Fuel Saving for Lifetime Benefits

Effective Fuel Saving for Lifetime Benefits

Effective fuel saving for lifetime benefits with the ever-increasing oil cost, you must ensure that your engine runs efficiently. You wouldn’t waste thirty to forty percent of your effective fuel saving budget, but that’s what you do without knowing how to save fuel effectively. A typical engine car fuel saver injection system requires  fuel to be injected into each of its cylinders to complete the power stroke. Still, studies show that injecting liquid fuel is inefficient because it doesn’t burn.

When the diesel or petrol engine runs on fuel, it’s the vapors of the fuel that combust. This is why a non-treated engine wastes thirty to forty percent of your fuel and sends it as waste straight out of the tailpipe. Unfortunately, this is how engine manufacturers build ICE (internal combustion) engines, whether for a car, a boat, a truck, or an airplane.

But Magnetizer’s new car fuel saver research has shown us a way to improve the efficiency of their engines and reduce exhaust emissions. Magnetizer’s system is a safe and straightforward patented snap-on device that converts fuel into better combustible sound energy once our device reaches its operating Stabilization Period (about a month of drawing or 1,600 km). Each Magnetizer® includes three modules attached to the engine air, fuel, and coolant lines.

Fuel Saving for Lifetime Benefits
A car’s cooling system needs coolant to keep it from overheating. The first is the Magnetizer® Cooling System clamped on the radiator rubber line, and this car fuel-saver component induces a micro-positive charge in the engine. This micro-charge will allow the fuel to enter the combustion chamber with a positive charge to contribute to maximum efficiency.

In addition, the car’s radiator benefits from the Magnetizer® Auto Coolant Energizer (“ACE”) as a non-chemical water treatment process takes place inside the radiator. Although water can be added to the radiator for cooling purposes, it’s preferable to add a mixture of coolant and water because plain water can boil before the proper coolant boils, causing your engine to overheat. Magnetizer® ACE unit cures the radiator from scale produced by water and also, once cleaned, prevents this from happening again.

Fuel Saving for Lifetime Benefits

The second is the Magnetizer® Heavy Duty Fuel Maximizer which improves the car fuel saver’s combustion by lowering the fuel viscosity and breaking it into smaller particles. This component will increase the net surface area of the fuel so that the molecules burn from the surface, thus optimizing the combustion of the fuel and substantially lowering exhaust emission pollution.

The third and most important part is The Magnetizer® Air Energizer. This car fuel saver’s component increases the oxygenation of fuel, resulting in higher combustion efficiency (fuel savings) and lower emissions (advanced pollution control). When all these three modules work together, the whole process will mean increasing your mileage by often to thirty percent (depending on vehicle age, driving habits, highway or city drive, etc.). At the same time, engine manufacturers don’t care about your fuel mileage. Our system does.

Behind Magnetizer’s operational principles lies the Nobel Prize-winning science