We have made our industrial-strength eco-sustainable technology of magnetic treatment of water and fuel available now to benefit the Green Generation.

Effective emissions reduction resulting in fuel savings, chemical-free water, and saltless water softening for your home or enterprise, like nothing else on the market, will save you money, bring you lifetime benefits, and help the environment.

MAGNETIZER® is the world-leading technology for emissions reduction and fuel savings through combustion enhancement as well as natural water conditioning with effective chemical-free or reduced scale and corrosion control.

Thousands of clients worldwide rely on the patented and award-winning MAGNETIZER® to save fuel while enjoying the energy efficiency and money savings it offers.

They also prefer this method to restructure water and restore its essential properties.

This is the eco-sustainable approach to cost-effective fuel-saving in your vehicle or production facility and salt-free water softening in the home or plant.

It utilizes the patented monopolar breakthrough in magnetic fluid conditioning which benefits equally home and industrial water and fuel users. It has zero carbon footprint and no external power, being a free-energy device.

MAGNETIZER® offers a broad range of money-saving applications and lifetime benefits you will learn about on our website.

Please note behind the MAGNETIZER® operational principles lies the Nobel Prize-winning science.

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