Elbow Pain Biomagnetic Therapy Kit

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Advanced Biomagnetic Elbow Therapy Kit for Pain Relief, Tendonitis, Joint, Cartilage, Tennis Elbow, Nerve & Tissue Regeneration.




Elbow Pain Biomagnetic Therapy Kit

Included in Elbow Circuit Therapy Advanced Biomagnetic Kit: 

  • Two “Regular” and two “Power Wafer” BioMagnets for one front and back of one elbow
  • Reusable self-grip hypo-allergenic bandage
  • A quick pictorial guide and instructions are enclosed for the exact placement of certified “Regular & Power Wafer” BioMagnets to amplify the body’s natural energies and provide quick relief from pain while supporting cellular and health maintenance.

Advanced Biomagnetic Elbow Therapy Kit for Pain Relief, Tendonitis, Joint, 
Cartilage, Tennis Elbow, Nerve & Tissue Regeneration

Benefits of Advanced Biomagnetic Elbow Circuit Therapy Kit

  • Pain Relief
  • Arthritis
  • Swelling
  • Soreness
  • Stiffness
  • Acute Tennis Elbow
  • Inflammation

Regeneration of:

  • Joint
  • Nerves
  • Tendons
  • Connective Tissue
  • Cartilage

Application of Advanced Biomagnetic Elbow Circuit Therapy Kit 

Use the Quick Pictorial Guide and Instructions included with the kit for Biomagnet placement and length of time. Remember, proper polarity and quality of Biomagnets are very important.

Additional information: 

These highly recommended by practitioners biomagnetic treatment therapies are placed on the correct negative and positive energy meridian as taught in physiology and energy medicine (Reiki, Shiatsu, Polarity). Proper placement helps provide the body with the most remarkable energy for fast pain relief and regeneration of the tissue and joints. 

Also key is that the therapies using the BioMagnets are based on the body’s nerve and energy pathways. Using this scientific information, the therapies help recreate the tissue blueprint, showing significant support for tissue regeneration and rapid pain relief, according to the results.

Behind its operational principles lies the Nobel Prize-winning science.

Disclaimer: The information enclosed herein is only for educational and informative purposes and is used at your own risk. Mundimex does not make any medical claims nor will be responsible for improper use of these bio-magnets or related health products we offer. Please consult a medical professional or contact us for referral to a proper bio-magnetic specialist. Since many people around the world have used these bio-magnetic and related health products offered by us in the past and are asking for them, we are willing to continue to provide them through this section of our website if a benefit can be derived from it for those in need of an alternative health solution.


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SKU: 8e1effe441df

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