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What looks like a rather inconspicuous piece of metallic shape turns out to be a sophisticated, high-performance tool. Magnetizer is a powerful device full of innovative technology: by separating carbon-based fuel molecules (such as oil, natural gas, diesel, and others) just before combustion, the molecules mix better with oxygen which leads to complete burning. This increase in fuel efficiency translates to reduced emissions and saves costs. Installing Magnetizer is simple; you can add it to most fuel-based systems. With a fast ROI and significant emission reductions, it's a no-brainer.​

Dear Engineering Colleague,

We appreciate your interest in our patented MAGNETIZER® technology used by small, medium, and FORTUNE 500 companies worldwide suffering from hard-water problems or high fuel costs.

We’ll be glad to introduce you to free-energy—our power-free and permanent monopolar magnetic fluid treatment technology—which can be easily applied everywhere where water and fuel are used for production processes or consumption.

MAGNETIZER® brings a significant improvement in overall water quality, chemical-free water softening or descaling, as well as in pollution control, emissions reductions and hydrocarbon fuel savings, and much more.

Our unique and proprietary way of unipolar magnetohydrodynamic liquid activation is based on the science of magnetohydrodynamics. Hannes Alfvén, a Swedish engineer-electrician and plasma physicist, received the Nobel Prize in 1970 for it.

Engineering experts worldwide regard MAGNETIZER®  as a paradigm of a magnetic fluid treatment system. The best on the market today, bar none, due to its unique and proprietary monopolar fluid treatment characteristic, type, and quality of magnets and materials used exceptional quality with ISO 9002 QMS and long market experience. MAGNETIZER® is superior in performance, sustainability, and value to any similar device on the world market today.

We have a guaranteed solution to save energy costs, boost your facility’s performance and improve your eco-footprint.

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As an innovative ecological engineering company, our mission is to bring energy savings and reduce the energy consumption of environmentally aware businesses & households by using the most efficient monopolar design of our “free-energy” MAGNETIZER® technology. It uncontrovertibly contributes to ecological sustainability and a greener world. Our real challenge is to combine a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and water toxicity while meeting production growth expectations. We are proud of our caring attitude towards the environment and our planet, which is not at odds with profitability and commercial success. We would like to believe that the thousands of years old prophecy of the Tsalagi Nation (Cherokee) about the coming of the ninth tribe being “Magnetizers, the world shapers,” refers to us and our mission. Mundimex, Inc., est. 1987—DUNS 601401201—is a Delaware-incorporated, private, ecological engineering company manufacturing in Pennsylvania, together with MITI (Magnetizer Industrial Technologies, Inc.)—of which Stefan Zawistowski, the CEO of Mundi, is one of the majority owners and sits on its BOD—the original MAGNETIZER® fluid conditioning technology. We continue the pioneering work started in 1985—by the fathers of this technology—when MGI (Magnetizer Group, Inc. and the direct predecessor of MITI) brought to the world the first magnetohydrodynamic device which did not require cutting off pipes and which was based on a superior monopolar method of magnetic fluid treatment for which numerous patents worldwide have been awarded. In March 2020, right before the flights shut down due to COVID-19, we were able to make on-time, last-minute deliveries to clients overseas. Our factory was declared an essential business by decree of the Governor of Pennsylvania, so we did not close down. It allowed the company to meet increased demand from the US consumer home market, with the “RWE-S” flagship product sold on our Amazon and online stores during the pandemic, while commercial, industrial and overseas sales are picking up with the economy opening up throughout 2021. In Japan—one of the most advanced engineering environments globally—MAGNETIZER® has achieved the status of the national industrial standard. Our list of satisfied Japanese customers contains top-tier companies with a significant number of MAGNETIZER® installation points, e.g., Toyota Motors has over 350 of them, which streamline their production processes. A partial list of satisfied Clients is listed here.


Our patented monopolar, permanent, energy-free method of magnetic treatment of liquids by only one pole of a magnet and without the need to cut the pipes makes MAGNETIZER® stand out from its competitors.

Competitive devices differ in how they treat fluid by passing it through positive and negative fields at once and require cutting off pipes. Furthermore, they are not compact and have a much more limited usage due to the hazard and risk their pipe modification design and/or electrical power draw are posing (ICE engines, generators, refineries’ environment, etc.), as well as concerning large pipe sizes (they are not modular) and pipe make-up characteristic (e.g., electromagnets do not work on PVC or glass).

Question: One company says to put the magnets inside the pipe; is that better?

