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Vitalizer™ being offered by Mundimex and Starfire Water

Starfire Water™ and Mundimex announce availability of Vitalizer®, the Magnetizer®-class water energizer which produces negative (North Pole) charged ions for a healthy alkalizing and oxidizing effect on your drinking water.

Los Angeles, California, December 1, 2016 – For the past six years, StarFire Water™ has been successfully utilizing the best-in-class magnetic monopolar water conditioning technology, called Magnetizer®, manufactured by Mundimex.

According to Jeff Carrillo, one of StarFire’s executives: “Magnetizer has played an important role in improving the taste of our water.” Mr. Carrillo has recently implemented a plant expansion program using custom-made Magnetizer® systems to restructure the company’s water and produce negative (North Pole) charged ions, which have a healthy alkalizing and oxidizing effect on drinking water.

Roy Davies, the founder of modern bio-magnetic science, has recommended the use of North Pole magnetized water. “Only water that has been exposed to the North Pole energy should be used for human or animal consumption,” urges Davies. Peter A. Kulish, the inventor of Magnetizer® and internationally acclaimed father of contemporary biomagnetism, studied with Davies, and explains: “North Pole treatment increases hydrogen ion availability which is important for proper cellular functioning. This increase in cellular transfer efficiency results in greater oxygen/nutrition intake and allows the body to better detoxify.”

Starfire Water™ and Mundimex have reached an agreement that will allow Starfire customers direct access and online purchase of Vitalizer®, the ultimate water energizer that ionizes water exclusively with the North Pole energy, utilizing the Magnetizer’s patented monopolar water conditioning method.

These collaborative efforts allow Starfire Water™ and Mundimex to focus on their customers’ well being, fulfill their respective mission statements and enhance the market with their innovative offerings.

More on Vitalizer™—which is available immediately—can be found here and here.


Starfire Water™ ( is a Los Angeles based specialized manufacturer of proprietary alkaline (pH 8.5), structured, energized and Etherium-infused bottled drinking water, hailed by consumers for its unusually good taste and thirst quenching properties. Starfire Water™ is proudly sponsoring socially-conscious events and charities that present innovative ideas and transformational leadership for a new paradigm of inclusive and convergent communities. Contact: Jeff Carrillo – (310) 867-3738

Mundimex, Inc. ( is the Pennsylvania based private ecological engineering firm and an integrated—global—energy savings provider which together with MITI (Magnetizer Industrial Technologies, Inc.)—the Magnetizer® patent license holder—is an OEM of the world’s leading technology for the magnetic treatment of fluids. Magnetizer® is the patented eco-sustainable environmental solution, scientifically designed to combat high fuel costs and solve hard water problems. Contact: Anita Saha – (347) 730 4207

Magnetizer will save us thousands of dollars in fuel this year! This simple to install technology (30 minutes install time) will change the world and has virtually unlimited applications!

Keep spreading the word for this GLORIOUS technology!!!!.”  

         Todd Black, Missouri