Start Saving Fuel with MAGNETIZER®

Industrial Fuel Saving with MAGNETIZER® by Mundi.

Due to the diverse nature of FORTUNE 500 companies and their operations, a specific consolidated figure of NG used in production is only sometimes readily available. The amount these corporations spend annually on fuel can vary significantly depending on industry, company size, and economic conditions. However, it likely amounts to billions of dollars collectively across all these corporations. 

Mundimex, Inc., with its MAGNETIZER® Technology, offers a viable method for industrial fuel saving.

MAGNETIZER® operates on the principle of applying a magnetic field to fuel molecules to induce changes in their structure and behavior, ultimately aiming to improve combustion efficiency and reduce emissions. It strictly follows the principles of the 1970 Nobel Prize-winning science in physics as applied to fluid dynamics.

Here’s a summary of the key points:

  1. Permanent Dipole Moment: The technology imparts a permanent dipole moment to fuel molecules by applying a powerful, focused monopolar charge, which helps break apart clusters of molecules and reorganize their molecular structure in a desired way.
  2. Para-to-Ortho Conversion by the monopolar MF (magnetic field) changes the electron spin and hydrogen’s isomeric para-hydrogen form to a more volatile (combustible) ortho-hydrogen form. This conversion destabilizes long molecules, making them easier to break up, ionize, and atomize, resulting in smaller, more combustible hydrocarbon species.
  3. Improved Oxygen Bonding: MAGNETIZER® attracts oxygen atoms to the hydrocarbon molecules, enhancing oxygen bonding and fuel oxidation, which can lead to a more efficient combustion process.
  4. Reduction in Viscosity and Surface Tension: Downstream of MAGNETIZER®, there is a reduction in viscosity and surface tension due to the action of the monopolar MF with the presence of smaller hydrocarbon molecules and para-to-ortho conversion. It can contribute to improved fuel atomization and combustion efficiency.
  5. Application of Magnetic Field: The technology applies a properly focused magnetic field to ionize the fuel entering the combustion chamber. This process aims to maximize fuel economy, enhance fuel efficiency, and reduce pollutant emissions.
  6. Implementation: MAGNETIZER® technology involves mounting permanent magnetic alloys encapsulated by a “Flux Driver Plate”™ on the air and fuel inlet lines. The magnetic field strength is selected at a properly determined Gauss level to ensure optimal performance without over-magnetizing the fuel.

Overall, MAGNETIZER® technology optimizes combustion by manipulating fuel molecules using properly focused monopolar-in-applied charge magnetic fields. Real-world effectiveness may vary depending on fuel composition, burner type, and operating conditions. Evaluation through controlled testing and validation has been crucial to assess its practical benefits in various industrial applications. In Morocco, e.g., MAGNETIZER® regularly brings 17% NG savings on smaller types of burners with 1″ OD fuel lines.
Large industrial setups (aluminum furnace in a Volkswagen plant in Puebla, Mexico) amounted to 14-20% NG savings. Usually, we guarantee a min. of 6% fuel savings, but get 9% and more in real-life conditions. However, we prefer to underpromise and overdeliver as a company marketing policy.

We welcome you to explore the possibilities and fuel savings MAGNETIZER® will bring to your operational environment.

Magnetizer® in the Glass, Ceramic & Porcelain Industry


If you want to improve quality of your glass, ceramic, porcelain or porcelanite product, get significant NG savings and reduce emissions, then MAGNETIZER® is the patented and world-leading technology you want to deploy in your plant.

Guaranteed results or your money back!

The use of our original, monopolar, US made MAGNETIZER® in the glass industry significantly improves gas combustion process, reduces gas consumption, results in better temperature distribution in the bathtub and improves the quality of the glass mass.

The quality of the glass is improving because better gas combustion process and a different temperature distribution in the tub affect the increase in the quality of the glass mass.

The new gas-to-air ratio obtained thanks to the unique single focus MAGNETIZER® breakthrough creates a flame with more heat radiation energy.

The extraction of the square meter surface of the hot melt increases and the pulling of the glass improves.

The gas savings are 7% – 25%, the CO, and HC emissions are reduced by 55% to 75%.

Another reason for installing MAGNETIZER® is when there is need to reduce NOx emissions. The effect is achieved: the emission of NOx drops by 45 to 70%.

We recommend the use of MAGNETIZER® in furnaces where it is possible to precisely set the gas-air ratio on each burner, i.e. all U-fired ovens and the cross-fired ones with individual air supply for each burner.

From the moment MAGNETIZER® is safely and non-invasively attached to fuel and air pipes you will start saving gas compared to previous months (before installation) despite reducing by 2-3% of the cullet content in the batch.

There is a decrease in fuel consumption together with the improved thermal uniformity of the glass, which improves the process of forming of the products.

In tunnel kilns equipped e.g. with 100 burners (23 tops and 27 bottoms on one side), for the burning of construction ceramics, gas consumption per one ton of ceramic products – wall materials and roof tiles – decreases from 80 to 60 cubic meters, which is up to 25%. The colors, strength, and quality of all products measurably improve.

MAGNETIZER® is very easy to install, without cutting or modifying your pipes, does not require energy consumption, maintenance or replacement. Comes with a Lifetime Power Warranty – we shall replace it free of charge if it will ever lose its power under normal exploitation conditions.

We have the best-in-class technology, protected know-how and years of experience working in glassworks, construction ceramics or porcelain, and porcelanite plants worldwide.

Please contact us for further information. We shall provide you with a seamless and fast quotation process, billing, fulfillment, logistics, installation and technical support.

Based on our successful experience with other glassworks and ceramic plants we are sure you will enjoy working with us!

A onetime investment for a lifetime of benefits Guaranteed results or your money back!

  • Decrease in fuel consumption: 7% to 25% Natural Gas savings.
  • CO, and HC emissions reduction by 55% to 75%.
  • NOx reduction by 45 to 70%.
  • Increased heat radiation energy.
  • Increased extraction of the square meter surface of the hot melt.
  • Improved thermal uniformity of the glass.
  • Improved pulling of the glass.
  • Improved process of the product forming.
  • Reduced cullet content.
  • Better quality, color and strength of ceramic tiles.
  • Ceramic tiles tunnel oven working at reduced bar pressure (9.5 to 8.2)