Answer: No, because firstly, you will have to have pipes cut to install inline (“wet”) devices, whereas MAGNETIZER® units you place on the outside of a tube (an easy-to-install snap-on design) without any modifications.

Magnetizer on the left vs. an inline system.

A traditional bipolar device shown below requires cutting off pipes …

… as opposed to MAGNETIZER® technology which does not require cutting or modifying infrastructure, is more compact, and weighs much less on pipes.

Secondly, fluid passing through such an inline (“wet”) design causes wear and tear of the magnetic block as it is in direct contact. This mechanical interaction of the fluid with the magnet walls causes it quickly to wear off. Please check what their Warranty is. Mostly it is for two years, whereas you purchase MAGNETIZER® with a Lifetime Power Warranty, i.e., if our units ever lose their magnetic power, we shall replace them for free.

Thirdly, MAGNETIZER® does not come in direct contact with passing water. Because of that, in Switzerland, a country with some of the most rigorous health and hygienic regulations, MAGNETIZER® is exempted from federal and local certifications as it is a very safe water treatment technology.

Fourthly, MAGNETIZER® uses only one pole (South or North) to energize fluid. As a unipolar device, it is more efficient than bipolar systems, in which fluid passes through positive and negative fields and which magnetizes fluid less efficiently due to their multipolar charge characteristic.


MAGNETIZER® is much more efficient than its competitors due to its monopolar fluid treatment method. It is compact, weighs less, and comes with a Lifetime Power Warranty.

MAGNETIZER® is exempt from health and sanitary certifications, as it does not get in direct contact with the flowing medium.

It is a superior proprietary, proven, readily available, bespoke fluid conditioning technology cut to your particular needs.

The magnets we deploy are the proprietary—100% US-made—applied science NASA utilizes. These are special ceramic alloys whose strength does not decrease over time. It means a one-time investment in MAGNETIZER® for the lifetime of a building, engine, furnace, boiler, or other equipment.

MAGNETIZER® is selected each time for a given installation according to the linear water flow rate, pipe diameter, type of pipe material, number of required rings, and the place of assembly.


MAGNETIZER® design makes it stand out from its competition due to its unique features:

  •  It influences all liquid media that flow in the area of its interaction (“contact zone”) with only one magnetic pole; hence it’s called a “monopolar technology.”
  • These stacks of proper magnetic piles (magnets) are directed radially towards the flow axis and clamped onto the outside of a pipe by a steel screen, our patented “Flux Driver Plate.”
  • Arranged in a circular pattern perpendicular to fluid flow, it easily snaps on a pipe of any diameter.
  • Does not need to cut off pipes and modify your infrastructure.
  • No moving parts make it maintenance-free.
  • It requires no external power for the lifetime of operation.
  • Depending upon the specific application, OD (pipe diameter), and linear flow velocity, it is made out of the selected number of magnetic rings, which one can easily snap onto the pipe’s outside surface. We build the rings from stacks of permanent, symmetric magnets, which are more efficient than the so-called “asymmetric magnets,” touted by their promoters to be characterized by the so-called “variable field density.” 
  • Because the Magnetic Fluid Treatment System’s magnetic influence occurs exclusively along with the liquid medium’s flow with no external emission of the magnetic field and no moving or rotating parts, it is entirely safe for people. It will not interfere with electronic circuitry in production equipment or cars, e.g., police cars heavy on dashboard computer equipment. It is shipped worldwide, passing the FAA’s 9-foot Rule for magnetic dispersion.
  • It does not require industrial certificates (including health certificates for water applications) as it does not contact passing fluid.
  • We cover all systems with the Life Time Power Warranty and are not subject to wear by fluid over time, as is the case with the inline (“wet”) devices. Should the need arise, users can freely transfer them from an old to a new installation, equipment, car, and/or home. 
  • Due to its permanent magnetic piles, its efficiency does not lessen with time. Also, it is not limited by the materials a pipe is made of. It is thus more versatile, for example, than other magnetic devices or electromagnets, which do not work on PVC or glass.
  • Due to the deployment of airspace type, Grade 9-A, permanent, ceramic, state-of-the-art magnets, confirmed by the ISO 9002 Certificate, the quality of the magnetic, metal, and AAA-grade plastic material offered by us, our product is second to none. It exceeds the build and quality of magnets and other materials found in other devices today.






We define the Magnetic Fluid Treatment System as an assembly of permanent state-of-the-art ceramic alloy magnets fabricated within a metal framework or structure. They comprise the patented “Flux Driver Plate” that allows a focused magnetic flux emanating from the devices to enter a pipe or conduit more efficiently than any traditional bipolar systems and other magnetic water or fuel treatment devices on the market. Our patents are listed here.

