The latest and most recent application of MAGNETIZER® is the increase of efficiency of thermal solar collectors in the production of hot water and the generation of electricity through better solar radiation measured in W/m2 in magnetized liquid in comparison with radiation results without MAGNETIZER®. The effective magnetization of thermal solar collector fluid has great potential to impact the growing solar market.

We are the first to manufacture technology, which successfully treats thermal solar collectors, considered the future alternative to fossil fuels in producing hot water and generating electricity, using the magnetic method. This technological breakthrough is due to the patented monopolar ionization of fluids and better radiation absorption. Also, the cure and protection against the limescale  (a staple of the MAGNETIZER® operation) brings additional efficiency due to the reduction of the heat transfer loss and elimination of chemical or mechanical cleaning.

The research to enhance the thermal efficiency of thermal solar collectors resulted in better-than-expected outcomes. Furthermore, magnetic treatment of water or glycol flowing in the thermal solar collector has shown a 25% efficiency gain, as demonstrated by the test results presented below.

In addition, MAGENTIZER® increased the efficiency of the thermal solar collector in a pilot installation in Mexico.

Therefore we can safely offer our clients an efficiency increase in their thermal solar collector operation. Everywhere collectors are used, our application cures and protects against scale and corrosion without needing to fix it in the future.

Behind MAGNETIZER’s operational principles lies the Nobel Prize-winning science.