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MAGNETIZER® is the most efficient magnetic fluid treatment system available due to its mono-polar fluid treatment patented method.

If you are a skeptic who only trusts in harmful chemicals like chlorine to keep your swimming pools clean because that’s what you have been used to all your life, then read the article which appeared in the New Scientist titled MAGNETS HELP DISINFECT SWIMMING POOLS.

Also, read Technical Principles of Water Magnetization, which shows that magnets can kill Escherichia coli (E-Coli). These articles prove what many pool owners know to be true.

Join the thousands of pool owners using fewer chemicals in their pools and enjoying a more toxic-free life. We also encourage you to learn about the dangers of drinking and bathing in chlorine-treated water.

Benefits Snapshot

Reduce Pool Operating Costs

Improves chlorine effectiveness, so you need less • Eliminates or lowers labor cost • Decreases Draining Frequency • Protects From Staining • Curtails Corrosion in all pipes, heaters, and filters • Reduces heating cost by removing existing scale build-up.

Improves Water Quality

Clarifies problem water • Stabilizes pH • Kills algae and bacteria and controls their growth • Dissolves swimmer oils, lotions, etc. Improves water quality

Swimmer Comfort

Diminishes eye irritants • Reduces chemical odors like chlorine • Alleviates skin drying due to less chlorine being used • Enhances sanitation and peace of mind.

Smart Design Benefits

Need No Power to Operate – No Electric Bill • Easy to Install – No Installation Cost • No Parts to Replace – No Maintenance • Lasts Virtually Forever • Enhances Other Systems, such as Aquariums and Koi Ponds.


Magnetizer® Reduces Chlorine/Bromine Needs

With MAGNETIZER® chlorine/bromine can be substantially reduced (as much as 60%) with safety because Bacteria and algae are under constant attack by MAGNETIZER’s powerful, focused field to limit and control their growth. The reduction of water surface tension and the increased ionic activity combine to make chlorine/bromine more effective as a sanitizing agent.

Magnetizer® Dissolves Swimmer’s Body Oils & Lotions

Numerous minute particles (i.e., dirt, skin cells, debris, body and tanning oils, etc.) get into the water, and because they are so small, they pass through the filter and continue to build up. This makes the water dull, irritating, and unattractive, interfering with the sanitizer’s effectiveness.

Furthermore, this build-up of foreign particles and the reaction with the sanitizer causes burning eyes, dry skin, dry hair, and chemical odor. The usual cure is super-chlorinating to burn off or oxidize these minute particles. Super-chlorination is expensive and makes the pool/spa unusable for some time.

In fact, MAGNETIZER’s powerful, focused field polarizes these particles and binds them together in large enough clumps to be efficiently removed by the filter system. The result is a system that seldom needs to be super-chlorinated.

Moreover, skin oils, tanning lotions, skin cells, and minerals in the water also combine at the water line to create a “bathtub ring.” control problems. Removal of this ring requires a chemical to dissolve and hard work to remove. Removal of this ring requires a chemical to dissolve and hard work to remove.

In addition, MAGNETIZER® breaks the emulsion of the oils in water and keeps it in suspension until it thickens into clumps to be filtered out. In addition, magnetized water will remove built-up scum that has already attached itself to pool/spa surfaces. The speed with which this happens varies from a few days to a few weeks, depending on its composition.

Besides vacuuming the dirt that falls to the bottom, MAGNETIZER® makes a pool/spa almost self-cleaning, resulting in less labor cost.

Magnetizer® Stabilized pH Reduces Chemical Costs.

The measure of acidity and alkalinity in the water is called pH. When pH fluctuates (either too high or too low), it can render the sanitizer ineffective and cause expensive damage to equipment. pH fluctuations are caused by either a deficiency or an excess of electrons. pH control is usually done by chemicals that are either rich in excess electrons or have a shortage of electrons.

In fact, MAGNETIZER® naturally supplies the necessary electrons to the water by passing it through a strong magnetic field in the same way electricity is generated by passing a wire through a magnetic field. This natural, continuous supply of electrons (pH adjustment) occurs without additional chemicals and its resulting cost.

Magnetizer® Reduced Pool/Spa Draining

Although water never wears out, it can become saturated with foreign substances such as particles and chemicals.

MAGNETIZER® helps at two levels.