The basic device comprises two semicircular 180 arcuate degree assemblies and when snapped on through the use of plastic fasteners, constitutes a ring that encircles the pipe or conduit. The placement of two rings on an immediate section with one-half inch of spacing constitutes a “tandem” unit and accordingly three similarly spaced magnetic rings constitute a “triandem”, and four rings a “quad” magnetic fluid treatment system. One of the basic functions of the device is the elimination and prevention of mineral scale deposits in hydronic systems, as well as atomization and polarization of fuel molecules for an enhanced combustion process.


MAGNETIZER® causes hydrogen nuclei to lose their random alignment and align as charge-separated molecules, reducing their size and changing their form, producing lifetime benefits of fuel enhancement. Hydrocarbon fuels are initially in ‘para-state’ hydrogen isomeric form with a cluster structure that has more intermolecular attraction apart from containing microorganisms, viscosity, and cloud point. So, it has fewer tendencies to interlock with oxygen molecules. Hydrocarbon fuel and air are both neutral molecule structures with negative potentials and repel when they come together in a combustion chamber in the normal state, which is causing incomplete combustion. Changing the configuration from para-hydrogen to ortho-hydrogen isomeric state results in fewer intermolecular forces that inhibit microorganisms; hence fuel particles are finely divided and give better atomization, which results in a complete burn of fuel. The ideal form of combustion is stoichiometric combustion. MAGNETIZER® with proper post-installation adjustments to the fuel-to-air ratio—when necessary, and through which we guide you—comes as close to the optimal stoichiometry as it gets.
Proper fuel combustion is necessary to reduce exhaust pollutants (NOx, CO). Though no ICE or boilers can give out 100% fully combusted products, the combustion efficiency is improved (see Magnetizer Benefits below) by changing fuel parameters to de-agglomerate and increase the kinetic energy of hydrocarbon molecules resulting in increased thermal efficiency of the combustion system.
By the same principle, our technology energizes and organizes random and clustered water molecules by applying a solid and focused magnetic charge, more significant than that of the minerals and the plumbing, thus lowering water surface tension and stabilizing (neutralizing) pH, and creating soft water behavior. Our monopolar fluid treatment systems are ISO 9002 standard, using space-age quality, high-density ceramic-alloy magnets encased in a high-grade plastisol for superior surface durability in all weather conditions. The magnets that we deploy are the same NASA uses, and these are special ceramic alloys whose strength does not decrease over time. They produce an order from chaotic molecular behavior with predominate single charged ion-like fuel applications. It means a one-time investment for a lifetime of the equipment.
Deep dive into the technical explanation of the monopolar effect and how Magnetizer works on fluids is here.
Question: Your company uses one pole, other companies use two. Which is better and why?
Answer: Absolutely, using only ONE POLE is a superior (MONOPOLAR) method of fluid conditioning. If not, we would not be manufacturing it for over thirty years to the total satisfaction of some of the world’s best engineering teams that demand only the best. The monopolar fluid treatment is better, as it gives one charge to water, fuel, or air molecules, not two opposite ones, and because of that, it is more efficient as it does not “confuse” the affected molecules. As explained in the image below, there is also a better CONTACT zone for magnetization with our method.
When MAGNETIZER® uses the South Pole magnetic field, it causes the electrons in water or fuel molecules to spin in the Right-Hand direction (RH), and this RH spin is called a “positive spin.” The opposite effect, used by MAGNETIZER to treat Air (ICEs, ovens, boilers, water taste improvement), is a Left Hand (LH) spin which is called a “negative spin” and which is caused by the North Pole magnetic field.
The South Pole RH spin creates an energy field that is expansive and broadening, while the North Pole LH spin creates an energy field that is tightening and constricting. These opposite effects of the South Pole and North Pole energy fields were first discovered by Albert Roy Davis, the USA, in 1974 (“Magnetism and its Effects on the Living System”). We applied these discoveries to the field of water and fuel treatment and invented “MAGNETIZER” in 1985.
The RH spin of MAGNETIZER® affects the entire water/fuel molecule, but most notably the electrons, and most notably the electron in Hydrogen (H), because Hydrogen has only 1 electron, and this single electron configuration makes it the most susceptible to magnetic influence. That is why MAGNETIZER® works very effectively—like no other device on the market due to its monopolar methodology—on water (H2O) and carbon fuels (HC). Hydrogen is a significant element of both of these molecules, and the electron spin in Hydrogen is exceptionally susceptible to MAGNETIZER® influence.
Unipolar vs. Bipolar Difference
More on the Theory of Operation you will find here.


