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Water Treatment

The facility's defense against limescale, corrosion, metal pitting, or algae. The fastest way to cut down on your maintenance costs. 

Thermal Solar Collectors

It is the latest area of our magnetization effort, including R&D to increase the efficiency of thermal collectors.

Fuel Saving

Here's an innovative solution
to your high Natural Gas cost. We guarantee the results based
on agreed-upon criteria.

Sugar Mills

Molasses form a scale-like structure you can remove chemically, mechanically, thermally, and now with Magnetizer®.

Engines & Generators

Magnetizer® keeps giving. Here's another area of overhead savings you may want to explore for your Company’s fleet.

What’s The Next Step?

We have simplified the acquisition process & ensured it would be a seamless & joyful ride from your first contact to installation.

A Welcome Note

Dear Engineering Colleagues,

Thank you for visiting the Mundi site devoted to Magnetizer®.

MAGNETIZER® is a revolutionary technology that brings significant improvement in overall water quality, chemical-free water softening or descaling, as well as in pollution control, emissions reductions, carbon-based fuel savings, and more.

We designed our unique way of monopolar magnetic liquid activation based on the Nobel Prize-winning science of magneto-hydro-dynamics.

The application is non-invasive, chemical-free, requires no power source and can be quickly installed without shutdown or disruption on any pipe.

Engineering experts worldwide regard MAGNETIZER® as a paradigm of magnetic fluid treatment technology.

The best on the market today, bar none, due to its outstanding efficacy, caused by the proprietary fluid treatment method, the exceptional quality of best-in-class ceramic magnetic alloys and materials used, and our vast installation experience and know-how.

MAGNETIZER will help you manage your energy consumption, strengthen your performance, and save money on maintenance and energy costs.

With its unique monopolar action, MAGNETIZER® is superior in performance, sustainability, and value to any similar device in today’s market.

Thank you again for visiting us, and we wish you Happy Magnetizing!

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Magnetizer® Superior Design Feature

Superior Design Build And Workmanship

You don't need to waste your time and money anymore.

Our patented monopolar, permanent, energy-free method of magnetic treatment of liquids by only one pole of a magnet without cutting the pipes makes MAGNETIZER® stand out from its competitors.

Competitive devices differ in how they treat fluid passing through their positive and negative fields simultaneously and involve cutting off pipes. Furthermore, they are not compact and have a much more limited usage due to their design’s hazard and risk caused by pipe modification, such as reported fuel leaks (ICE engines, generators). In addition, their electrical power draw poses potential threats (refineries’ environment, etc.). They are also unsuitable for large pipe sizes, as they are not modular or do not work on certain types of pipes, e.g., electromagnets do not work on PVC or glass.

Question: One company says to put the magnets inside the pipe; is that better?

Answer: No, because firstly, you will have to have pipes cut to install inline (“wet”) devices, whereas MAGNETIZER® units you place on the outside of a tube (an easy-to-install snap-on design) without any modifications.

Monopolar design vs. inline devices

Magnetizer on the left vs. an inline system.

A traditional bipolar device shown below requires cutting off pipes …

Magnetic inline device.

…as opposed to MAGNETIZER® technology which does not require cutting or modifying infrastructure, is more compact, and weighs much less on pipes.

Magnetizer M-2 Triandem System

Secondly, fluid passing through such an inline (“wet”) design causes wear and tear of the magnetic block as it is in direct contact. This mechanical interaction of the fluid with the magnet walls causes it to wear off quickly. Please check what their Warranty is. Mostly it is for two years, whereas you purchase MAGNETIZER® with a Lifetime Power Warranty, i.e., if our units ever lose their magnetic power, we shall replace them for free.

Thirdly, MAGNETIZER® does not come in direct contact with passing water. Because of that, in Switzerland, a country with some of the most rigorous health and hygienic regulations, MAGNETIZER® is exempted from federal and local certifications as it is a very safe water treatment technology.

Fourthly, MAGNETIZER® uses only one pole (South or North) to energize fluid. As a unipolar device, it is more efficient than bipolar systems, in which fluid passes through positive and negative fields and which magnetizes fluid less efficiently due to their multipolar charge characteristics.


MAGNETIZER® is more efficient than its competitors due to its monopolar fluid treatment method. It is compact, weighs less, and has a Lifetime Power Warranty.

