The cost of hard water scale: you are being robbed of hundreds of dollars every year on your water heating bills and about thousands on the home water radiator heating system due to hard water scaling, coating, and insulating inside the heater or boiler.

According to a report by the US government, consumers can save up to 48% of energy bills by eliminating 3/8th of an inch of scale deposits. This way, a family of four can save about $750.00 annually by removing pipe-choking mineral scaling.

As reported by the US Department of Interior, half inches scaling on the heating coil, boilerplate, or baseboard radiators leads to a significant loss in energy efficiency, and 60% more fuel is required to heat up in the presence of scaling.

The problem of scaling causes an extra expense of $750.00* to an average family every year in wasted energy required to heat their water. Still, the MAGNETIZER® system can help eliminate all these problems by organically dissolving the scaling and neutralizing the water corrosion.

The approximate replacement cost: Water Heater – $300.00-$600.00, Heater Element – $75.00, Faucet Set – $90.00, Entire Plumbing System – $2,000.00-$4,000.00, Washing Machine Dishwasher – $360.00

MAGNETIZER® “RWE-S” also prevents toxins and chemical build-up in the system, and the appliances and pipes last long without any maintenance along with less energy usage by providing savings in money and fuel.

Please note behind the MAGNETIZER® operational principles lies the Nobel Prize-winning science.

Magnetizer RWE-S Water Conditioner

Magnetizer RWE-S Water Conditioner