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Industrial Non-Chemical Water Treatment

Non-chemical water treatment by Magnetizer™

Science agrees that non-chemical water treatment is the antidote to conventional practices favoring chemical methods. Magnetizer® has been in the forefront of this eco-sustainable approach to water treatment for years now and its acceptance in Japan is a testament to it. 

Hard scale resulting from the mineral deposits from untreated hard water is a major problem throughout the world.

The build up of scale on heat transfer surfaces reduces the heat transfer performance of the equipment and the build up of scale in tubing also decreases the flow rate of water (or increases the pressure drop across the heat transfer equipment), leading to increased energy usage and costs.

Conventional treatment for scaling includes the use of scale inhibiting and scale-removal chemicals and ion exchange and reverse osmosis systems.

These methods consume energy and produce waste that increase overall operational and maintenance costs.

Conventional treatment methods requiring the use of hazardous chemicals create both environmental and worker health and safety concerns.

~ Magnetic Conditioning of Fluids: An Emerging Green Technology by School of Public and Environmental Affairs Indiana University, USA Page 4, for full study see Scientific Papers

Magnetizer® Non-Chemical Water Treatment Energy-Savings Mechanism

In a  report  DOE/EE-0162 released by Pacific Northwest Laboratories of the Department of Energy, an entity that is part of the renowned Battelle Institute consideration is paid to the energy savings that are derivable through the use of the magnetic fluid conditioning, whereas a ¼ inch of scale can increase energy consumption by 40%. 
The primary energy savings result from a decrease in energy consumption in heating or cooling applications. This savings is associated with the prevention or removal of scale build-up on a heat exchange surface where even a thin film (1/32″ or 0.8 mm) can increase energy consumption by nearly 10%. Example savings resulting from the removal of calcium magnesium scales are shown in Table 1. A secondary energy savings can be attributed to reducing the pump load, or system pressure, required to move the water through a scale-free, unrestricted piping system.

Scale Thickness (inches) Increased Energy
Consumption (%)
Source: U.S. Department of Energy, Federal Technology Alert, DOE/EE-0162
1/16 12.4
1/8 25.0
1/4 40.0

The non-chemical water treatment by environmentally friendly Magnetizer® softens water without an ounce of chemicals, stabilizing its pH, lowering its surface tension, fully oxygenating it, lowering its viscosity, suppressing sulphur, and more. It improve water behavior and solve hard water problems such as scale, corrosion, as well as low water flow, bacteria/algae content, sulphur smell, etc., thus bringing substantial savings and benefits to any water user, while in the same time protecting the environment.

Magnetizer® provides chemical free method for water treatment and savings (San Diego municipality reports 20% reduced use of water), naturally solving hard water problems thus bringing substantial savings and benefits to any water user, while in the same time protecting the environment.

We have very good and proven results of non-chemical water treatment in the whole spectrum of industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic water applications, ranging from basic water conditioning to complex sewage plant treatment or nuclear power plant cooling tower.

Our technology has been successfully deployed on industrial scale world wide with life time benefits and cost savings in major industries, such as: cement mixing/concrete production, chemical, dairy (milk factories), food & beverage, glass/ceramic, maritime, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, sugar mills, an automotive plant of the world leading brand, a nuclear power plant, et. al.

We already have a water softener. Can Magnetizer help?

Definitely. When the surface tension is reduced, anything added to the magnetized fluid will dissolve and mix more readily. In terms of a water softener, the magnetized feed water actually increases the efficiency of the softener by increasing the net ion charge and thereby creating a better chemical reaction in the normal ion-exchange. By increasing the efficiency, the system requires less salt to do the same job. Installations have reduced salt consumption by 50% and more. In most cases you do not need a softener. One of our distributors had softeners removed in a hotel’s  coffee expresso machines, putting in their stead the Magnetizer® “RWE-S” systems. Clients subsequently commented to Management that they serve … the best coffee in town. Please scroll down to see Water Test Data here for additional information.

The Magnetizer unit was attached to a breaker containing calcium and magnesium in water solutions. The authorities at the ASTB laboratories concluded that the ion X-changer and filter alone remove around 90% of the calcium and magnesium. The Magnetizer unit seems to improve the removal efficiency to better than 99% of the contained calcium and magnesium.

How can Magnetizer help the best Reverse Osmosis water filter, we have one in our home?

A home Reverse Osmosis water system is really an ultra-filtration system, so fluids that are high in mineral content will clog the filtration membrane with mineral crystals. Since the magnetized fluid will prevent crystal formation, placing a Magnetizer® water treatment system on the feed of the Reverse Osmosis unit will decrease membrane clogging and ultimately reduce downtime required to flush the clogged membrane. A further explanation is like so: the advantages of the Magnetizer® treatment are two fold: reduction of carbonate fouling of the pore structure and reduction of the number of water cages or clusters present in an associated, non-chemical grouping of water molecules. The reduction of the number of molecules present in the cluster is responsible for the reduction in surface tension as an affect of magnetic water treatment. It is not unusual to experience a drop in the surface tension of water for 71 dynes per square centimeter to 62 dynes per square centimeter. The reduction in surface tension effectively reduces the effort required to push the water molecule through the membrane. In conclusion, the Magnetizer® treatment increases RO’s filter life through reducing calcification as well as reducing processing time/effort required to force the water molecule through the membrane, hence saving energy.

