTD黒部22ケ所
(株)J-オイルミルズJ-OIL MILLS, Inc.静岡22ケ所
(株)北海道村Hokkaidomura CO.,LTD小樽22ケ所
コカコーラCoca-Cola(Japan) Co., Ltd.名古屋22ケ所
大同アミスター(株)DAIDO AMISTAR CO.,LTD静岡、群馬22ケ所
東邦ガス(株)Toho Gas Co., Ltd.本社、東海22ケ所
アイシン高丘(株)Aisin Takaoka Co., Ltd.高丘、吉良22ケ所
名古屋パルプ(株)Nagoya Pulp Co.,Ltd.可児22ケ所
中央発条(株)Chuo Spring Co., Ltd.碧南、藤岡22ケ所
三菱電機(株)Mitsubishi Electric Corp.静岡22ケ所
(株)クラレKuraray Co., Ltd.中条22ケ所
尾川パイプ(株)OGAWA PIPE CO.,LTD東海22ケ所
(有)鉢ノ木HACHINOKI Co.,Ltd.鎌倉22ケ所
三国ハウジング(株)Mikuni Housing Co.,Ltd.浜松23ケ所
豊平製鋼(株)Toyohira Steel Corp.札幌22ケ所
スピードファムファクトリー (株)Speed Farm Factory Co.,Ltd.山形22ケ所
小島プレス工業(株)Kojima Press Industry Co., Ltd.豊田22ケ所
松栄電工(株)Shoeidenko Co., Ltd.新城22ケ所
関東電化工業(株)Kanto Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd.渋川22ケ所
群馬牛乳協業組合Gunma Dairy Farm Association前橋22ケ所
日信工業(株)Nissin Kogyo Co., Ltd.直江津33ケ所
住友ベークライト(株)Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.静岡22ケ所
小岩井乳業(株)Koiwai Dairy Products Co., Ltd.狭山22ケ所
富士重工業(株)Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.群馬200-40066ケ所
松島金属(株)Matsushima Metals Co.,Ltd.豊橋22ケ所
都東部浄化処理PTokyo Metropolitan Water Treat'ment東京22ケ所
日本製紙ユニテック(株)Nippon Paper Unitec Co., Ltd.東京22ケ所
九州イノアック(株)kyushu inoac Co., Ltd.菊池22ケ所
正起マテリアル(株)seikimaterial Co.,Ltd.豊明22ケ所
セーレン(株)Seiren Co., Ltd.福井22ケ所
紀州製紙(株)Kishu Paper Co., Ltd.大阪22ケ所
藤倉ゴム(株)Fujikura Rubber Co.,Ltd.埼玉22ケ所
黒田化学(株)Kuroda Kagaku Co., Ltd.富山22ケ所
塚田牛乳(株)Tsukada Dairy Farms新潟22ケ所
小樽駅前再開発ビルOtaru Station Building Development小樽22ケ所
Many Others他多数


1. Second Pomeranian Military District (II-gi Pomorski Okręg Wojskowy).

2. The 12-th Regional Technical Repair Shops in Warsaw (“12 Rejonowe Warsztaty Techniczne”).

3. Naval Port (“Port Wojenny w Świnoujściu”).

4. Mazowiecki District Department of Gas in Warsaw (“Mazowiecki Okregowy Zakład Gazownictwa w Warszawie”)

5. Administration of Border Road Crossings (“Zarzad Drogowych Przejsc Granicznych woj.Podlaskiego w Białymstoku”)


Power Stations

“Elektrownia Siersza”-Trzebinia”
“Elektrownia im. Tadeusza Kościuszki S.A. – Połaniec”

Thermal Energy Enterprises 

“Elbląskie Przedsiȩbiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej Sp. z o.o.”

“Przedsiȩbiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej w Chrzanowie)

Fermentation Industry

“Przedsiȩbiorstwo Przemysłu Fermentacyjnego AKWAWIT” w Lesznie

Sugar Factories

Cukrownia „Nowy Staw”

Cukrownia „ŻNIN” S.A.

Cukrownia „Nowy Staw”

Cukrownia “Ostrowite, SugarPol S.A. Holding

Cukrownia “Pelplin” S.A.

Cukrownia “Pustków” S.A.

Cukrownia “Sokołów” S.A.</p>

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