MAGNETIZER® is a safe, non-invasive, easy-to-install, snap-on device that does not get into contact with the flowing medium. It does not require any external power source (electricity). It is safe and poses no risk to people, equipment, or control instruments, due to the mono-polar, focused, and concentrated solid magnetic field at the point of application towards the pipe, with no dispersion outside. It, therefore, has passed the FAA 9-Foot Rule and is shipped by air worldwide.

There is no risk to people or electronic equipment (control panels and boards, electrical switches, wiring, sensors, instrumentation, burner, etc.).

We have MAGNETIZER® installed in police cars loaded with electronic components and close to industrial plants’ main valves and electronics. Also, MAGNETIZER® is a permanently—non-electrically—magnetic powered device; therefore, no UL Mark is required. Since our technology does not involve moving or electrical parts, we are shipping MAGNETIZERs worldwide with no certificate requirements – under NLR (No License Required) tariff denomination, as a Safe and Non-Hazardous technology under Harmonized Tariff Number: B8505.11.0000.00.

Furthermore, in some countries with very rigorous safety and hygiene laws, such as Switzerland, we do not need any health and sanitary certification because Magnetizer does not get into direct contact with water. Click below to see the Manufacturer’s Safety Certificate.

Q.: During our communication with a client this week, they asked a question:
“The natural gas will be charged after flowing through the position of the magnetizing device, and we are concerned about the danger of fire or explosion caused by the electro-discharge of the charged natural gas when it meets the air if the gas leaks.”
We know this concern is unnecessary because there are so many mature application cases of magnetizers worldwide, but how to explain to the client in principle? Do you have any suggestions on this?

A.: MAGNETIZER® is a safe and non-hazardous technology that has never been the cause of an explosion or fire. Our technology is irrelevant to the dangers posed by leaking fuel. If the gas leaks and there is the presence of a spark, you will have a fire hazard whether gas passes through the MAGNETIZER® or not.

Attached is our Safety Certificate you may want to present to your client.


MAGNETIZER® does not affect or void the manufacturer’s warranty, as it is a safe, non-invasive snap-on device with absolutely no risk to equipment whose operation it enhances. It does not modify the design and build of equipment it is applied to, such as car and truck engines, boilers, chillers, cooling towers, or condensers.
MAGNETIZER®systems are in the same category as most after-market parts or system supplies. Thousands of Magnetizer mono-polar devices have been used in the world market since 1987, and there has never been one warranty claim due to its use. Since our equipment does not modify or affect the equipment and its warranty, it falls under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.
The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act was enacted in July 1975. The act was designed to “improve the adequacy of information available to consumers, prevent deception, and improve competition in the marketing of consumer products.” Under the act, a manufacturer cannot deny a warranty claim simply for using non-stock or after-market replacement parts. The manufacturer can only deny a warranty claim for repairs if he can prove that the non-stock or after-market product caused the damage.
➡ Manufacturer’s Warranty




Apart from the demand for MAGNETIZER® to save fuel, our technology has found wide application in processes in which limescale deposits occur as a result of the flow of water, heating, and heat exchange, where there is internal corrosion of installations/plumbing and tanks, solving hard-water problems such as scale, corrosion and metal pitting.

Subjecting aqueous salt solutions to the action of MAGNETIZER’s monopolar magnetic field causes crystallization not on the metal walls but in the entire mass of water, and the resulting colloidal suspension is devoid of cementing properties. It flows in open systems or requires a one-time removal in closed systems since our technology is ‘curative’ and then preventive.

Our unique, due to its unipolar built water energizers, cause complete non-chemical removal of mineral deposits from water installations while providing permanent protection against the re-formation of limestone/boiler scale.

Below is a photo of a boiler cleaned by MAGNETIZER® without a drop of chemicals in a hospital in Nuremberg, Germany.

Thanks to such magnetohydrodynamic activation, the water is softer, has a stabilized pH, has a reduced surface tension, is fully oxygenated, does not contain excess chlorine (chlorine releases more easily), has a reduced amount of iron, arrests the corrosion process (so-called inter-crystalline corrosion) or metal pitting, suppresses the smell of sulfur, with the bacteriological index improved and more – see more information here.

In addition, MAGNETIZER® brings significant savings in the process of water heating by eliminating the heat transfer loss, improves the bacteriological index – the total number of L bacteria at 22 degrees C – Lml to 100, or reduces the cost of surfactants and detergents (e.g., you do not need to use Calgon anymore). It also produces noticeably better water, which, while containing minerals previously incrusted in the inner walls of pipes, is healthier for people, animals, and plants. The skin is more hydrated and requires fewer skincare products.