MAGNETIZER® is exempt from health and sanitary certifications, as it does not get in direct contact with the flowing medium.

It is a superior proprietary, proven, readily available, bespoke fluid conditioning technology cut to your needs.

The magnets we deploy are the proprietary—100% US-made—applied science NASA utilizes. These are special ceramic alloys whose strength does not decrease over time. It means a one-time investment in MAGNETIZER® for the lifetime of a building, engine, furnace, boiler, or other equipment.

MAGNETIZER® is selected each time for a given installation according to the linear water flow ratepipe diameter, type of pipe material, number of required rings, and the place of assembly

Build Benefits

Design Benefits

What makes Magnetizer® Different

MAGNETIZER® design makes it stand out from its competition due to its unique features:

    1. It influences all liquid media that flow in the area of its interaction (“contact zone”) with only one magnetic pole; hence it’s called a “monopolar technology.”
    2. These stacks of proper magnetic piles (magnets) are directed radially towards the flow axis and clamped onto the outside of a pipe by a steel screen, our patented “Flux Driver Plate.
    3. Arranged in a circular pattern perpendicular to fluid flow, it easily snaps on a pipe of any diameter.
    4. Does not need to cut off pipes and modify your infrastructure.
    5. No moving parts make it maintenance-free.
    6. It requires no external power for the lifetime of operation.
    7. Depending upon the specific application, OD (pipe diameter), and linear flow velocity, it is made out of the selected number of magnetic rings, which one can easily snap onto the pipe’s outside surface. We build the rings from stacks of permanent, symmetric magnets, which are more efficient than the so-called “asymmetric magnets,” touted by their promoters to be characterized by the so-called “variable field density.”
    8. Because the Magnetic Fluid Treatment System’s magnetic influence occurs exclusively along with the liquid medium’s flow with no external dispersion of the magnetic field and no moving or rotating parts, it is entirely safe for people. It will not interfere with electronic circuitry in production equipment or cars, e.g., police cars heavy on dashboard computer equipment. It is shipped worldwide, passing the FAA’s 9-foot Rule for magnetic dispersion.
    9. It does not require industrial certificates (including health certificates for water applications) as it does not contact passing fluid.
    10. We cover all systems with the Life Time Power Warranty and are not subject to wear by fluid over time, as is the case with the inline (“wet”) devices. Should the need arise, users can freely transfer them from an old to a new installation, equipment, car, and/or home.
    11. Due to its permanent magnetic piles, its efficiency does not lessen with time. Also, it is not limited by the materials a pipe is made of. It is thus more versatile, for example, than other magnetic devices or electromagnets, which do not work on PVC or glass.
    12. Due to the deployment of airspace type, Grade 9-A, permanent, ceramic, state-of-the-art magnets, confirmed by the ISO 9002 Certificate, the quality of the magnetic, metal, and AAA-grade plastic material offered by us, our product is second to none. It exceeds the build and quality of magnets and other materials found in other devices today.
Magnetizer Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Details You may want to know.

We define the Magnetic Fluid Treatment System as an assembly of permanent state-of-the-art ceramic alloy magnets fabricated within a metal framework or structure. They comprise the patented “Flux Driver Plate” that allows a focused magnetic flux emanating from the devices to enter a pipe or conduit more efficiently than any traditional bipolar systems and other magnetic water or fuel treatment devices on the market. Our patents are listed here.

The primary device comprises two semicircular 180 arcuate degree assemblies. When snapped on through plastic fasteners, it constitutes a ring that encircles the pipe or conduit. The placement of two rings on an immediate section with one-half inch of spacing includes a “tandem” unit. Accordingly, three similarly spaced magnetic rings constitute a “triandem”, and four rings a “quad” magnetic fluid treatment system. One of the device’s primary functions is eliminating and preventing mineral scale deposits in hydronic systems and the atomization and polarization of fuel molecules for an enhanced combustion process.

Magnetizer Technical Description

How Magnetizer Works

Principle of Operation

The scientific principles behind its operation (basics).

MAGNETIZER® causes hydrogen nuclei to lose their random alignment and align as charge-separated molecules, reducing their size and changing their form, producing lifetime benefits of fuel enhancement. Hydrocarbon fuels are initially in ‘para state’ hydrogen isomeric form with a cluster structure with more intermolecular attraction apart from containing microorganisms, viscosity, and cloud point. So, it has fewer tendencies to interlock with oxygen molecules. Hydrocarbon fuel and air are both neutral molecule structures with negative potentials and repel when they come together in a combustion chamber in the normal state, which causes incomplete combustion.

