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1. Removes permanently scale in pipes, plumbing, boilers, heaters, ovens, heat exchangers, cooling towers, chillers, condensers, dishwashers, bottling machines, laundromats, laundry machines, car washes, injection mold machines, etc., and stops corrosion. Acts curatively and preventively.

2. Increases the lifespan of equipment due to lack of scale and corrosion, which means reducing their break-downs (repairs, downtime) and a better protection or resale value of the real estate.

3. Softens water in a natural way, without the use of chemicals.

4. Eliminates the need for expensive salt, or sodium based water softeners, or any other chemical, mechanical, magnetic or electro-magnetic descaling device, for better quality and taste of water and healthier environment.

5. Lowers water surface tension – improves the flow of water (increased pressure), its behavior and effectiveness. It also means reduced electricity bill, thanks to a better job of pumps due to decreased surface tension.

6. Saves water consumption due to the lowered surface tension – the municipality of San Diego confirms 20% savings in water consumption and a vineyard in California a 25%+ savings (reports available).

7. Neutralizes (stabilizes) the pH of the water, so that water is better and more pleasant to use (does not feel “slippery” like with salt-based water softeners).

8. Completely oxygenates water – making it better for people, animals, and plants (scientific research available).

9. Water is naturally healthier because it contains minerals (Ca, Mg), has a stabilized pH, with sulfur odor repressed.

10. Inhibits and removes algae and bacteria killing colonies of Escherichia coli by 80%-90%.

11. Saves electric energy required to heat water due to the elimination of heat transfer loss, as there is no more limescale in boilers/water heaters.

12. MAGNETIZER® is not a filter or RO devices, but it complements them and works very well with the filters improving their efficiency and extending their service life, due to decreased surface tension and break down of dirt particles. It increases the regeneration cycle of filters and the reverse osmosis (RO) equipment (reducing pollution carbonate, and reducing the number of particles in the group which translates to a reduction in surface tension and better water filtration, as well as time saved in passing water through a membrane).

13. Used on water input of commercial dishwashers it improves washing process, with no white stains and deposits (spotting) and saves the amount of water consumed. Reduces the consumption of detergents and soaps.

For benefits in commercial laundries – see section below.

In sum: We offer environmentally safe & friendly non-chemical water treatment for used by industrial plants, municipal facilities, buildings (schools, hotels, dwellings), swimming pools (click here), water purification stations, et. al. 

MAGNETIZER® saves water consumption, lowers operating costs and maintenance of water and sewage equipment, improves the quality of water.

All this with elimination or significant reduction of the chemicals and softeners required by traditional methods.

MAGNETIZER® descales water infrastructure, preventing breakdowns/problems associated with hard water. It protects the capital investment.

MAGNETIZER® solves hard water problems in diverse water infrastructure (pipes, boilers, heaters, heat exchangers, chillers, cooling towers, evaporators, condensers) aiming to remove scale and/or prevent corrosion and metal pitting.

All this facilitates a reduction in operating and maintenance costs (labor, chemical water softening, parts, repairs) while maintaining the continuity of operation and better allocation of labor, with the reduced depreciation of water equipment/infrastructure and their preserved capital value.