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How Magnetic Water Treatment Helps Improving Fuel Economy

March 21, 2017 How Magnetic Water Treatment Helps Improving Fuel Economy By Deepak Mishra In the 21st Century, the high cost of gasoline, diesel, marine fuel, natural gas and propane gas make it incumbent on all companies, governments and individuals to reduce energy...

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Salt-free water softening

March 21, 2017 Salt-Free Water Softening By Deepak Mishra Nowadays, many cities are banned to use salt in the water conditioners because of its harmful effects particularly on sewer systems, septic tanks and also on human health due to sodium content. Basically, the...

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Car Fuel Saver and Industrial Fuel Saving

Feb. 22, 2017 Car Fuel Saver and Industrial Fuel Saving By Deepak Mishra   In the modern world motorists face nowadays the problem of high fuel costs. At the same time car exhaust pollution is affecting the environment and millions of people have breathing and...

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How to save fuel effectively?

Mar 25 2017 How to Save Fuel Effectively By Deepak Mishra   With the ever increasing cost of oil, it's important that you make sure that your engine runs at maximum efficiency. You wouldn't waste thirty to forty percent of your fuel budget, but, that's what you...

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Magnetic Water Treatment And Its Various Uses

Wednesday, 8 March 2017 Magnetic Water Treatment And Its Various Uses By Deepak Mishra Magnets are not only for fridges or loudspeakers anymore. Truth be told, as indicated by some magnet researchers, magnets can be utilized to enhance blood flow, cure and counteract...

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