As a result, this reduces expenses incurred in repairs while permanently protecting heating devices, boilers, water heaters, heat exchangers, pipes, pumps, cooling towers, etc.

Please review the link on our website for sludge plants in Scioto, OH, USA, Braniewo, Poland, or Europe’s largest one in Psytilla, Greece.

Question: Can your magnets go on rusty steel, 8-inch cooling tower pipe?

Answer: Yes. We recommend brushing it off first in places where MAGNETIZER® rings will be placed to provide a smooth surface for our rings to embrace. It would help if you treated all pipes leading to your CT, meaning the water’s makeup pipe (1.5″ or 2″) at the bottom. The results are guaranteed, with better CT efficiency, corrosion, metal pitting stopped, and algae inhibited (destroyed). Improved efficiency of a CT, less energy used to pump water.

Question: One of our buildings has a cooling tower with lots of scale-up. Will your magnets work to descale it?
Answer: Yes. Examples of a cooling tower and what MAGNETIZER® can do for you are presented below. The following examples show the MAGNETIZER® installation in a cooling tower in France and buildings in Japan, one of our biggest and most developed MAGNETIZER® markets, while more information on MAGNETIZER® industrial water treatment you will find here.


MAGNETIZER® changes water behavior and improves water quality while permanently solving hard water problems in an eco-friendly way without chemical additives and/or softeners required by traditional methods.

MAGNETIZER® works curatively and/or preventively in diverse water infrastructure such as plumbing, pipes, pumps, boilers, water heaters, heat exchangers, cooling towers, chillers, evaporators, condensers, dishwashers, bottling machines, laundromats, laundry machines, car washes, injection mold machines, etc.
MAGNETIZER® facilitates the reduction in operating and maintenance costs (labor, chemicals, repairs, parts, downtime) while maintaining better labor allocation and reduced depreciation of equipment infrastructure, ensuring their preserved capital value.
We are proud to offer a proven environmentally friendly, non-chemical water treatment method benefitting industrial plants, municipal facilities, buildings (schools, hotels, apartment buildings, houses), swimming pools, water purification stations (sludge plants), etc., benefiting anyone who uses water.
It is a superior water treatment method, as no chemicals are required or are significantly reduced, and lifetime benefits are guaranteed.
1. Removes and prevents scale, corrosion, metal pitting, or algae and stops corrosion, thus ensuring more efficient equipment operation due to descaling.
2. Softens water naturally and eliminates the need for salt or sodium-based water softeners or any other chemical, mechanical, magnetic, or electromagnetic descaling method. By imparting to water the quality (behavior) of soft water, MAGNETIZER® eliminates that characteristic sleek feel on the skin caused by salts and chemicals.
3. Lowers surface tension of water, making it more efficient as a process medium and improving its behavior, effectiveness, and flow (increased pressure). It also means reducing electricity bills, thanks to a better pump job due to decreased surface tension.
4. Neutralizes (stabilizes) the pH of the water so that water is better and more pleasant to use (does not feel “slippery” like with the salt-based water softeners).
5. Fully oxygenates the water and brings back its lost minerals, making it better for people, animals, and plants (scientific research available).
6. Lowers iron content and represses sulfur smell.
7. Ensures better-tasting water (see VITALIZER and RWE-S)  which contains now minerals (Ca, Mg) that are healthier for human and animal consumption. If minerals are unwanted, they can be easily trapped by filters. Still, usually, they evacuate in open circuits or precipitate with other impurities to the bottom of equipment, where they can be easily hosed off and/or physically removed in a one-time procedure.
8. Inhibits and removes algae and bacteria, killing colonies of Escherichia coli by 80%-90%, thus saving on maintenance in hospitals, pharmaceutical plants, or swimming pools.
9. Improves the work of filters and RO equipment by reducing surface tension with extended regeneration cycle and service life. MAGNETIZER® reduces the level of polluting carbonate and the number of particles in the group, which translates to time saved and increased efficacy in passing water through membranes.
10. Reduces the use of soaps, shampoos, detergents, or cleaning chemicals due to naturally soft water.
11. Saves electric energy required to heat water due to the elimination of heat transfer loss, as there is no more limescale inside of boilers or water heaters which acts as an insulator.
12. Saves water consumption due to the lowered surface tension – the municipality of San Diego confirms 20% savings in water consumption and a vineyard in California a 25%+ savings (reports available upon request).
13. Improves the washing process of commercial dishwashers with no white stains and deposits (spotting) and saves on the amount of water consumed.
14. Removes milk stones in dairy plants and saves on bactericide treatment and maintenance.
15. Improves cement bonding (65% increase in cement bending resistance, 58-112% increased pressing resistance, better plasticizing properties, which allow lowering the water-to-binder ratio in a building mix with water).
16. Precipitates sedimentation and efficiency in sludge tank mixers, increasing their hydration in the range of 76%84%, decreasing flocculant usage by 35%, eliminating and preventing struvite deposits in pipes, and more.
17. Increases equipment lifespan due to lack of scale and corrosion, reduces their break-downs (repairs, downtime), and protects the capital investment.
More information on industrial water treatment you will find here.


