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More pleasant swim (silky feeling) with less chemical eye and skin irritation, and reduced unpleasant chemical odors.

Pool/spa users report no more scum caused by body oils. No more build-up caused by hard water minerals.

The MAGNETIZER® operates automatically, continuously and permanently, using no external power source and has no moving parts to wear out.

Reduced Chemical Costs – Bromine, chlorine and other chemicals used in your pool maintenance mix more completely and effectively in magnetized water. The reduced surface tension and the increased ionic activity of the magnetized water help to reduce operating costs as well as reducing chemical needs.

Stabilized pH – pH is the balance between charges in the water. Wide variations in pH will damage equipment while frequently reducing the effectiveness of the chemicals. By magnetically organizing the water molecules, the wide range of the pH swing is reduced, as is the need for chemical usage.

Improved Filter Performance – the positive monopolar and focused Magnetizer’s water charge pulls skin particles, debris and tanning lotions (oils) into the water (polarizes them) allowing them to be either removed easier by the filter or to be clumped together in larger, easily strained out clumps. The result is a pool/spa that is almost self-cleaning.

Removed Scale – the System puts a positive charge into the water. This not only stops scale build-up but dissolves pre-existing scale deposits.

This scale removal as well as stopping of corrosion protects salt-generating sanitizer equipment and allows heaters to operate at peak efficiency, thereby reducing energy dollars and lowering maintenance costs.

MAGNETIZER® also lowers the frequency of pool or spa drainage. This is due to improved filter performance (particle ions are getting smaller or bonded into larger, strainable clumps) and less chemical build-up. A Lifetime Power Warranty, a lifetime of savings.