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The Magnetizer® FLAVORING naturally changes the molecular texture of the liquid with the result that the liquid is of a much smoother texture and therefore of a different taste.

Improve the taste of wine, coffee, tea, fruit and soft drinks.

Wine connoisseurs and dilettanti alike are astonished by the transformation of taste that the Magnetizer® FLAVORING causes. 

Pour inexpensive wine through one side of the FLAVORING and it immediately becomes smoother and sweeter on the palate. 

The bouquet has added depths and the nose has a more distinctive character. 

Turn the FLAVORING over and the same wine becomes richer and more dry. The Magnetizer® FLAVORING is clearly marked so that you will always know which side to pour through to get the desired result.

A young red vin ordinaire becomes a silken cabernet with rich top and lower notes. 

Grand Cru that is too dry for your liking miraculously tastes as sweet as a Riesling. 

Amaze and amuse your friends by gifting them with the Magnetizer FLAVORING.

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