MAGNETIZER® Engine Performance Maximizer (“EPM”) system is an innovative technology. It is used by thousands of motorists around the world to reduce exhaust emissions, enhance the efficiency of their engines or RV generators and save money on fuels like Diesel, gasoline, or LPG.

Engine Performance Maximizer® fuel saver systems are used in cars, SUVs, trucks, buses, boats, and Motorhomes or RV generators. They are ecologically suitable as they lower emissions when fuel becomes more combustive and volatile when passed through Magnetizer’s monopolar magnetic field. With fewer emissions of NOx, HC, and CO, there are more fuel savings.

With “EPM”, you get several enrichments in vehicles like less noise, enhanced elasticity, a more powerful engine or generator, a combustion chamber free of carbon varnish, increased durability of the engine, and super clean injectors.

In addition, a vehicle can use lower octane fuel instead of premium one and the resale value of the vehicle will increase along with the additional benefit of transferring durable  Magnetizer® from an old vehicle to a new one.

Furthermore, the product is easy to install as it instantly snaps onto engine lines and fits snugly without the requirement of modification or cutting. Since no modification is required in installation, thus the manufacturer’s warranty stays intact. 

It has a Flux Driver® screening plate which centers on the unipolar magnetic field and is completely safe for the engine, people, or electronic systems.

Please note, behind the MAGNETIZER® operational principles lies the Nobel Prize-winning science.

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Magnetizer EPM System

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