Changing the configuration from para-hydrogen to ortho-hydrogen isomeric state results in fewer intermolecular forces that inhibit microorganisms; hence fuel particles are finely divided and give better atomization, which results in a complete burn of fuel. The ideal form of combustion is stoichiometric combustion.

MAGNETIZER® with proper post-installation adjustments to the fuel-to-air ratio—when necessary and through which we guide you—comes as close to the optimal stoichiometry.

Improved fuel combustion is necessary to reduce exhaust pollutants (NOx, CO). Though hardly any ICE or boilers can give out 100% fully combusted products (we tested and reported zero emissions on a Jeep engine), the combustion efficiency is improved (see Magnetizer Benefits below) by changing fuel parameters to de-agglomerate and increasing the kinetic energy of hydrocarbon molecules resulting in increased thermal efficiency of the combustion system.

By the same principle, our technology energizes and organizes random and clustered water molecules by applying a solid and focused magnetic charge, more significant than that of the minerals and the plumbing, thus lowering water surface tension and stabilizing (neutralizing) pH and creating soft water behavior.

Our monopolar fluid treatment systems are:

  • ISO 9002 quality assurance standards with a high level of craftsmanship.
  • Space-age quality materials.
  • We deploy high-density ceramic-alloy magnets.

The magnets that we deploy are the same NASA uses, and these are special ceramic alloys whose strength does not decrease over time. They produce an order from chaotic molecular behavior with predominate single-charged ion-like fluid applications. It means a one-time investment for a lifetime of the equipment.

They are encased in a high-grade plastisol for superior surface durability in all weather conditions.

Here is a deep dive into the technical explanation of the monopolar effect and how MAGNETIZER® works on fuel.

Question: Your company uses one pole, while other companies use two. Which is better and why?

Answer: Using only ONE POLE is a superior (MONOPOLAR) method of fluid conditioning. If not, we would not be manufacturing it for over thirty years to the total satisfaction of some of the world’s best engineering teams that demand only the best. The monopolar fluid treatment is better, as it gives one charge to water, fuel, or air molecules, not two opposite ones, and because of that, it is more efficient as it does not “confuse” the affected molecules. As the image below explains, our method also has a better magnetization-contact zone.


When MAGNETIZER® uses the South Pole magnetic field, it causes the electrons in water or fuel molecules to spin in the Right-Hand direction (RH), and this RH spin is called a “positive spin.” The opposite effect, used by MAGNETIZER® to treat Air (ICEs, ovens, boilers, water taste improvement), is a Left Hand (LH) spin which is called a “negative spin” and which is caused by the North Pole magnetic field.

The South Pole RH spin creates an expansive energy field. In contrast, the North Pole LH spin creates an energy field that is tightening and constricting. Albert Roy Davis, the USA, discovered these opposite effects of the South Pole and North Pole energy fields 1974 (“Magnetism and its Effects on the Living System”). We applied these discoveries to water and fuel treatment and invented “MAGNETIZER” in 1985.

The RH spin of MAGNETIZER® affects the entire water/fuel molecule, but most notably the electrons, and most notably the electron in Hydrogen (H), because Hydrogen has only 1 electron. This single electron configuration makes it the most susceptible to magnetic influence. That is why MAGNETIZER® works very effectively—like no other device on the market due to its monopolar methodology—on water (H2O) and carbon fuels (HC). Hydrogen is a significant element of both of these molecules, and the electron spin in Hydrogen is exceptionally susceptible to MAGNETIZER® influence.

Monopolar vs. bipolar design

Magnetizer’s Unipolar vs. Traditional Bipolar Difference
Please note: magnets always have two poles (S and N and the neutral Bloch Wall in between), but the monopolar design of MAGNETIZER® and its magnetic piles’ action on fluids (SS or NN ) makes it superior to
the traditional bipolar fluid conditioning methods, as it imparts only ONE magnetic pole charge to a flowing medium.

You can learn more about the Theory of Operation
Safety Cert

Safety Certificate

You don't need to worry about safety.

