Thank you again for your interest in our pioneering and breakthrough MAGNETIZER® technology, guaranteed to serve you for many years, improving your operation, company’s bottom line, and carbon footprint.

Please get in touch with us with information about what process operation and equipment you want us to work on.

What is your time frame for implementation?

We have experience with Clients who want immediate results or take 3-7 months in a complex corporate process from first contact to shipping.

We will accommodate you in the way which is best for you in a process that will be easy on your workload, fast, and seamless, as showcased below.


You can hire us to install
the systems and train your technicians in installation on-site.
Our rates are transparent and straightforward.
Post-installation basic energy efficiency analysis
and guidance come FOC.
We also offer a premium
energy audit service.


You will check our patents, references, tests & evaluations, Clients, and fast ROI comparing it with other market solutions. We'll study your production bottlenecks, energy consumption KPI & the areas for proper fluid treatment with the right selection of


Usually, while sending you our Offer, we attach a form received from you for registration as your supplier. Once we receive a firm PO, we will send you an Invoice with payment information.


You shall receive a PSWD
to this site's section dedicated to
Questionnaire** we ask you to complete. We must find answers to our questions and select Magnetizers for you properly. Once filled-out,
you can upload it on
Contact Us page and securely
send it to us.


Once your bank releases funds,
we shall manufacture or send the stocked items, usually within 7-14 days. Every item will be QC'ed before shipping. We shall issue export docs and mark Boxes appropriately in an impeccable logistical process.


We shall engage by email, phone, or Zoom with a swift response time and focus on the project to discern what solution is required, what it takes, and when it will be available to you.


Word of mouth, corporate recommendation, or internet research brought you to Mundi. We appreciate your interest and extend a cordial

Welcome To The World Of Magnetizer!


We may ask more questions
before we submit a quote based on the information provided. From the same to a few days, it is relatively quick. Dealing with us is a seamless though and trouble-free experience
at each step.

*In the [comparative] analysis (Step 2) of your process equipment, we base our selection on decades of experience & know-how, an expansive database collected over many years of installations, fluid flow information, pipe sizes and their make-up, water hardness, etc.

**We need the filled-ouInstallation Questionnaire (Step 4) from you, so we can look closely at your equipment and start the quotation process. You can securely send it to us here.

Below is an example of a Client’s creative use of images and diagrams to help us with the quotation process. But regular photos of the front and side of the equipment will do. They usually are included in the Installation Questionnaire.

Again, this process is relatively quick, from same-day response to an RFQ or a few days if we need to ask more questions about your specific operation.

Dealing with us is a seamless and trouble-free experience from quoting to logistics and installation in every step of the process outlined above. It will lead to proper, safe and everlasting magnetic fluid treatment at your facility.

Having acquainted yourself with this brief primer, here’s more information on MAGNETIZER® industrial water or fuel treatment, and test results.

Thank you for visiting the Mundi site, and welcome to the exciting World of Magnetizer.

Happy Magnetizing!