Apart from the demand for MAGNETIZER® to save fuel, our technology has found wide application in industrial water softening processes in which limescale deposits occur as a result of the flow of water, heating, and heat exchange, where there is internal corrosion of installations/plumbing and tanks, solving hard-water problems such as limescale, corrosion, metal pitting, and algae.

The World Leading Industrial Water Softening Technology and Hard Water Solution.

Industrial Water Softening
The industrial water softening by MAGNETIZER® depends on subjecting aqueous salt solutions to the action of MAGNETIZER’s monopolar magnetic field, causing crystallization not on the metal walls but in the entire mass of water, and the resulting colloidal suspension is devoid of cementing properties. It flows in open systems or requires a one-time removal in closed systems since our technology is ‘curative’ and then preventive.

Our unique, due to its unipolar built water energizers, cause complete non-chemical removal of mineral deposits from water installations while providing permanent protection against the re-formation of limestone/boiler scale.

Behind its operational principles lies the Nobel Prize-winning science.

Below is a photo of a boiler cleaned by MAGNETIZER® without a drop of chemicals in a hospital in Nuremberg, Germany.

Hospital in Nuremberg with boiler cleaned by Magnetizer®
Thanks to such magnetohydrodynamic activation, the water is softer, has a stabilized pH, has a reduced surface tension, is fully oxygenated, does not contain excess chlorine (chlorine releases more easily), has a reduced amount of iron, arrests the corrosion process (so-called inter-crystalline corrosion) or metal pitting, suppresses the smell of sulfur, with the bacteriological index improved and more – see more information here.

In addition, MAGNETIZER® brings significant savings in the process of water heating by eliminating the heat transfer loss, improves the bacteriological index – the total number of L bacteria at 22 degrees C – Lml to 100, or reduces the cost of surfactants and detergents (e.g., you do not need to use Calgon anymore). It also produces noticeably better water, which, while containing minerals previously incrusted in the inner walls of pipes, is healthier for people, animals, and plants. The skin is more hydrated and requires fewer skincare products.

As a result, this reduces expenses incurred in repairs while permanently protecting heating devices, boilers, water heaters, heat exchangers, pipes, pumps, cooling towers, etc.

Please review the link on our website for sludge plants in Scioto, OH, USA, Braniewo, Poland, or Europe’s largest one in Psytilla, Greece.

Question: Can your magnets go on rusty steel, 8-inch cooling tower pipe?

Answer: Yes. We recommend brushing it off first in places where MAGNETIZER® rings will be placed to provide a smooth surface for our rings to embrace. It would help if you treated all pipes leading to your CT, meaning the water’s makeup pipe (1.5″ or 2″) at the bottom. The results are guaranteed, with better CT efficiency, corrosion, metal pitting stopped, and algae inhibited (destroyed). Improved efficiency of a CT, less energy used to pump water.

Question: One of our buildings has a cooling tower with lots of scale-up. Will your magnets work to descale it?
Answer: Yes. Examples of a cooling tower and what MAGNETIZER® can do for you are presented below. The following examples show the MAGNETIZER® installation in a cooling tower in France and buildings in Japan, one of our biggest and most developed MAGNETIZER® markets, while more information on MAGNETIZER® industrial water treatment you will find here.

MAGNETIZER® changes water behavior  and improves water quality while permanently solving hard water problems in an eco-friendly way without chemical additives and/or softeners required by traditional methods.

MAGNETIZER® works curatively and/or preventi-vely in diverse water infrastructure such as plumbing, pipes, pumps, boilers, water heaters, heat exchangers, cooling towers, chillers, evaporators, condensers, dishwashers, bottling machines, laundromats, laundry machines, car washes, injection mold machines, etc.
MAGNETIZER® facilitates the reduction in operating and maintenance costs (labor, chemicals, repairs, parts, downtime) while maintaining better labor allocation and reduced depreciation of equipment infrastructure, ensuring their preserved capital value.
We are proud to offer a proven environmenta-lly friendly, non-chemical water treatment method benefitting industrial plants, municipal facilities, buildings (schools, hotels, apartment buildings, houses), swimming pools, water purification stations (sludge plants), etc., benefiting anyone who uses water.
It is a superior water treatment method, as no chemicals are required or are significantly reduced, and lifetime benefits are guaranteed.
1. Removes and prevents scale, corrosion, metal pitting, or algae and stops corrosion, thus ensuring more efficient equipment operation due to descaling.
2. Softens water naturally and eliminates the need for salt or sodium-based water softeners or any other chemical, mechanical, magnetic, or electromagnetic descaling method. By imparting to water the quality (behavior) of soft water, MAGNETIZER® eliminates that characteristic sleek feel on the skin caused by salts and chemicals.
3. Lowers surface tension of water, making it more efficient as a process medium and improving its behavior, effectiveness, and flow (increased pressure). It also means reducing electricity bills, thanks to a better pump job due to decreased surface tension.
4. Neutralizes (stabilizes) the pH of the water so that water is better and more pleasant to use (does not feel “slippery” like with the salt-based water softeners).
5. Fully oxygenates the water and brings back its lost minerals, making it better for people, animals, and plants (scientific research available).
6. Lowers iron content and represses sulfur smell.
7. Ensures bettertasting water (see VITALIZER and 
RWE-S)  which contains now minerals (Ca, Mg) that are healthier for human and animal consumption. If minerals are unwanted, they can be easily trapped by filters. Still, usually, they evacuate in open circuits or precipitate with other impurities to the bottom of equipment, where they can be easily hosed off and/or physically removed in a one-time procedure.
8. Inhibits and removes algae and bacteria, killing colonies of Escherichia coli by 80%-90%, thus saving on maintenance in hospitals, pharmaceutical plants, or swimming pools.
9. Improves the work of filters and RO equipment by reducing surface tension with extended regeneration cycle and service life. MAGNETIZER® reduces the level of polluting carbonate and the number of particles in the group, which translates to time saved and increased efficacy in passing water through membranes.
10. Reduces the use of soaps, shampoos, detergents, or cleaning chemicals due to naturally soft water.
11. Saves electric energy required to heat water due to the elimination of heat transfer loss, as there is no more limescale inside of boilers or water heaters which acts as an insulator.
12. Saves water consumption due to the lowered surface tension – the municipality of San Diego confirms 20% savings in water consumption and a vineyard in California a 25%+ savings (reports available upon request).
13. Improves the washing process of commercial dishwashers with no white stains and deposits (spotting) and saves on the amount of water consumed.
14. Removes milk stones in dairy plants and saves on bactericide treatment and maintenance.
15. Improves cement bonding (65% increase in cement bending resistance, 58-112% increased pressing resistance, better plasticizing properties, which allow lowering the water-to-binder ratio in a building mix with water).
16. Precipitates sedimentation and efficiency in sludge tank mixers, increasing their hydration in the range of 76%84%, decreasing flocculant usage by 35%, eliminating and preventing struvite deposits in pipes, and more.
17. Increases equipment lifespan due to lack of scale and corrosion, reduces their break-downs (repairs, downtime), and protects the capital investment.
More information on industrial water treatment you will find here.