As you use fuel and water daily, Magnetizer® technology can bring significant savings and quick payback. You will save a substantial amount of energy, and your hard water problems will be solved, guaranteeing that your Money will be back! Here is a government testimonial from the US: “… We are completely convinced that the Magnetizer systems save fuel and reduce emissions, and we are recommending them to our contracted service providers. … .”

Our ecological solution substantially lowers operating costs and augments users’ green footprint. The Magnetizer® technology effectively protects the environment by significantly bringing down emissions of CO, HC, NO, and NOx generated while burning fuel and by lowering CO2 percentage in absolute terms (CO2% is going up in the combustion process itself). It also eliminates or significantly reduces chemical additives used to soften water. Learn More

Based on its track record in fighting high energy and fuel costs and naturally improving hard or residual water conditions, Magnetizer® has no competitor worldwide as to its efficiency and quality of workmanship. Our patented monopolar breakthrough is permanent, which means it can be transferred from an old equipment/building /engine to a new one, made using the highest manufacturing standards, and is ISO 9002 certified.

Attached herewith is our Client List. The Japan Customer List is specifically significant due to the scale of Magnetizer’s performance in one of the world’s most rigorous engineering environments that have embraced our brand and formulated it as one of its industrial standards. Many years of sales, installations, logistical and technical support have provided Magnetizer® recognition throughout the world where it is used by tens of thousands of people in more than 40 countries, including Fortune 500 Clients and various government agencies globally.

We not only manufacture the world’s best magnetic fluid conditioner as per the highest industrial standards but also deliver unmatched installation service and technical support to our Clients worldwide. Our strength lies in fast manufacturing throughput and prompt delivery timeliness. We will be happy to partner with you as your energy savings provider for your business or homes and our company will demonstrate it is trustable and reliable in all aspects.
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Our patented technology (13 PCT patents, e.g. 7,340,919 / 6,056,872 / 5,829,420 / 6,662,569 – is proprietary, distinct, compact size & weight and matchless in the worldwide market due to its ability to affect water or fuel proficiently and reduce operational energy expenses of water & hydrocarbon fuel usage. These patents have defined the archetype of the effective magnetic fluid treatment, with Magnetizer® as the preferred tool of savvy end-users. Click here to view our Patents.

  • Industrial Fuel Savings – Min. Guaranteed 6% 6%
  • Fuel Savings Reported By Siemens 24.7% 24.7%
  • Fuel Savings Reported by Volkswagen* 16.5% 16.5%
  • Truck Diesel Savings – Min. Expected 5% 5%
  • Truck Diesel Fuel Savings – Reported 9% 9%
  • Passenger Car Gasoline Savings – Min. Expected 10% 10%
  • Passenger Car Diesel Savings – Max. Reported (VW Jetta) 31% 31%
  • Restaurant NG Savings – Min. Expected 12% 12%
  • Restaurant NG Savings – Max. Reported 26.7% 26.7%
  • Home Fuel Savings – Min. Expected 10% 10%
  • Home Fuel Savings – Max. Reported** 25% 25%
  • Water Savings Reported by San Diego Municipality 20% 20%
  • Water Savings Reported by California Wineries*** 26% 26%
  • Bacteria colonies inhibited in a pharma plant 90% 90%
  • Record breaking reduction of Sodium in desalinated irrigation water**** 90% 90%
Magnetizer installation at Gazprom in a 60 ton steam boiler for NG (natural gas) savings

*Volkswagen plant in Puebla, Mexico, aluminum fusion furnace, 14-20% NG savings, avg. 16.5%
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***The savings in water consumption come through a water reducer restricting water flow by 26% and saving it, whereas MAGNETIZER® allows maintaining the yield same as at previously unrestricted flow level due to the lowered surface tension and minerals dissolved now in ‘magnetizered‘ water and delivered to the plant’s root. In your own gardening this set up means watering for less hours and having the same plant growth results as before due to overall better quality of the ‘magnetizered‘ water, i.e. pH stabilized, with lowered surface tension, fully oxygenated, with suppressed Sulphur level, with better sodium adsorption, rich in minerals, etc. Read More
****High visibility tests in the Middle East for a VIP status Client as per SAR report in Eco-sustainability tab here.