In Boilers, Steam Boilers, Ovens, Furnaces, Water Heaters, etc.

MAGNETIZER®  has widespread use in all sorts of combustion processes, resulting in reduced emissions causing lowered fuel consumption, increased efficiency, power, and overall improved operation of the combustion equipment with cleaner internal parts, nozzles, and their extended lifespan.

Our magnetic fuel energizers are the most ecological and the least expensive method of lowering gas and oil consumption in boilers, water heaters, heavy transportation and construction equipment, fleets, trucks, marine power plants, generators, etc. Their implementation means fuel savings by approx. 10-20%, and in domestic heating systems, as much as 21% -25%, e.g., in modern Bosch water tankless heaters, as per the video testimonial here.

An appraisal of MAGNETIZER® by one of the world’s most prominent building services and management consulting firms, The Watson Wise Associates from the U.K is attached below. Please note this Outline and Technical Memorandum by WWA regarding MAGNETIZER® and its universal fuel-saving capability (any building, any location) was done, due to the “combustive” (pun intended) ramifications of this report, with the brand name “MAGNETIZER” substituted by the word “solution” in order to protect all parties involved against any possible circumvention. This UK-Report speaks volumes about their assessment of our technology.


Feb. 19, 2021.

Although we do not have the ‘smoking gun’ yet, once the utility company bills arrive and are compared to the corresponding months before the MAGNETIZER® installation, then for sure, they will see a reduction in NG consumption and fuel savings. 100%, due to efficiency already going up with the lower gas intake.

The temperatures going down and efficiency up confirm real savings the Company is enjoying with our technology.
Please note that you can tweak efficiency through bar pressure adjustment, but NEVER to this extent. 
We know MAGNETIZER® saves our Client money. The only thing we do not know yet is how much.
FYI in the past, we received an efficiency inspection report (on file and available upon request) after MAGNETIZER® installation at one of the top FORTUNE 500 companies which sounds familiar:
Our fuel supplier performed some efficiency tests on our boiler to guarantee that we are not wasting fuel, they have an environmental program to make this tests on clients and earn some acknowledgment. As the report says, our boiler is working at high efficiency and low emissions level. The only recommendation is to keep this good work. 
Edit: April 28, 2021
The “smoking gun” is in as we obtained the utility company’s first two bills.
We have considered two important parameters: the NG USE in cubic meters (M3)—for which MAGNETIZER® was installed to affect it and reduce its consumption—and the DEGREE DAYS (DD) that represent the natural, atmospheric effect on gas usage, i.e., the warmer weather–>the less gas is used and vice versa necessary to demonstrate savings in the Canadian climate. 
July 2, 2021
CONCLUSION: From the Client’s original report (flame visuals) and boilers’ adjustment efficiency increase at the lowered bar pressure (MAGNETIZER® installation always changes fuel-to-air ratio), we knew it was working for the Client from day one. Once we received the ‘smoking gun,’ i.e., the utility bills, the subsequent calculations confirmed MAGNETIZER® brings the desired fuel savings of 16.06% as measured by comparing gas bills for the corresponding months, as well as by measuring the KPI, which relates to changes in weather, the most important influencer in Canada, assuming month-to-month gas and water usage habits there are constant, as confirmed by the Client: “This facility operates at 100% occupancy all the time and is usually running 24/7”. The KPI savings were trailing tightly the savings derived from the utility bill and were slightly higher, i.e., 17.58%, so we averaged the two for 16.82% NG savings.
CONCLUSION: From the Client’s original report (flame visuals) and boilers’ adjustment efficiency increase at the lowered bar pressure (MAGNETIZER® installation always changes fuel-to-air ratio), we knew it was working for the Client from day one. Once we received the ‘smoking gun,’ i.e., the utility bills, the subsequent calculations confirmed MAGNETIZER® brings the desired fuel savings of 16.06% as measured by comparing gas bills for the corresponding months, as well as by measuring the KPI, which relates to changes in weather, the most important influencer in Canada, assuming month-to-month gas and water usage habits there are constant, as confirmed by the Client: “This facility operates at 100% occupancy all the time and is usually running 24/7”. The KPI savings were trailing tightly the savings derived from the utility bill and were slightly higher, i.e., 17.58%, so we averaged the two for 16.82% NG savings.
March 04, 2022
We are fulfilling the first large order for the Canadian Client placed a year after the tests above began.


