Magnet Benefits You Get With Our Technology

• Health benefits: the Magnetizer water is enriched with healthy minerals suspended in solution, where they belong, and traces of sodium and salt are diminished. 

• Cuts water usage by 26%. 

• Eliminates and prevents lime-scale deposits and corrosion. 

• The water is charged with positive ions that dissolve hard water minerals. 

• It neutralizes and stabilizes water’s pH level. 

• Eliminates algae and biocide additives. 

• MAGNETIZER® is affordable as it is 3 to 10 times less than the price of other water softeners and requires no maintenance or other expenses. 

• Saving hydrocarbon fuels by 15-25%* and more.

• Improving energy efficiency & enhancing the eco-friendly footprint. 

• Increasing yield of crops in horticulture and agriculture. 

*Depending on the age and condition of the vehicle, driving habits, load, city or highway route, or type of fuel used.

Please note behind the MAGNETIZER® water softener system, and its operational principles lie the Nobel Prize-winning science

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Magnet benefits of positive ions in wter, and fuel savings.