Considered By Experts The Most Trustable Name In The Industry

MAGNETIZER® award-winning technology and the patented solution are highly effective and ecological in dealing with ever-increasing problems in water chemical adulteration, as well as fuel emissions pollution.

It helps enhance the water condition, naturally removing chemicals from treated water, reducing the need for chemicals, lowering iron & toxins content by improving filter efficiency, and solving problems with challenging water conditions. Along come environmental benefits like reducing Sodium in desalinated water by 90% (Cf. Eco-Sustainability).

MAGNETIZER® system also helps in combating emissions and lowering fuel consumption. It has been designed scientifically to ensure the change in the fuel-to-air ratio while reducing toxic combustion emissions. As a result, you get measurable and satisfying fuel savings and an upsurge in the internal combustion engine’s horsepower.  

MAGNETIZER® can also be easily clipped onto all types of furnaces, engines, and boiler or heater fuel lines to change the ratio of fuel to air combustion, which helps save energy, reduce emissions, and boost power.

The MAGNETIZER® technology has been accepted by the world’s most significant users of water and hydrocarbon fuels and thousands of consumers worldwide and provides a positive ecological influence on the environment.  

Experts consider MAGNETIZER® to be the world’s most efficient and the best in its class*. This magnetic fluid conditioner is fabricated in the U.S.A. and can be easily installed as it snaps onto any water pipe without modification or cutting. It is reliable and most trusted by users worldwide. The product is affordable, with no requirement for power or moving parts. Severe industrial water users and homeowners benefit from properly conditioned and energized water or more volatile and combustible fuel.

The Technology behind MAGNETIZER® has made it a global leader in water conditioning done naturally in a chemical-free manner and with the unmatched ability to reduce pollution while saving fuel in internal combustion.

It is used in around 40 countries worldwide, providing them with enhanced water quality and cleaner air.

Please note behind the MAGNETIZER® operational principles lies the Nobel Prize-winning science.

Nobel Prize medal

*Click here for a partial list of Clients in Japan, one of the most rigorous engineering environments in the world. It includes top-tier Japanese manufacturers with several installations they have made and is used as the industrial standard.