1. Before MAGNETIZER® installation all fuel-consuming equipment (boilers, ovens, furnaces, engines, etc.) must be brought to their peak (most efficient) performance so that we have a good and clean base.

2. The installation protocol also requires lowering NG bar pressure, should the system not adjust the air to fuel ratio automatically. To dispel any doubt there is a “trickery” involved here, please read our response to a Client’s comment about decreasing the bar pressure.

“Decrease the pressure can improve the results independent of Magnetizer® and we cannot assume that the result could be from Magnetizer® if we decrease the pressure.”

The pressure should be decreased according to gas flue analysis prior to installation and after, aiming at preserving the same temperature readings, flame visual characteristics, and/or boiler efficiency at the new fuel to air ratio. 

The pressure should be decreased according to gas flue analysis prior to installation and after, aiming at preserving the same temperature readings, flame visual characteristics, and/or boiler efficiency at the new fuel to air ratio. 

If you cannot lower the bar pressure then you have to lower the jet nozzles to at least one size smaller than the current size. Companies do it in order to accommodate MAGNETIZER® and it always works.


After magnetization, users can operate the boiler at a comparatively low oxygen content of 1.3 to 1.5% by volume. In general, operators adjust the residual oxygen content in exhaust gas from the boiler is to 2.0%, 1.2%, or 1.0% by volume in each test run. 

Combustion conditions will continuously improve after correctly applying MAGNETIZER® to a fuel pipe.

(1) A high-temperature bright flame is observed. The flame becomes more luminous and turns first from red to white orange and eventually to a nice blue. 

(2) The flame is reduced in vertical length and extended laterally. The rate of combustion becomes higher. 

(3) Spark in the flame is reduced or eliminated. 

(4) Vibrating combustion is prevented.

(5) Pollution material content in the exhaust gas is reduced.

(6) Usually, users desire to avoid a delay in magnetization and shorten the Stabilization Period, which is necessary to magnetize all metal parts and clean the nozzles and the combustion chamber of soot and carbon varnish. It may last up to 90 days, as per our past experiences. In such cases, they should use pipes made of non-magnetic material such as non-magnetic steel (e.g., ASTM A193 – Grade B8M Class 1/Class 1D/Grade BSM Class 2/Grade B8M2 Class 2B, DIN 1.4401/316S42/316S33/X5CrNiMo17-12-2/UNE F.3543, JIS SUS 316, ISO A4/A5). 

A portion of the fuel feeding system extending from a point downstream of MAGNETIZER® to the burner may be made of non-magnetic material. In this case, magnetized fuel is directly fed to burners or atomizing nozzles with a minimum reduction of magnetism.

The combustion mechanisms due to the magnetization of fuel by our technology are summarized as follows:

(1) After passing MAGNETIZER’s mono-polar field, fuel carrying magnetism is atomized from nozzles, meaning MAGNETIZER® must be installed appropriately close to the burners first in increments of 8 rings.

(2) Groupings of hydrocarbons are made repulsive under the influence of a high and unipolar magnetic field and thus dispersed effectively, resulting in more finely divided fuel particles.

(3) Hydrocarbons are pyrolyzed to generate atomic carbon and hydrogen, combined with oxygen atoms supplied from air or steam to provide an explosion reaction, resulting in a high-temperature bright flame. A noncombusted carbon value, otherwise appearing as soot, is diminished considerably. Flue analysis of CO, CO2, HC, NO, and NOx will show this.

(4) Fineness of atomized fuel particles accelerates the oxidation rate so that combustion may be carried out at a lower oxygen concentration.

(5) The degree of dilution of the fuel stream by low-temperature air is thus reduced, increasing flame temperature.

(6) Combustion reaction with atomic carbon prevails. As a result, COis increased in quantity, formation of CO is prevented, and dust is reduced in quantity.

(7) If an increase in flame temperature causes a slight increase in nitrogen oxide formation, other known methods can compensate.

