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  • MAGNETIZER® is recognized internationally due to its natural water conditioning and restructuring that is chemical free.

  • MAGNETIZER® technology offers eco-friendly; non-chemical water treatment, as well as salt-free water softening* that can be used in homes for enhanced healthy lifestyle (see Magnetizer Benefits below), along with money saved.

  • The MAGNETIZER® technology comes with a Lifetime Power Warranty, so you can be stress-free about its magnetic power as in case it loses it, we will replace it for free.

  • Since MAGNETIZER® has no moving parts which can wear or tear, there is no requirement for any type of external power to run it.

  • MAGNETIZER® can be installed easily in a few mixture, as you can clip it on and strap it to your pipes or equipment with no tools or modifications required in the existing pipe, tank or heating unit.

  • MAGNETIZER® is improving water quality in more than 40 countries.

    We at Mundi recommend the South Pole charging MAGNETIZER® “RWE-S” system for your home and improved well-being, as it is best suited to improve your whole water grid. In its basic configuration, it is fitted with two magnetic rings, one for cold water inlet and another to the heater’s hot water outlet. The right system for your house can be selected here, depending on the size of your home and kind of water hardness.

    You may also want to install (as recommended by our experts) North Pole (-) charging VITALIZER® on the inlet of cold drinking water pipe under the kitchen sink for an augmenting, more alkaline and oxidizing effect on your body along with better tasting water.

    Install the “VITALIZER®” along with ”RWE-S” system to get healthy, more efficient and cost-effective water in your home.