Start Saving Fuel with MAGNETIZER®

Industrial Fuel Saving with MAGNETIZER® by Mundi.

Due to the diverse nature of FORTUNE 500 companies and their operations, a specific consolidated figure of NG used in production is only sometimes readily available. The amount these corporations spend annually on fuel can vary significantly depending on industry, company size, and economic conditions. However, it likely amounts to billions of dollars collectively across all these corporations. 

Mundimex, Inc., with its MAGNETIZER® Technology, offers a viable method for industrial fuel saving.

MAGNETIZER® operates on the principle of applying a magnetic field to fuel molecules to induce changes in their structure and behavior, ultimately aiming to improve combustion efficiency and reduce emissions. It strictly follows the principles of the 1970 Nobel Prize-winning science in physics as applied to fluid dynamics.

Here’s a summary of the key points:

  1. Permanent Dipole Moment: The technology imparts a permanent dipole moment to fuel molecules by applying a powerful, focused monopolar charge, which helps break apart clusters of molecules and reorganize their molecular structure in a desired way.
  2. Para-to-Ortho Conversion by the monopolar MF (magnetic field) changes the electron spin and hydrogen’s isomeric para-hydrogen form to a more volatile (combustible) ortho-hydrogen form. This conversion destabilizes long molecules, making them easier to break up, ionize, and atomize, resulting in smaller, more combustible hydrocarbon species.
  3. Improved Oxygen Bonding: MAGNETIZER® attracts oxygen atoms to the hydrocarbon molecules, enhancing oxygen bonding and fuel oxidation, which can lead to a more efficient combustion process.
  4. Reduction in Viscosity and Surface Tension: Downstream of MAGNETIZER®, there is a reduction in viscosity and surface tension due to the action of the monopolar MF with the presence of smaller hydrocarbon molecules and para-to-ortho conversion. It can contribute to improved fuel atomization and combustion efficiency.
  5. Application of Magnetic Field: The technology applies a properly focused magnetic field to ionize the fuel entering the combustion chamber. This process aims to maximize fuel economy, enhance fuel efficiency, and reduce pollutant emissions.
  6. Implementation: MAGNETIZER® technology involves mounting permanent magnetic alloys encapsulated by a “Flux Driver Plate”™ on the air and fuel inlet lines. The magnetic field strength is selected at a properly determined Gauss level to ensure optimal performance without over-magnetizing the fuel.

Overall, MAGNETIZER® technology optimizes combustion by manipulating fuel molecules using properly focused monopolar-in-applied charge magnetic fields. Real-world effectiveness may vary depending on fuel composition, burner type, and operating conditions. Evaluation through controlled testing and validation has been crucial to assess its practical benefits in various industrial applications. In Morocco, e.g., MAGNETIZER® regularly brings 17% NG savings on smaller types of burners with 1″ OD fuel lines.
Large industrial setups (aluminum furnace in a Volkswagen plant in Puebla, Mexico) amounted to 14-20% NG savings. Usually, we guarantee a min. of 6% fuel savings, but get 9% and more in real-life conditions. However, we prefer to underpromise and overdeliver as a company marketing policy.

We welcome you to explore the possibilities and fuel savings MAGNETIZER® will bring to your operational environment.

Taking a dip in a crystal-clear swimming pool or spa is a joy, but the constant battle with chemicals can be a headache. At Mundimex, Inc., we understand the need for a simpler, healthier, and more environmentally friendly solution. Skip the traditional hassles of pool maintenance and welcome the revolutionary MAGNETIZER® Swimming Pool Water and Spa Treatment system. This cutting-edge technology promises a spotless pool and a hassle-free and enjoyable swimming experience.

Chemical-Free Bliss

One of the key advantages of the MAGNETIZER® system is its ability to significantly reduce reliance on oxidizing chemicals in water treatment. This makes your pool maintenance routine hassle-free and addresses concerns about the potential health risks associated with traditional chemical additives. Experience the joy of a chlorine-free swimming pool or spa with our environmentally friendly solution.

Modern Filtration Magic

MAGNETIZER® is not just another filter; it complements modern filtration equipment by enhancing and precipitating particle breakdown and reducing water surface tension. The result? A pool that is not just clean but remarkably clear and inviting. Bid farewell to debris, grime, and microscopic contaminants as your high-efficiency filters work with our magnetic monopolar technology.

Sustainable Water Improvement

Imagine a system that enhances water quality and helps the treatment process accordingly. The MAGNETIZER® system ensures optimal water balance, preventing algae growth and cloudy water. Enjoy peace of mind as your pool stays pristine throughout the year with minimal effort on your part.

Choices Without Chlorine

Sensitive to chlorine-based treatments? Mundimex, Inc. offers alternatives that utilize improved oxidation processes or pH neutralization. Embrace a chemical-free approach without compromising on the benefits of magnetized water. The choice is yours, and we are here to provide options catering to your needs and preferences.

Permanent Control and One-Time Investment

Gain complete and permanent control over your pool’s water quality with our MAGNETIZER® pool maintenance system. Unlike traditional methods that demand ongoing attention, this technology is a one-time investment. Its energy-efficient design draws no power, and with a Lifetime Power Warranty, you can enjoy reduced chemical costs without worrying about maintenance or replacements for the lifetime of your pool.

Quality Assurance and Customer Support

At Mundimex, Inc., we stand by the quality and effectiveness of our Swimming Pool Water Treatment system. Backed by in-depth analysis, rigorous testing, and industry expertise, our commitment is to provide a reliable and durable solution. Our experienced support staff is ready to assist you with any queries or concerns, ensuring your satisfaction and building a lasting relationship with our valued customers.

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Behind its operational principles lies the Nobel Prize-winning science.