First, particles that would typically pass right through the filter (both suspended and dissolved) take on an electrical charge that causes them to clump into larger particles (called ion floc clusters). These ion floc clusters are then filtered out by the filter system that has itself taken on the electrical charge. This process is known as polarized media filtration.

Secondly, since fewer chemicals are required in a MAGNETIZER® system, there is less chemical build-up. The actual cost of draining a pool/spa is not only the water to refill it but also the labor, energy to reheat, chemicals to rebalance, and the inconvenience caused by out-of-service systems.

Magnetizer® Protects Expensive Equipment Against Scale Buildup

The average safe pH operating zone for a pool/spa operation is between 7.4 and 7.6.

7.0  7.1  7.2       7.3  7.4  7.5  7.6  7.7               7.8  7.9  8.0

corrosive normal                   safe range                      scale build-up

Above that range, the ugly scale can begin to attach itself to surfaces, inside of the plumbing, and on the inside of the heater.

Furthermore, scale build-up of only ½ inch will increase heating costs by as much as 60%. When the pH is below 7.4, Corrosion begins to attack the expensive metal parts of the system (heater, filter, pumps, etc.) and can cause pitting on the pool/spa surfaces. In addition, Corrosion of the metal parts puts minerals into suspension in the water.

In fact, these minerals will cause unsightly stains on the pool/spa surfaces. Once stained, the characters must be acid-washed and, in most cases, refinished. The result is an unnecessary expense and an out-of-service system.

MAGNETIZER® extends the safe pH operating range without worry about scaling, staining, or Corrosion. The result is a system that protects your investment and reduces maintenance costs.

The Bottom Line

MAGNETIZER® quickly pays for itself in reduced chemical costs, not unlike our home water energizer “RWE-S” system. Although chemical expenses are essential and easy to identify, the actual savings is in the labor of not having to use as many chemicals, monitor the results, scrub the sides, take more frequent than necessary readings, change the water, acid bath and refinish. Reduced maintenance adds to actual dollar savings for commercial users and more time for enjoyment for private owners.

MAGNETIZER® doesn’t just save time and money in the short run; since it controls Corrosion, it adds long-term protection to your investment.

Although cost and time savings and equipment protection is essential, the real benefits come from clearer, cleaner, and more sanitary water.


New Scientist, April 25, 1998, p. 21


Magnets have long been claimed to have beneficial effects on water. Conventional science is skeptical of such claims, and no explanation of the phenomenon has been generally accepted.

Now researchers at Cranfield University report that magnetized water increases the effectiveness of bleach (sodium hypochlorite) in disinfecting swimming pools. Their experiment involved two 25 L test pools dosed with bacteria, sweat, and urine to simulate the conditions in an actual public swimming pool. The water supply to one of the pools passed through a pipe to which three permanent magnets had been attached, while the control pool was supplied through a line devoid of attractions.

The researchers found that the disinfectant (sodium hypochlorite) was 30 percent more effective in killing Escherichia coli bacteria when added to the pool containing magnetized water than when added to the control pool.

They also found that the magnetized water maintained its free chlorine level significantly longer than the control water.

They speculate that the magnetic treatment may make the disinfectant more soluble, cut chlorine losses through evaporation, or change the chemistry in the pool, making the chlorine less likely to react with the amines in the bathers’ sweat and urine.

Coghlan, Andy. A stroke for swimmers. New Scientist, April 25, 1998, p. 21

Technical Principles of Water Magnetization

Magnets Kill Bacteria

This study determines the efficacy of a magnetic treatment device on the inactivation of a model micro-organism (Escherichia coli), chlorine consumption, and concomitant disinfection by-product formation in swimming pool water.

Effects of magnetic water treatment on physical parameters such as scale deposition, conductivity, and pH are reported, as well as the critical performance determinants of chlorine consumption, micro-organism inactivation rate, and trihalomethane (THM) formation.

A commercially available magnetic treatment device (MAGNETIZER®) was used throughout. In all cases, chlorine loss was more rapid in control than in the magnetically treated water.

The bactericidal efficiency of the free chlorine was unaffected by magnetic treatment, such that the E. coli kill rate for a given disinfectant dose was increased by an average of 25% by this physical conditioning. In addition, it was found that the generation of THMs was reduced by magnetic treatment at any one free chlorine level.

Please note behind the MAGNETIZER® operational principles lies the Nobel Prize-winning science.

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