What looks like a rather inconspicuous piece of metallic shape turns out to be a sophisticated, high-performance tool. Magnetizer is a powerful device full of innovative technology: by separating carbon-based fuel molecules (such as oil, natural gas, diesel, and others) just before combustion, the molecules mix better with oxygen which leads to more complete burning. This increase in fuel efficiency translates to reduced emissions and saves costs. Installing Magnetizer is simple and it can be added to most existing fuel-based systems. With a fast ROI, as well as significant emission reductions, it’s a no-brainer.  ~ Frank Galante, President, Goldleaf Energy Systems, the Grazel (USA) Partner. 

MAGNETIZER® home water softener system works by energizing and organizing clustered and scattered water molecules by treating them with a powerful mono-polar ionic charge greater than plumbing or minerals.

When the water molecules pass through our robust and highly focused magnetic field, they get polarized and carry a positive charge. The structure of the water molecule then changes, resulting in softer water with dissolved minerals. It keeps your water-based appliances and plumbing in top-class condition with no more scaling and acid stains.

Water molecules are thus polarized and get atomized under pressure, further rehydrating the solidified minerals and softening the water by lowering its surface tension. It also stabilizes the pH level and suppresses the sulfur and chlorine smell.

There are several other benefits like it dissolves and eliminating the mineral buildup of calcium, magnesium, etc., from pipes and equipment and protecting them from scaling, metallic corrosion, etc. Chlorine usage is reduced in swimming pools, and MAGNETIZER® inhibits the formation of algae and anaerobic bacteria. You will get a lifetime of benefits with water conditioned in a natural, chemical-free, and salt-free manner which is more oxygenated, healthier, and softer.

MAGNETIZER® technology perfects the entire physical water state and softens the water without using chemicals and the slippery feel of water treated with chemicals. Nothing is added or subtracted to water, and the minerals remain in the water in suspended forms which are beneficial for the health of people, pets, and plants as people using MAGNETIZER® testify that skin is softer than before due to more hydration and plants are growing faster in homes.

Magnetizer In Action

Please note behind the MAGNETIZER® operational principles lies the Nobel Prize-winning science.