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Scientifically Designed For Best Results

There is no secret as to the effectiveness of the scientifically designed Magnetizer®.

It works on the principle of monopolar fluid treatment in which order is produced from chaotic molecular behavior due to a predominate single charge ion. 

Please note, behind the MAGNETIZER® operational principles lies the Nobel Prize-winning science.

What actually happens to the magnetized fuel is that hydrogen nuclei start reducing in size and changing form. This occurs due to the loss of random alignment of the nuclei and instead aligning as the charge-separated molecules, producing all of the benefits described on this site for each application.

Magnetizer® monopolar fluid treatment systems are designed according to the ISO 9002 standard. The space age quality, higher density ceramic-ferrite magnets, and high-grade plastisol result in superior surface durability that shows its action even in harsh weather conditions.

A patented steel “Flux Driver Plate®” is used for the construction, helping to create a magnetic single charge field. This has a net charge of 4,000 – 11,200 Gauss-Oersted energy units when measured at the surface of the passing fluid. It comprises SS, i.e., South-to-South in water and fuel systems, along with an NN pole which means North-to-North, like in Vitalizer® or burner/engine air intake lines.

Contrasting to the usual bipolar systems having two magnetic fields (S and N) within a liquid, Magnetizer® is designed for the treatment of fluids in the most effectual unipolar manner, based on the scientific principles of MHD (Magneto-Hydro- Dynamics). There is no second pole to contradict the other pole’s action with the so-called exit pole imprint.


The patented steel flux driver plate directs more than 90% of the magnetic field to only one pole.

Magnetizer® makes use of the Sequential Magnetization Principle (SMP) technology required to optimize processing fluids. The first designed Magnetizer® link is purposely created to feed pipes of larger outside diameter (OD), and is meant to stimulate the molecules. The second Magnetizer® link is used for smaller OD pipes to accept the magnetic flux.

It has been noted that SMP is regarded as the best method of fluid conditioning. The magnetic flux in a sequential magnetization chain assures the most efficient movement of the fluid on the market. 

The Magnetizer® application of sequential magnetization is scientifically sound, as indicated by the US patent 6,056,872.

(Excerpt from Theory Of Operation)