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How to Leverage the Best Industrial Water Conditioning System

By Deepak Mishra

Water is the most important resource in both households and commercial facilities. The demand for safe and chemical free water is high, considering that populations across the world are growing. The drawback is that even with over 75% of earth’s surface covered in water, only 0.5% is safe for human use. This is where water treatment systems come in especially in industrial facilities, where water usage is higher. While chemical water treatment options have traditionally been the most popular, there are alternatives that any commercial facility can utilize with even better outcomes.

Most of the available water is not ready for human consumption or even for industrial operations.  Water hardness is one of the pressing problems when it comes to utilizing this scarce resource.  Hard water requires a lot of energy to clean and when utilizing chemicals to purify water, it leads to environmental pollutions. What’s more, conventional water treatment options require a lot of energy to operate and this is where industrial water conditioning comes in handy.

Magnetizer® is a magnetic hard water softening system that does not use chemicals but instead uses an eco-friendly mineral breakdown process. The results include elimination of hard scale that comes from untreated water. This saves your plumbing and enhances water flow, which in turn leads to more productivity at your industrial facility or healthier home environment.

The best thing about using a modern magnetic water treatment, such as the patented  and world tested Magnetizer® is the fact that you will not be desalinating the water flowing from your facility, but also you will be cutting on the cost of operation. The industrial water conditioning systems enable energy saving, which is something every company is looking for. There are also savings from removal of calcium magnesium scale otherwise run by  chemical based water treatment, which is costly to the environment.

In addition the non-chemical water softening Magnetizer® Technology has more benefits including lowering the surface tension of the water, reducing chances of corrosion, eliminating algae/bacteria buildup, eliminating water odor and much more. This is a technology that has been long overdue and has been enthusiastically applauded by engineers around the world.

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