There is one more added advantage of using it is that the installation becomes trouble free and its design allows it to fit into any kind of engine, either it is of passenger cars or heavy truck.

The time you install the MAGNETIZER®, it starts its functioning once the engine runs. Obviously, it needs some time known as ‘stabilization period’ intended for energizing the engine. MAGNETIZER®systems can be installed easily in any vehicle and can be fitted in trucks, cars or boats instantly.  

They will start working immediately upon installation, once the engine is running, but need the Stabilization Period* to fully energize the engine.

MAGNETIZER®systems are a must if you want to save fuel and contribute to the ecological system of the Earth. 

*What is meant by the Stabilization Period?

In actuality, it is the amount of time involved by Magnetizer® in dissolving the carbon/varnish build-up. Apart from this, it can also saturate all the steel parts of the engine. The fluctuation can occur because the carbon and varnish start getting eliminated during that time. When the stabilization level is achieved, the engine starts running smoother and easier. This period lasts for about 30 days to 1600 miles. Over time, the performance starts increasing and results in higher efficiency. The presence of EPM also offers the engines to show high performance by making use of lower octane gas, thus helping in greater savings. 


It is clearly shown in the red “ACE-S” (Automotive Coolant Energizer System) and “AFE-S” (Automotive Fuel Energizer Systems) fuel injector units that the installation of MAGNETIZER® is very simple. The “MAE-S” (MAGNETIZER® Air Energizer System) blue units are already on. Additionally, the MAGNETIZER® Heavy Duty Fuel system (“HDFE-B”) is properly installed beneath the chassis of the jeep on the fuel rail.