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Based on its proven track record in combating high energy (fuel) costs, and naturally improving bad water condition, MAGNETIZER® has always been praised for its efficiency and workmanship. This patented monopolar invention is permanent (can be transferred from an old equipment/building/engine to a new one) and is fabricated using the highest manufacturing standards (ISO 9002).

The patented unipolar and single focus method of fluid treatment allows MAGNETIZER® to use its permanent power and ‘free energy’ without any external energy source, from only one of its poles for proper treatment of all kinds of fluids. This most energy efficient design makes MAGNETIZER® preferable compared to other multipolar systems, as demonstrated in a video clip above.

Magnetizer advantage explained over competitive fluid treatment systems

The so-called “magnetic hot spots” of a monopolar design create two large magnetic flux spots as opposed to only one large magnetic flux zone, as well as a larger contact zone compared to the traditional magnetic systems. 

Monopolar vs. bipolar fluid treatment