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August 7, 2017

Here’s why to invest in Industrial Water Conditioning

By Deepak Mishra

Here’s why to invest in Industrial Water Conditioning

The problem of hard water does not affect households only. Many industrial plants are grappling with the same problem and at an even larger scale. From textile companies, manufacturing plants, dairy operations, businesses to food processing plants, all these facilities require the most effective industrial water treatment systems to deal with hard water issues.

Hard Water Problems in Industries 

While hard water is not harmful to human consumption, there are ways through which it affects an industrial facility. The fact that hard water is rich in minerals leads to such minerals being deposited along the pipe walls. This leads to scaling and over time, you will note poor water movement through your piping.

The problem might not be immediately detectable if you don’t have the right industrial water conditioning technology, but the damage will increase covertly. Among the issues, hard water causes in a commercial setting include:

  1. Costly damage to the critical equipment: Some industrial facilities such as water plants use very sensitive equipment and issues such as scaling will end up impairing the efficient performance of these systems. You might be forced to replace such systems and this is very costly.

  2. Regular plumbing repairs: Due to pipe scaling, there will be damage to piping. You will either have to clean the piping or deal with burst pipes every now and then. All this takes money.

  3. Increased fuel consumption: Scaling leads to slow movement of water. This means a lot of energy will be required to push water through the clogged piping and this increases your plant’s energy bill.

By investing in commercial salt-free water softening technology such as the patented and world-leading Magnetizer®, you will deal with the problem effectively and save your plant lots of money.

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