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Energy Efficiency

We Guarantee Energy Efficiency, Fuel Savings & Life Time Benefits Or Your Money Back!

Energy is a basic input into virtually every aspect of business and personal activity. Magnetizer’s monopolar technology creates significant opportunities for greater energy efficiency and addresses the operating cost reductions and environmental challenges facing both the energy dependent industrial sector, as well as green & cost conscious households.

The actual vehicle efficiency is about 9%. That means that a car consumes more energy than it converts into movement. In other words it expands more energy than it obtains. Learn here how Magnetizer® is improving ICE’s (internal combustion engine) efficiency by clicking here.

Exhaust emissions are the result of incomplete combustion as shown in the Mechanical Handbook by Baumeister, where the stoichiometric chart shows the relationship between emissions and unburned fuel.  As more of the fuel is combusted, the emissions go down and efficiency goes up, hence the fuel savings. 

When a properly focused magnetic field is applied to a hydrogen-based fuel, the hydrogen is converted from the para- (less volatile) to ortho- (more volatile) state.  This potentiates fuel so that the hydrogen attracts and bonds with more of the oxygen (getting the oxygen to bond with the hydrogen is necessary for complete combustion, hence with each Magnetizer® Engine Energizer System we use the blue color Magnetizer® Air Energizer units with N (North Pole, negative charge) polarity to make oxygen bond better with the positive, S (South Pole), charge treated fuel. When this happens, we burn more of the fuel and that reduces exhaust emissions and increases the energy efficiency (better fuel economy and power).

Thousands of users world wide, as well as Tests & Evaluations attest to Magnetizer’s major rule in reducing exhaust emissions and increasing energy efficiency, thus saving the end-user money on their fuel costs.

Magnetizer® is a very efficient and proven way for improving the combustion of fuel in combustion devices, such as general burners, incinerators, fuel oil boilers, etc. This spans the range from appliance boilers (home) to heat power steam boilers (industrial heating), various combustion furnaces, as well as ICE (internal combustion engines) in automobiles (diesel, gasoline, LPG), trucks, ships and genset generators, where the fuel employed is liquid, as well as gaseous hydro-fuels, such as oil, gas, natural gas, propane, kerosene, gasoline, fuel oil, butane, etc.

We specialize in increasing overall energy efficiency. Magnetizer® reduces operational energy expenses by improving fuel combustion efficiency resulting in the pollution reduction (less emissions = more fuel savings) and providing a chemical free technology that provides water savings (San Diego municipality reports 20% reduced use of water attributed to Magnetizer™) and more efficient water treatment, naturally—i.e. non-chemically—solving hard water problems that are the cause of heat transfer loss.  All this brings substantial energy efficiency related savings and benefits to any fuel and water user, while in the same time protecting the environment.

We guarantee energy savings through a patented, energy efficient, zero carbon footprint, free-energy (no external power source needed of its operation) industrial strength technology. Magnetizer® eliminates (or significantly reduces) hard water problems, and/or lowers exhaust emissions (for operating principle click here) whereas less emissions, i.e. reduction of NOx, HC and CO, means lowered fuel consumption and savings, utilizing s superior mono-polar method of magnetic fluid conditioning. This has been an innovative approach to magnetic fluid dynamics, where fluid is subjected to the action of only one pole of a given magnetic pile, a technique more efficient and reliable than any other bi-polar or multi-polar magnetic or electromagnetic fluid conditioning systems available in the market today (cf. video on our home page).

We have very good and proven results of fluid treatment over the span of over 29 years in the whole spectrum of industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic applications, ranging from water, to fuel and other liquids.

Our technology has been successfully deployed on industrial scale worldwide with life time benefits and cost savings in major industries, such as: cement mixing/concrete production, chemical, dairy (milk factories), food & beverage, glass/ceramic, maritime, metallurgical, paint and dye manufacturing, pharmaceutical, sugar mills, transportation (trucks/buses/cars), an automotive plant of the world leading brand, a nuclear power plant, et. al.