MAGNETIZER® is a safe, non-invasive, easy-to-install, snap-on device that does not get into contact with the flowing medium. It does not require any external power source (electricity). It is safe and poses no risk to people, equipment, or control instruments, due to the mono-polar, focused, and concentrated solid magnetic field at the point of application towards the pipe, with no dispersion outside. It, therefore, has passed the FAA 9-Foot Rule and is shipped by air worldwide.

There is no risk to people or electronic equipment (control panels and boards, electrical switches, wiring, sensors, instrumentation, burner, etc.).

We have MAGNETIZER® installed in police cars loaded with electronic components and close to industrial plants’ main valves and electronics. Also, MAGNETIZER® is a permanently—non-electrically—magnetic powered device; therefore, no UL Mark is required. Since our technology does not involve moving or electrical parts, we are shipping MAGNETIZERs worldwide with no certificate requirements – under NLR (No License Required) tariff denomination, as a Safe and Non-Hazardous technology.

Furthermore, in some countries with very rigorous safety and hygiene laws, such as Switzerland, we do not need health and sanitary certification because Magnetizer® does not directly contact water. Click below to see the Manufacturer’s Safety Certificate.

➡ ManufacturerSafetyCert 

Q.: During our communication with a client this week, they asked a question:

“The natural gas will be charged after flowing through the position of the magnetizing device, and we are concerned about the danger of fire or explosion caused by the electro-discharge of the charged natural gas when it meets the air if the gas leaks.”

We know this concern is unnecessary because there are so many mature application cases of magnetizers worldwide, but how to explain to the client in principle? Do you have any suggestions on this? 

A.: MAGNETIZER® is a safe and non-hazardous technology that has never been the cause of an explosion or fire. Our technology is irrelevant to the dangers posed by leaking fuel. If the gas leaks and there is the presence of a spark, you will have a fire hazard whether gas passes through the MAGNETIZER® or not.

Magnetizer Warranty

Manufacturer’s Warranty Integrity

Why You don't need to worry about Manufacturer’s original warranty.

MAGNETIZER® does not affect or void the manufacturer’s warranty, as it is a safe, non-invasive snap-on device with absolutely no risk to equipment whose operation it enhances. It does not modify the design and build of equipment it is applied to, such as car and truck engines, boilers, chillers, cooling towers, or condensers.
MAGNETIZER®systems are in the same category as most after-market parts or system supplies. Thousands of Magnetizer mono-polar devices have been used in the world market since 1987, and there has never been one warranty claim due to its use. Since our equipment does not modify or affect the equipment and its warranty, it falls under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act was enacted in July 1975. The act was designed to “improve the adequacy of information available to consumers, prevent deception, and improve competition in the marketing of consumer products.” Under the act, a manufacturer cannot deny a warranty claim simply for using non-stock or after-market replacement parts. The manufacturer can only deny a warranty claim for repairs if he can prove that the non-stock or after-market product caused the damage.

➡ Manufacturer’s Warranty

Magnetizer Tests & Evaluations

Tests & Evaluations

Magnetizer® is one of the most tested fluid conditoners on the market.

Magnetizer Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency and Eco-sustainability go hand in hand.

We guarantee energy efficiency, fuel savings & eco-sustainable lifetime benefits, or Your Money Back!

Clients Feedback

One-time Investment

We offer all water and fuel MAGNETIZER® systems with a Lifetime Power Warranty against power loss. We warrant our devices on their strength and will unconditionally replace them, at no charge, should they ever lose power. They use high-density special ceramic alloys whose strength does not decrease over time. We dip and bake them in high-grade plastisol for superior surface durability in all weather conditions. It is a one-time investment in MAGNETIZER® for the lifetime of buildings, production facilities, or equipment.

Black magnetic rings

Return on Investment

Reduce fuel spend and consumption by 9-27% every year, with an energy savings payback of a year or less. Lower carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions by 60%+ and nitrogen oxide emissions by 10%+. In many cases, the results are greater.

Magnetizer M-6 SR
Thousands of Users Worldwide, Including Small, Medium, and FORTUNE 500 Companies, Are Saving Money & Protecting Environment Using Magnetizer® Technology 24/7.

Consider a powerful technology that follows the operational principles of Nobel Prize-winning science. It comes in a compact, light, and durable package that instantly brings overhead savings to your facility and lasts forever. Join Us To Save Money While Protecting The Planet.

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