Our Mission

We at Mundimex would like to believe that the thousands of years old prophecy of the Tsalagi Nation (Cherokee) about the coming of the ninth tribe being “MAGNETIZERS, THE WORLD SHAPERS,” [sic!] refers to us and our mission. As an innovative ecological engineering company, we aim to bring energy savings and reduce the energy consumption of environmentally aware businesses and households by using our pioneering MAGNETIZER® technology with its most efficient monopolar “free-energy” design. It uncontrovertibly contributes to ecological sustainability and a greener world, and we are proud of it! Ours is a caring attitude towards the environment and our Planet, which is not at odds with the profitability and commercial success we strive for. Our real challenge is to meet societal expectations of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water toxicity while meeting production growth requirements.

Compay At A Glance

DUNS 601 401 201 I CAGE 7MU03
Year established: 1987
State Of Incorporation: Delaware
First Year Of Operation Annual
Revenue: $3.1 M
Geographical Area Serviced:
Number of Countries Sold To: 44
Overall Performance Rating: 95


We Have Dedicated Our Careers To Better Quality Of Water & Cleaner Air

Mundimex, Inc. (est. 1987), aka “Mundi,” is an integrated—global—energy savings provider and part of the MAGNETIZER® OEM ecosystem through ownership and directorship of MITI (Magnetizer Industrial Technologies, Inc.)—the MAGNETIER® patent license holder—and together an OEM of a pioneering and breakthrough technology of magnetohydrodynamic fluid activation. It is a patented environmental solution designed to combat high fuel and water costs and solve hard water problems. The foundation of it is the science of magnetic hydrodynamics, for which a Swedish plasma physicist won the Nobel Prize in 1970. As an innovative ecological engineering firm, we aim to bring savings and reduce energy consumption (fuel and water) to environmentally sustainable businesses and households that choose the most efficient, i.e., monopolar “free-energy” design behind our technology.

Mundimex specializes in the monopolar magnetic fluid treatment that enables natural, chemical-free water softening with practical scale and corrosion control through selective polarization. It also helps Clients looking to enhance combustion efficiency through the change of fuel-to-air ratio by the advanced magnetic technology, thus eliminating or reducing exhaust emissions and increasing/improving mileage.

Mundimex provides fuel, water, chemical, and energy savings to its Clients’ ecosystems in over 40 countries while at the same time effectively protecting the environment.

Our breakthrough ecological solution saves the end-users—including the world’s top FORTUNE 500 companies and various Federal Government agencies—significant energy resources.

Since 1987, our customers worldwide have valued us as a reliable partner. Today they come to us for an efficient and comprehensive solution to hard water problems, exhaust emissions, high fuel costs, and energy savings. We achieve this through the patented and proven MAGNETIZER® monopolar magnetic resonance fluid treatment technology.

In 2017, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) officially awarded Mundimex, Inc. the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) 056 contract for its best-in-class Magnetizer® Technology.

Mundimex was granted this prestigious U.S. government contract award after a 12-month application period and scrutiny of the company and its technology.

The appropriate government body has positively vetted Mundimex resulting in the highly satisfying Overall Performance Rating of 95 (see below).

Various agencies of the U.S. Government have already been using the unipolar Magnetizer® technology. You can view the government client list here.

The Reputation And Quality Of Magnetizer® Defines Who We Are

Magnetizer is a no-brainer

Magnetizer® M-2 Triandem Water Softener System

With top-grade components, superior craftsmanship, and the highest finished product quality, we manufacture the world’s best magnetic fluid conditioner to the highest industrial standards.

After the ISO 9001 compliant production process, every production lot is manually tested under meticulous QC for polarity, gauss strength, and workmanship before leaving our plant. The scrupulous QC before releasing any shipment for delivery means that if MAGNETIZER® fails to pass our standards, it’s either corrected manually or sent back for reproduction.

MAGNETIZER® is the de facto industry standard and measuring gauge by which people evaluate other magnetic devices in the marketplace.

The contributing factors are its efficacy, top-notch quality of its components, final build that lasts forever, and a light, aesthetic, and compact design which does not require any modification of the equipment. Couple it with the ease of installation of its snap-on design, fast manufacturing turnovers, one of the world’s best logistical support from our New York JFK transportation hub, and competitive prices, as well as years of experience and know-how guaranteeing a smooth installation process. You have the world leader in its field.

Magnetizer’s legendary efficiency and reliability have been tested worldwide over twenty-nine years in more than 40 countries.

B2B & B2C Support

For us at Mundi, more important than writing about our B2B or B2C support is doing it. Those who deal with our team praise us for our fast responsiveness to all calls and email inquiries and attention to detail.

In a survey mentioned earlier by a government agency, our clients rated us with an Overall Performance Rating of 95 for reliability, cost, order accuracy, delivery/timeliness, quality, business relations, personnel, custom support, and responsiveness. You can read it here:

We strive for uncompromised QC with timely deliveries. For us, no matter how big or small the orders are, we tend to each one with equal care.

Our brand’s reputation is paramount to us, and we aim to uphold it while excelling in B2B / B2C support. MAGNETIZER® has become the preferred fluid conditioner among the world’s top multinational companies and savvy consumers, as it has been defining the paradigm of effective magnetic fluid treatment for over a quarter of the century.

Magnetizer’s legendary efficiency and reliability have been tested worldwide over twenty-nine years in more than 40 countries.

Clients Shape Our Business Metrics

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Magnetizer® Performance Proves Us Right

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Magnetizer® Patents

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Other Patent Applications Pending
Behind Magnetizer’s operational principles lies the Nobel Prize-winning science.