Home Fuel Savings System

I wanted to take the time to thank you for the Magnetizer Systems for both our propane fuel lines and for water treatment in our commercial and self service launderette. Just after the installation, we quickly saw a savings of 16% on our fuel consumption cost.

This equaled a savings of just over $200.00 per month. After the installation on the water system, we saw an immediate change to the cleanliness of the clothing as well as the 1/3 decrease in chemicals needed to clean the clothes. The whites are considerably whiter and the colors come out brighter. The difference was immediately recognized by our customers.

We were so pleased with the results, we decided to put the Magnetizer on our home. Not only do we see a difference in the taste of the water, but the most enjoyable thing is to take a shower with the silky like water that is a result from the system.

I would not hesitate to recommend the Magnetizer to any one that is concerned about utility costs and upkeep of their plumbing. The difference will be seen almost immediately.” ~ T.R., Florida



Environmentally friendly Magnetizer® saves an average of 15-20% on fuel oil, natural gas, LPG, or propane heating bills.

Tired of the monthly high cost of heating your home? Fuel is the price you pay to live in comfort. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could save some heating money rather than watch it go up the chimney?

Magnetizer® causes the naturally formed chemical associations (hydro-carbon clusters) transform into a single, potentiated molecular state. These single charged molecules burn more uniformly, completely, and there-

fore more efficiently because the fuel has become fully atomized and ionized with oxygen (for in-depth knowledge please click here). The result of Magnetizer® charged fuel is a powerful, even burn resulting in superior combustion efficiency that saves fuel and reduces energy costs. In addition, the increased combustion efficiency of the magnetizered fuel dramatically reduces emissions caused by unburned fuel. Less emissions = cleaner air to breath.

Magnetizer® is easy to install in minutes, no tools or plumbing required, it simply straps on pipes. There are no moving parts which could wear out, plus it requires no external power.

Magnetizer® is the global leader in the fuel conditioning technology. Magnetizer® is improving the quality of life in over 40 countries.

Behind its operational principles lies the Nobel Prize-winning science.

How It Works

Increased Fuel Efficiency, Increased Heater Performance

The Magnetizer® Home Fuel Energizer System improves fuel combustion by lowering fuel viscosity and breaking it into smaller particles (smaller HC molecule chains). This increases the net surface area of the fuel so the molecules burn from the surface, optimizing the combustion of the fuel and substantially lowering exhaust emission pollution.

From an analysis of the combustion of natural methane gas, it has been determined that magnetic fields have the ability to increase the luminal intensity of the 360-nanometer ultraviolet spectra, producing an increase in combustion efficiency. Combustion efficiency is directly related to the reduction of emissions, as well as a reduction of fuel consumption. Normal fuel has not charged long chains, whereas Magnetizer® ionized fuel has a positive charge separated molecules.

A Verdict

The assessment cited below by Watson Wise Associates, Building Services Design & Management Consultants—one of the leading UK experts—has stated that the Magnetizer® technology is “an international solution” and later on that it “can have a major impact on the issues of energy conservation and reduced air pollution.” Also, the same study concluded: “Field trials have shown improvements to combustion efficiencies in the order of 20% which can easily be verified in given applications by comparative flue gas analysis tests.”

Fact Sheet

Magnetizer® fuel-saving brochure