We invite you to join our efforts to save energy and protect the environment.

Five Ways You Can Save With Magnetizer®


      1. Fuel savings – 4% to 20% reduction in NG (natural gas), diesel, mazut, heating oil or LPG used in your manufacturing plant (or home) or 10% to 25% less gasoline used in your car (5%-20% diesel savings in trucks).*
      2. Allows for switching to lower octane fuel, i.e. use regular instead of premium.
      3. Significant savings and life time benefits when there are pervasive hard water problems such as scale, corrosion, metal pitting, low water flow, bacteria/algae content in pipes, cooling towers, boilers, dryers, furnaces, chillers, heaters, heat exchangers, evaporators, condensers, irrigation rigs, etc., which Magnetizer cures and protects for life. It increases life span of water-carrying equipment, filters and appliances, of all types of engines, injectors, spark plugs and/or radiators in addition to keeping them clean, saving money on maintenance and repairs.
      4. Effectively lowers energy/utility bills with its ability to reduce heat transfer loss and increase water pressure due to removal of limescale, as well as lowered surface tension of fluids.
      5. Decreases cost of chemical additives used in industry and reduces need for detergents, softeners, soaps, shampoos and skin creams (better skin hydration) in households.
*Depends on age and condition of vehicle, driving habits and type of fuel utilized (i.e. gasoline, diesel, LPG, bio-fuel or methanol). Users also report sometimes 30% or greater increase in gas mileage, but we believe such high savings stem from low engine efficiency to start with when it has already many miles driven and pollutes a lot. In such case Magnetizer, during the so called Stabilization Period (factory recommended time allowed to saturate magnetically metal parts), is cleaning internal parts of carbon varnish allowing engine to show greater than normal amplitude of savings. Allow 1000 miles (1,600 km) or a 30-day Stabilization Period for best results.

Magnetizer™ ApplicationAverage Gain in OutputAverage Energy ReductionOther Key
Water Conditioning45-95% gain in heat transfer8-30% Softens water, eliminates chemicals treatment–lime, salt, acids, reduces downtime and environmental pollutionReduction in scale build-up decreases energy usage by 8-40% depending upon application
Pools33% fewer chemicals5-10%Softens water, Controls Ph, discourages algae growth, improve water quality.Filtration is more efficient – less algae and fewer dissolved solids to remove.
Air conditioning & Refrigeration15-25%10-20%Enhance evaporator, Less refrigerant boiling in compressor shell, reduces wear/tear on compressorHigher cooling/heating capacity, increase COP and reduce power consumption. Results depend on refrigerant/ blends used.
Natural gas
Increased heating capacity, lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions, less environmental pollutionImprove combustion efficiency, air/fuel ratio, burns higher proportion of hydrocarbons in fuel
Crop Booster
94-375%42%Increase root growth, absorption of minerals, nutrients. Soil holds moisture.Water is conserved, less manpower, maintenance, less pumping energy required.
Oil Line Energizers

Well tubing
Transmission Lines
100%Eliminate the heavy costs of hot oiling by eliminating paraffin and corrosion. Makes slow flow wells profitable.Eliminates paraffin and reduces corrosion in down hole tubing and transmission lines

Table 1. Magnetizer™ Systems Energy Performance.

Let The Results Speak For Themselves

Energy efficiency and Fuel savings at Siemens
Volkswagen plant NG savings and energy efficiency (English translation)
Energy efficiency and Fuel savings at Swissotel
Warta Glass NG Fuel Savings & Energy Efficiency With Magnetizer Technology
Energy efficiency and Fuel savings at Volkswagen
Brazil Airport Analysis of Magnetizer Fuel Savings & Energy Efficiency

Magnetizer will save us thousands of dollars in fuel this year! This simple to install technology (30 minutes install time) will change the world and has virtually unlimited applications!

Keep spreading the word for this GLORIOUS technology!!!!.”  

         Todd Black, Missouri