The patented monopolar fluid treatment method allows MAGNETIZER® to use its permanent magnetic power and “free energy” to treat fluids properly making it a design paradigm.

Based on its proven track record in combating high energy (fuel) costs and naturally improving hard water conditions, MAGNETIZER® has always been praised for its efficiency and quality. This patented monopolar invention is permanent (can be transferred from an old equipment/building/engine to a new one) and is fabricated using the highest manufacturing standards (ISO 9002).

The patented unipolar and single-focus method of fluid treatment allows MAGNETIZER® to use its permanent magnetic power and ‘free energy’ without any external energy source from only one of its poles for proper treatment of all kinds of fluids. This most energy-efficient design makes MAGNETIZER® preferable to other multipolar systems, as demonstrated in a video clip above.

Please note behind the MAGNETIZER® operational principles lies the Nobel Prize-winning science.

Magnetizer design paradigm vs. competitive fluid treatment systems

The so-called “magnetic hot spots” of a monopolar design create two large magnetic flux spots as opposed to only one large magnetic flux zone, as well as a larger contact zone compared to the traditional magnetic systems. 

Monopolar vs. bipolar fluid treatment