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How a Reverse Osmosis Water System Works

By Deepak Mishra

How a Reverse Osmosis Water System Works 

The U.S. Geological Survey says that 85% of American homes suffer from hard water issues. This is clearly a big problem and it is no wonder that many technologies are being developed to comprehensively deal with it. While hard water is not harmful to humans, it contains large quantities of minerals such as calcium, and manganese among others that ruin plumbing and water appliances.

As this water continues flowing through your home’s plumbing, these minerals are deposited on the piping walls leading to scaling. The effect is pipe clogging, pipe damage and damage to other water appliances. Among the best technologies developed to deal with the problem of hard water in homes is the home reverse osmosis water system. 

Reverse Osmosis Water System in Detail

This is a water purification technology that leverages a semipermeable membrane to remove impurities and minerals from hard water passing through. It removes ions, molecules, and larger particles making the water flowing through pipes less harmful. This water is also more beneficial for drinking as it improves the taste and odor of drinking water, removes impurities such as fluoride and detergents and saves money that would have been used to buy fresh water among other benefits.

If you have been looking for a water treatment technology that not improves the safety of the water but also protects your plumbing and water appliances, it is time to buy the best reverse osmosis water filter.

The operation of the reverse osmosis (RO) water system is easy and straightforward. It will save you a lot of money that would have been wasted treating hard water.

How Can Magnetizer® Help The Reverse Osmosis System, We Have One In Our Home?

A Reverse Osmosis unit is really an ultra-filtration system, so fluids that are high in mineral content will clog the filtration membrane with mineral crystals. Since the magnetized fluid will prevent crystal formation, placing a Magnetizer® system on the feed of the Reverse Osmosis unit will decrease membrane clogging and ultimately reduce downtime required to flush the clogged membrane. A further explanation: the advantages of the Magnetizer® treatment are two fold: reduction of carbonate fouling of the pore structure and reduction of the number of water cages or clusters present in an associated, non-chemical grouping of water molecules. The reduction of the number of molecules present in the cluster is responsible for the reduction in surface tension as an affect of magnetic water treatment. It is not unusual to experience a drop in the surface tension of water for 71 dynes per square centimeter to 62 dynes per square centimeter. The reduction in surface tension effectively reduces the effort required to push the water molecule through the membrane. In conclusion, the Magnetizer® treatment increases RO’s filter life through reducing calcification as well as reducing processing time/effort required to force the water molecule through the membrane, hence saving energy. There is a Magnetizer® “TUBS” system available in Mundistore ( which is sold to thousands of households that purchase $2-3K drinking water purification tanks (filtration steel tank systems, RO tanks, decontamination tanks, etc.). It is an indispensable companion to naturally, i.e. non-chemically condition and soften water and protect the expensive tank system against limescale, corrosion, metal pitting and bacteria.

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