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Amaze and amuse your friends with Flavoring aka Flavorizer


Improves the taste of wine, coffee, tea, fruit and soft drinks.

Wine connoisseurs and dilettanti alike are astonished by the transformation of taste that the Magnetizer™ FLAVORING causes.

Pour inexpensive wine through one side of the FLAVORING and it immediately becomes smoother and sweeter on the palate. The bouquet has added depths and the nose a more distinctive character.

Turn the FLAVORING over and the same wine becomes richer and drier. We can’t promise it will change your water into wine, but you will enjoy it’s magic!


The technology of magnetizing liquids is an age-old yet not commonly known science.

The Magnetizer™ FLAVORING naturally changes the molecular texture of the liquid to become much smoother and therefore––with a different taste.

The Magnetizer™ FLAVORING is clearly marked so that you will always know which side to pour through to get the desired result.

The Magnetizer™ FLAVORING has many other uses. Tea, coffee, fruit juices and water are all transformed by the FLAVORING. The FLAVORING energizes drinking water, thereby ensuring the added health benefits and delicious taste of energized water.

The FLAVORING turns a Chateau Plonk into Chateau Lafitte!

A young red vin ordinaire becomes a silken cabernet with rich top and lower notes. A grand cru that is too dry for your liking miraculously tastes as sweet as a Riesling. Amaze and amuse your friends by gifting them with the Magnetizer™ FLAVORING.

It works. I tasted the difference in red wine, slight difference on white wine and a big difference on coffee. ~ Frank Galante, President,

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