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The MAGNETIZER® bactericide application is far ahead of the usual bi-polar water conditioning other devices on the market offer.

This translates in selecting our technology as the “go to” solution for improved water quality needs. This appreciation is no surprise to us as we have already sold over ten thousand home water energizer “RWE-S” systems to Japan, not exactly for water softening purposes, as Japanese water is naturally soft, but for bactericide application which home and apartments owners in Japan are sensitive about.

Michael Phelp’s Master Spa in a proprietary configuration—with MAGNETIZER® being an integral part of—is sold in Canada as 100% bacteria free with no need for any chemicals.

We also have tests that confirm the reduction of coliform after the treatment of water with MAGNETIZER®.

There are several other instances in which bactericide effects have been noticed in cooling towers and water treatment plants.

Cited below is a testimonial from a large pharmaceutical company’s subsidiary in Europe about the usage of MAGNETIZER® technology in medicine production plant to prevent bacteria growth effectively.