“Conquering Pain – The Art of Healing With BioMagnetism” by Peter Kulish – Mundimex Book Selection

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International Magnet Therapy Guide

2nd Edition with updated and new step-by-step therapies for +180 A-Z simple to complex, painful injuries, illness, and health conditions.

New Therapies/Information:

Natural Blood Thinning – heart attack & stroke prevention, “Baby Steps” therapy for EHS/EMF/Chemical Sensitivity & Malabsorption,  Lupus, MS, Infant Blindness, Nerve/Joint Regeneration & more. Learn how increasing cellular voltage leads to longevity & wellness and why the Science of Magnetic Therapy is called Energy Medicine.

I originally needed help with managing Electromagnetic sensitivity. Still, after I ordered the wellness kit, I experienced great results, I then tried different magnet therapies to so many things, and I had positive results with everyone I experimented with. … If you look on the website & find your illness/condition listed… order the kit it tells you to order or get the wellness kit which includes everything you would need for any therapy.  Once you see how easy applying is, you will start looking in the book whenever you don’t feel good, have an illness, or get a  cut, spring, or ache. ~ Sherri, Arizona

How, What & Why of Biomagnetic Therapy This Award Winning informative therapy guide and reference book has 192 pages of the science and use of Biomagnetism, leading you step by step through the therapy techniques used to help support over 170 health problems and conditions. * LEARN the proper scientific placement for Biomagnetic usage. * UNDERSTAND which poles are used and why. KNOW why using bipolar or positive Biomagnets could be playing with fire. * LEARN the importance of magnetized water. * LEARN and use the special techniques for Bio-energizing the body to heal itself more rapidly.

Disclaimer: The information enclosed herein is for educational and informative purposes only, and use it at your own risk. Mundimex, Inc. does not make any medical claims, nor will be responsible for improper use of these bio-magnets or related health products we offer. Please consult a medical professional or contact us for referral to a proper bio-magnetic specialist. Since many people around the world have used these bio-magnetic and related health products offered by us in the past and are asking for them, we are willing to continue to provide them through this section of our website if a benefit can be derived from it for those in need of an alternative health solution.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs


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