Magnetizer® vs. Traditional Water Softening Methods

Comparative differences between the traditional chemical, ionic exchange/salt based and RO water softening methods vs. the Magnetizer’s ecologically sustainable, natural, magnetic, mono-polar way follow in the table below. 

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ChemicalIon ExchangeReverse Osmosis or UltrafiltrationsThe Magnetizer Technology
Chemical additives are used to control pH, thermal capacity, corrosion, etc. They are expensiveSalt based water softeners utilize the ionic exchange of the Sodium in salt (NaCl) for the Calcium (CaCO3), or other mineral, in the water (NaCl + CaCO3 = CaCl + NaCO3).Involves forcing untreated water through a membrane that selectively filters certain constituents out off the fluid.Nothing is added to the fluid - it works by rearranging the molecules already present in the fluid and additives are unnecessary.
System requires constant monitoring & maintenance to assure proper conditioning.While soft water is produced, a considerable expense is incurred (price of softener, salt supplies, replacement of the ionized bed, the softener's average life of 7 years, health risks).The system requires very high pressure because the membrane used as the filter medium is essentially non-porous.No power required - permanent magnets supply "free" effective energy. No power supplies to burn out.
Chemicals may be hazardous to employees or environment whenever processes fluids are flushed /spilled.Sodium must be added to the water in place of the mineral that is removed ("salt-ion exchange").
The mineral deposits slowly damage the system.
In areas that have high mineral or salt content, the membranes must be flushed frequently (and replaced often).No continuing maintenance required after the installation and no recharging or further attention is needed following the initial techniques and/or the Stabilization Period.
May incur unwanted pressure drop increasing energy requirements.The sodium released into the softened water is corrosive (the corrosion due to scale has been replaced with corrosion due to sodium - an undesirable trade-off).
Health & environmental hazard due to hypertensive effect of sodium on human body (the delicate electrolytic balance of sodium/potassium ions is unsettled) and danger of sodium toxification to the area ground water (in increasing areas the communities, doctors, hospitals and rest homes prohibit salt-ion exchange systems).
This always requires downtime and a major usage (loss) of water. R/O units typically waste half of the processed water.A "snap-on" design, unlike the other solutions that are "inline" and become part of the system is removable (and portable) allowing risk free testing & installation.

The Benefits Of Magnetizer® Non-chemical Water Treatment

1. Removes permanently scale in pipes, plumbing, boilers, heaters, ovens, heat exchangers, cooling towers, chillers, condensers, dish washers, bottling machines, laundromats, laundry machines, car washes, injection mold machines, etc., and stops corrosion. Acts curatively and preventively.

hospitalA boiler in a hospital in Nürnberg, Germany, permanently cleaned and cured by Magnetizer® of scale and corrosion without the use of chemicals.

2. Increases the life span of equipment due to lack of corrosion and scale, which means reducing their break-downs (repairs, downtime) and a better protection or resale value of the real estate.

cooling2Non-chemical water treatment and removal of corrosion and algae inside of a cooling tower (more on cooling tower treatment and benefits below, under “Examples of Magnetizer® Water Applications.”

3. Softens water in a natural way, without the use of chemicals. Eliminates the need of expensive reverse osmosis (RO) equipment, or complements it by increasing its effectiveness (ask for a document “RO & Magnetic Treatment.pdf”), as well as salt, or sodium based water softeners, or any other chemical, mechanical, magnetic or electro-magnetic descaling device, for better quality and taste of water and healthier environment.

4. Lowers water surface tension – improves the flow of water (increased pressure), its behavior and effectiveness. It also means reduced electricity bill, thanks to a better job of pumps due to decreased surface tension.

5. Saves water consumption due to the lowered surface tension – the municipality of San Diego confirms 20% savings in water consumption and a vineyard in California a 25%+ savings (reports available).

6. Neutralizes (stabilizes) the pH of the water, so that water is better and more pleasant to use (does not feel “slippery” like with salt based water softeners).

7. Completely oxygenates water – making it better for people, animals and plants (scientific research available).

8. Water is naturally healthier because it contains minerals (Ca, Mg), has a stabilized pH, with sulfur odor repressed.

9. Inhibits and removes bacteria & alge and kills colonies of coli bacteria in 80%-90%.

10. Saves electric energy required to heat water due to elimination of heat transfer loss, as there is no more limescale in boilers/water heaters.

11. It works very well with the filters extending their service life, due to decreased surface tension and break down of dirt particles, increases the regeneration cycle of filters and reverse osmosis (RO) equipment (reducing pollution carbonate, and reducing the amount of particles in the group which translates to a reduction in surface tension and better water filtration, as well as time saved in passing water through a membrane).

Note: Magnetizer® is NOT a filter, or RO device, but it complements them very well.

