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• MAGNETIZER® Heavy Duty Fuel Maximizer adjusts fuel combustion by lessening the viscosity of the fuel and breaking it into smaller particles or HC molecule chains. With this action, the net surface area of the fuel increases and molecules start burning from the surface, which optimizes combustion of the fuel. The monopolar action of MAGNETIZER® makes combustion—due to the conversion of hydrogen from its para- isomeric state to the ortho-hydrogen one—more volatile, as well as cleaner. The fuel then enters the combustion chamber completely energized and provides utmost combustion efficiency considerably lowering the exhaust emission pollution. More information is provided here.

• MAGNETIZER® Air Energizer is the latest addition to the dynamics of combustion. It is used along with the MAGNETIZER® Fuel Maximizer system for creating negative charge air ions that augments the oxygenation in the fuel and reduces emissions along with high efficiency in combustion.

• MAGNETIZER® Auto Coolant Energizer is clipped on to the hose of the radiator to induce a micro positive charge that prevents the formation of scaling and maintains cooling in the radiator. Without it the scale build-up inside the engine reduces the heat transfer of heat from the engine to the coolant, so once that is descaled with this cooling system protector the radiator and the cooling system are going to work a lot better.