(8) A reduction in oxygen concentration and an increase in radiation heat due to high-temperature bright flame increase combustion efficiency.

Happy Magnetizing!


MAGNETIZER® lowers operating costs by saving fuel and maintenance of equipment (cleans jet nozzles, combustion chamber, exhaust pipes) while bringing lasting benefits to engines, boilers, heaters, furnaces, or ovens, making them not only more efficient and economical in exploitation, but also eco-friendly and green by reducing harmful emissions.

  • Complete combustion process with fewer emissions.
  • Decreases fuel consumption in boilers, heaters, ovens, furnaces, or engines: fuel savings min. 6% up to reported 24%
  • Decreased hazardous fuel emissions of up to 75%, leading towards the reduction of carbon footprint
  • Cleans components of internal combustion chambers: cleaner and smoother running boilers/engines/generators and longer-lasting engine components reduce maintenance and downtime
  • Improves engine power.
  • Deparaffinizes oil in oil wells saving on hot-watering and downtime. 



MAGNETIZER®​ enhances combustion processes by treating the fuel with the exclusive south pole (+) charge in ICE-powered vehicles, furnaces, ovens, industrial water heaters, large steam boilers, etc., which results in converting hydrogen from its para-hydrogen isomeric form into the more combustive ortho- form. In addition, we treat oxygen (air) with the opposite north (-) pole charge for better bonding with fuel resulting in enhanced combustion performance.

As of today, our technology is one of the most effective methods of saving gasoline/diesel, improving the operation of engines, drastically reducing exhaust gases (e.g., NOx by 75%), increasing engine power, cleaning internal engine parts from carbon deposits, extending their service life, etc.




The latest and most recent application of MAGNETIZER® is the increase of efficiency of thermal solar collectors in the production of hot water and the generation of electricity through better solar radiation measured in W/m2 in magnetized liquid in comparison with radiation results without MAGNETIZER®. The effective magnetization of thermal solar collector fluid has great potential to impact the growing solar market.

We are the first to manufacture technology, which successfully treats thermal solar collectors, considered the future alternative to fossil fuels in producing hot water and generating electricity, using the magnetic method. This technological breakthrough is due to the patented monopolar ionization of fluids and better radiation absorption. Also, the cure and protection against the limescale  (a staple of the MAGNETIZER® operation) brings additional efficiency due to the reduction of the heat transfer loss and elimination of chemical or mechanical cleaning.

The research to enhance the thermal efficiency of thermal solar collectors resulted in better-than-expected outcomes. Furthermore, magnetic treatment of water or glycol flowing in the thermal solar collector has shown a 25% efficiency gain, as demonstrated by the test results presented below.

In addition, MAGENTIZER® increased the efficiency of the thermal solar collector in a pilot installation in Mexico.

Therefore we can safely offer our clients an efficiency increase in their thermal solar collector operation. Everywhere collectors are used, our application cures and protects against scale and corrosion without needing to fix it in the future.


V) MAGNETIZER® IN SUGAR MILLS – raw juice to crystallization, including energy efficiency.

Our technology has successfully improved sugar mill efficiencies in clarified juice heaters, juice pumps, vessel discharging, and tanks (evaporators). 

We can help you with the production bottlenecks, like evaporators clogged with molasses, scale build-up in pipes, etc. Please review the enclosed documents.


Thank you again for your interest in our innovative and effective technology that is guaranteed to will serve you for many years, improving your operation, bottom line, and carbon footprint.

Please get in touch with us with information about what process operation and equipment you want us to work on.

What is your time frame for implementation? We have experience with Clients who want immediate results or take 3-7 months in a corporate process from first contact to shipping. We will accommodate you in the way which is best for you in a process that will be easy on your workload, fast and seamless.

Our selection is based on decades of experience, an expansive database collected over many years of installations, water/fuel flow information, pipe sizes, water hardness, pipe characteristics, etc.

You may receive a Questionnaire: we need fluid flow rate and pipe OD, preferably marked on the images or a diagram, so we can look closely at your equipment and start the quotation process.

An example of creative use of images and diagrams to help us make a quotation for you.

Again, this process is relatively quick, from same-day RFQ or a few days if we need to ask you more questions about your specific operation. However, I can assure you that dealing with us is a seamless and trouble-free experience from quoting to logistics and installation. 

For more information on MAGNETIZER® industrial water or fuel treatment, testimonials, and test results, please click the appropriate fluid treatment application in the Table of Contents above.

I want to welcome you soon to the exciting World of Magnetizer and to wish you Happy Magnetizing!