12. Used on water input of commercial dishwashers it improves washing process, with no white stains and deposits (spotting) and saves the amount of water consumed. Reduces the consumption of detergents and soaps.

For benefits in commercial laundries – see section below.

In sum: We offer safe, non-chemical water treatment used in production and municipal facilities, buildings, swimming pools (click here), water purification stations, et. al. (eg. see cement production ) below.

Magnetizer® saves water consumption, lowers operating costs and maintenance of water and sewage equipment, improves the quality of water.

All this with elimination or significant reduction of the chemicals and softeners required by traditional methods.

Magnetizer® descales water infrastructure, preventing breakdowns/problems associated with hard water. It protects capital investment.

Magnetizer® solves hard water problems in diverse water infrastructure (pipes, boilers, heaters, heat exchangers, chillers, cooling towers, evaporators, condensers) aiming to remove scale and/or prevent corrosion and metal pitting.

All this facilitates a drastic reduction in operating maintenance costs (labor, chemical water softening), while maintaining the continuity of operation and better allocation of labor, with reduced depreciation of water equipment/ infrastructure and their preserved capital value.

Fact Sheet

Non-chemical water treatment by Magnetizer™

Magnetizer® Saves FORTUNE 500 Clients A Fortune By Solving Their Hard Water Problems

A brief review of the Magnetizer® installations referenced by some of the largest corporate clients.

Magnetizer<span style=New York Hilton Hotel in Manhattan: A series of Magnetizer® Water Systems have been installed on cooling towers and two 250 ton coolers for several years now (see the video above). The scale has been reduced practically to zero and use of chemicals has been reduced to zero except for a small quantity of biocide, required by law to stop the algae growth. The maintenance cost has been significantly reduced as well (see the testimonial below).

Magnetizer<span style=

Coca-Cola Bottling Plant in Queens, New York, U.S.A.: on natural gas burners and cooling towers, on water softening system and condenser.

Magnetizer in NovotelNovotel Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The Magnetizers have been installed        on laundry vapor heaters, ice makers, espresso coffee machines and a dish washer. The client has been extremely satisfied and has reported the following: 1. Elimination of the chemical treatment 2. No downtime during installation 3. Savings in labor and using it for other more important duties 4. Reduced labor and chemicals costs. More details and testimonial you will find below in Commercial Laundry section. 


Magnetizer<span style=® on Cooling Towers – one of the best examples of its non-chemical water treatment application” width=”1598″ height=”1202″>

Heat Exchangers, Evaporators, Condensers, etc.


Magnetizer® use can be also found on injection molding machines and other applications where water and heat is a factor.

Here’s a partial list of factories in Japan—using injection mold machines—who are fully satisfied with the Magnetizer® technological solution:


These Japanese referrals are very important, as they are a good example of Magnetizer’s significance and usefulness, since it has become the established industrial standard in Japan, one of the world’s most demanding and rigorous engineering environments. Please see also the Japanese satisfied Magnetizer® Client List where all major Japanese companies prominently figure to confirm this.

Waste Water/Sewage Treatment

Magnetizer® increases the efficiency of waste water station by precipitating sedimentation in sludge tank mixers, inhibits bacteria & algae growth and more.
As far as the sewage plant operation itself is concerned, Magnetizer® enhances its effectiveness, making it more efficient and environmentally friendly, as it precipitates sedimentation in sludge tank mixers, increasing their hydration in the range of 76 to 84% (depending on the proportion of the preliminary sediment to the excessive one), decreases usage of flocculant (by 35%, i.e. from 3.4 to 2.2 kg / t of dry matter), eliminates and prevents struvite depositing in pipes and more.
We can also guarantee you a significant improvement of the parameters of the hydrated sediment in the station of polyelectrolyte mixing. Magnetizer® will make affluent waters cleaner and environmentally safe.

psyttaliaviewOur technology has been successfully deployed in one of Europe’s largest water treatment plants, i.e. on the Psyttalia Island, near Athens, Greece.

Here’s a report from another modern waste water plant built through the EU funding.

Magnetizer results in modern EU funded sludge (waste water) plant in Braniewo, Poland

Magnetizer<span style=® results in modern EU funded sludge (waste water) plant in Braniewo, Poland” width=”1275″ height=”885″>

A report with similarly good results from Ohio:


Magnetizer<span style=® results on cooling water to heat furnace” width=”5100″ height=”6600″>





Commercial Laundries

Clothes are reported to come out with better quality and less detergents, as well as less fuel (NG) used for the cleaning operation.

Fire Fighting

Better fire suppression,  more water delivered, a drop in surface tension permits the fluid to enter into a gaseous or non-liquid (steam) state more rapidly.

Concrete/Cement Production

Shortened stiffening time and significantly increased durability, 65% increase in cement bending resistance, 58-112% increased pressing resistance (excerpted from a scientific study).


Download (PDF, 831KB)

Car Washes



Bakeries (Water Side)



Magnetizer will save us thousands of dollars in fuel this year! This simple to install technology (30 minutes install time) will change the world and has virtually unlimited applications!

Keep spreading the word for this GLORIOUS technology!!!!.”  

         Todd Black, Missouri

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