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Magnetizer® Industrial Fuel Savings

Here we are still working with boiler #1, and the results are very good, before the magnetizer system the pressure at our peak of consumption decreased to approximately 4.5 bar and now it is not getting below 6.2 bar. That is a good indicator. ~ Eduardo Cesar Pinheiro, Project Manager, Colgate-Palmolive 

Magnetizer Industrial Fuel Saving ProgramMundimex contractually guarantees 6% NG reduction through the  Magnetizer Industrial Fuel Saving Program offered to large corporate Clients. The Magnetizer™ patented invention saves fuel (natural gas, diesel, heating oil, gasoline, LPG, CNG, biofuels, synthetic gas, etc.) thus bringing substantial savings to any fuel user, while in the same time protecting the Planet.

We have a very good experience with some of the world’s largest companies by reducing their fuel consumption or increasing power of their trucks, buses/heavy transportation equipment (more details available upon request) or in their production when they use NG, diesel or other fuel in engines, boilers, furnaces, ovens, etc.

To wit: our Clients report e.g. a 10-20% fuel savings (average 16.5%) in aluminium fusion furnace of Volkswagen plant in Puebla, México (see testimonial below, english translation available upon request) or 14.2-24% Natural Gas savings in Siemens plant in Ankara, Turkey, an 8% Natural Gas reduction in the largest glass factory in Lithu-ania (Warta Glass) or a 23% Natural Gas savings in the largest ceramic plant in Poland. In the same time Magnetizer™ considerably lowers exhaust emission pollution of CO, NO, NOx.

We guarantee at the time of concluding commercial transactions better combustion and increased HP, cleaner burn and fuel savings, as we have many years of experience and expertise in more complete combustion through the use of Magnetizer™, utilizing our patented & unique mono-polar method, when Magnetizer™ safely converts hydrogen–while entering the combustion chamber–from its normal para- state to a more volatile and combustive ortho-hydrogen isomeric form.

A different explanation is that Magnetizer™ makes the fuel burn better because it lowers fuel viscosity and breaks it up into smaller particles (smaller HC molecule chains) which increases the net surface area of the fuel, and fuel molecules burn from the surface, so more of it can burn after being magnetizered. This can be proven by measuring surface tension (which can be measured by a tensiometer), which will decrease because of the smaller molecule size, and standard fuel chemistry is in agreement that fuel molecules combust from the surface down.

Magnetizer Comercial and Industrial Fuel Applications

Magnetizer™ Saves FORTUNE 100 Companies A Fortune In Industrial Fuel Saving Program

*Correction: Magnetizer saves 10% fuel, not efficiency

Magnetizer in bottler's plant

 Coca-Cola Bottling Plant in Queens, New York, U.S.A.: on natural gas burners and cooling towers, on water softening system and condensers.

Magnetizer in IBM offices across the US

 IBM Center in White Plains, New York: The IBM Center tested the Magnetizer®-s on 225 KW natural gas burners, with 3 inch galvanized lines. The monitoring of the tests was made in the presence of Global EnviroTech Inc., Valco Energy Systems, and supervised by the technical personnel at IBM. The average fuel consumption by degree day with the Magnetizer® treatment has been reduced by 17%. The estimated average annual savings amounted to $20,000.00.

Magnetier in Canadian Post buildings and on their trucks

 The Canadian Postal Service – Tour Nord: Three Magnetizer® fuel saver device systems have been placed on 3 heaters used to heat this postal sorting facility. The heater instrumentation included various thermal gauges but not the gas meter. The combustion efficiency has been measured by the intermediary of raising the registered temperatures. More than 22 increases of temperature have been measured, and by comparing 11 increases without the Magnetizer® with 11 measurements with the Magnetizer®, a 9.8% thermal efficiency has been established.


Magnetizer in Novotel Dubai

Novotel Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Magnetizer®-s have been installed on laundry vapor heaters, ice makers, espresso coffee machines and a dish washer. The client has been extremely satisfied and has reported the following: 1. Elimination of the chemical treatment 2. No downtime during installation 3. Savings in labor and using it for other more important duties 4. Reduced labor and chemicals costs.

The Magnetizer® Operating Principle is explained here.

Magnetizer®-s improve fuel economy in the range of 6-30%.

Magnetizer saves Siemens Turkey 14-124% of Natural Gas

Magnetizer saves Warta Glass 8% Natural Gas

Magnetizers increase fuel economy and save Volkswagen Puebla plant in Mexico 14-20% Natural Gas usage.

Magnetizer saves Volkswagen Puebla plant in Mexico 14-20% Natural Gas

Magnetizer saves Volkswagen Puebla plant in Mexico 14-20% Natural Gas

Magnetizer in Maritime Applications



Magnetizer will save us thousands of dollars in fuel this year! This simple to install technology (30 minutes install time) will change the world and has virtually unlimited applications!

Keep spreading the word for this GLORIOUS technology!!!!.”  

         Todd Black, Missouri

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