Magnetizer® in Agriculture, Vineries, Gardens, and Golf Links

Magnetizer in agriculture and vineyards
"I am a very skeptical person. I have been stuck by every “snake oil” salesman in the country. When Freddy and Jerry came to see me last winter and told me about MAGNETIZERS going on my irrigation system, I laughed, but I bought one to get rid of them, knowing it would not work. […] We installed the MAGNETIZERS on the South-Half of the system. This crop was Alfalfa. I got five cuttings of hay of it. I kept close records. The 60 acres with magnets produced over 1000 bales more hay than the 60 acres did without magnets. […]” 
Glen Hernandez, Lamesa, TX


Our technology finds wide application in agriculture, viticulture, and horticulture. For information regarding flower growth please read the document Magnetizer in Floriculture, for reducing sodium in water – SAR Report, or scientific paper about magnetic treatment effect – Magnet Effect on Tobacco. For results in golf links, please click GolfLinks and for a testimonial here.

The Magnetizer® Effects In Agriculture

  • Increased root growth due to better absorption of dissolved minerals and nutrients, improving yield and profitability
  • Better, faster growing grass, plants, fruits and vegetables with less water used
  • The soil remains moist longer, thus requiring less irrigation water
  • Increased fertilizer efficiency, reducing chemical use, as the fertilizer is absorbed by the plant and is not wasted
  • Descaling irrigation lines, eliminating maintenance down-time resulting in lower costs
  • Good & proven use for desalination systems to keep the membranes brine free and corrosion/scale free, as well as inhibiting algae
  • Lowering SAR (sodium adsorption ration) in desalinated water by 90% – more info click here or ask us for the SAR.pdf
  • Substantially lowering operational costs while enhancing yields

The Magnetizer® Influence On The Plant Growth

For the sake of brevity, and in addition to the documents mentioned above, we include four examples of the Magnetizer® influence on plant growth.

1. California

This is not a genetically modified lemon on the left. It is simply a lemon fruit after the Magnetizer® treatment, i.e. the lemon tree sprinkled with water passing through Magnetizer®, and for comparison on the right – without the Magnetizer® treatment.

Magnetizer® lemon treatment

Magnetizer® Helping To Offset Draught In California Vinyard

Due to California drought conditions, the state has mandated a 25% reduction in water usage. The vinery is using the smart valve to assure the proper reduction in usage.

The test was to use the Magnetizer® on every other row to see if the Magnetizer® allows the plants to grow better than without the Magnetizer® with less water applied. One of the tests being monitored was moisture level at various depths for the plant roots.

The premise being that Magnetizer® will lower the surface tension of the water, therefore deeper moisture penetration with less water applied.

The tests have confirmed Magnetizer® is maintaining same crop yield, but with the lowered intake of water: 26% (twenty-six percent) less water was used.

Magnetier in California vinery

A successful Magnetizer® installation in a California vinery ensuring 26% less water used.

Testimony Regarding Magnetizer® Effect By An Indepedent American Farmer

"I installed the Magnetizer on the water supply line for my crops. It’s only grow on about a quarter acre or so, but this was a last ditch effort/experiment to see if something could be done with the hard water deposits clogging up the drip lines when I water my crops. Last year, 2/3’s or more of my crops suffered from lack of water and eventually died by this time of the year, July. The only reason 1/3rd didn’t die was gravity allowed any water in the drip lines, after the timer shut off, to drip out and soak in the soil, which kept those plants alive. I have not done anything different than last year except to install the Magnetizer. The time’s of watering and the duration have not been changed from last year, and I am using the same drip tape as last year. The results I am seeing this year is amazing! I run 150 foot rows of crops along with drip lines for each row, and there is not a single issue with hard water deposits clogging any of the drip lines along the entire length! I have attached a few pictures to show you actual proof of those hard water deposits that have flowed out with the water, and soaked into the soil. Some of those deposits can be seen just at the edge of where it is damp and I have circled the deposits in red. This is exactly what you said would happen once the Magnetizer was installed! The other thing I would like to share with you is as of this writing, July 6, 2016, the potato’s are still growing 3 months after being planted! You might think that is normal, but I have been growing potato’s for over 10 years, and I do not remember any of the early varieties to have survived several weeks of over 100 degree heat! Potato’s are just not a good heat tolerant plant! Again, I have not done anything different except to have installed your Magnetizer. I have attached pictures with the date stamp in the description. I believe that your Magnetizer is allowing those mineral deposits to finally get into the soil where the plants can take up those minerals instead of building up in the water lines! The plants are definitely stronger and healthier from that. And as a side note, I live in and grow my crops in the Mojave desert of southern California in the small town of Littlerock. It gets up to 115 or higher in the summer and down to 15 during the winter. During the summer because of the low humidity, which is nice, we use swamp coolers to cool our house. They are very efficient at cooling and hardly cost anything to run, even 24 hours a day as we do during the hottest time of the year. The last two years, the pads would get so covered with hard water deposits, that they would lose about 50% of their cooling ability. This year, there is no sign of any hard water deposits sticking to those pads! This is another example of a product that works! There is no other way to explain why this year is so dramatically different than last year except to say that it is because of your product! That is the difference! Please feel free to use any part of my writing and pictures in any way you want to show proof that your Magnetizer really does work! Sincerely and with great appreciation,"
Jim Rippon

2. Colombia

The conclusions of the production testing (full test and its findings are on file and available upon request) stated:

  1. The level of production of the beds watered with Magnetizer® was superior by 5.07% to the beds used as comparison.
  2. As regards the measurement parameters, the percentage advantage was as follows: Stem circumference – 1.88% | Stem length – 1.82% | Flower height – 1.13%
  3. The primary stem count surpassed by 37.2% the plants without Magnetizer®, and during the Nov 6 cutting in bed #4 (without Magnetizer®, 252 stems were counted, while in bed #2 (with Magnetizer®), 357 branches were counted – a difference of 41.66%.”
Magnetizer Effect on Plants in Colombia

3. Morocco

We are pleased to receive information from our Distributor in Morocco regarding their experience with olive trees. The experiment was carried out at the locality of Bouskoura in the region of Casablanca, where the well water is salty due to its closeness to the Atlantic Ocean.


Date: August 2, 2018 at 1:49:28 PM EDT

To: “‘Mundi’” <>

… attached are photos of olive trees that we were able to save with MAGNETIZER this year –  we can produce our homemade olive oil … SUPER !!

Pics Key.

Image 1:

Some branches in poor condition are still visible, the rest is vigorous and productive.

Image 2:

Focus on the still-generated part of the olive tree (all the olive trees were like those dying branches)

Image 3:

The olive tree regenerated the tree that comes back to life!

The olive tree regenerated the tree that comes back to life!
Focus on the still generated part of the olive tree (all the olive trees were all like those dying branches)
The olive tree regenerated the tree that comes back to life!

4. Poland

A Politechnical College test in Poland studying seed/plant growth before (left) and after (right) the Magnetizer® installation on a water feed pipe.

Magnetizer and plant growth

Like with the Industrial Magnetizer® Products for agricultural applications, we need to know the OD (outside diameter) of your pipes/irrigation equipment, water flow, and water analysis report. We would like to see a diagram of your plot with the indicated pipe OD to recommend the best solution. Let your engineers speak to ours: Meanwhile, for gardens, landscaping, and small diameter hoses (0.5-0.78″), we offer Crop Booster.™ Enjoy better crops while saving water with Magnetizer®. Happy Magnetizing!